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Senshis' Revenge - Nutaku

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Senshi’s Revenge is the newest free-to-play title that’s now available on the adult-oriented digital game storefront Nutaku. The addition of this game brings even more for people to play on a platform that already has hundreds of adult hentai games. Furthermore, Nutaku Gold is on sale for a limited time.

Players become the Prince of the Kurustork Kingdom, who is being chased by the invadors of the Osen Empire.

The Prince leads the Kurustork knights, attempts to complete, improve and upgrade the loyalty of its knights.

While strengthening the military capability, you need to try and conquer the whole Continent of Sarutoga, and to fight off the Osen Empire.
Senshi’s Revenge has you commanding a party on the field of battle in an effort to destroy the enemy base while keeping all of your gals alive.

181 girls are currently available to join your party and pretty much every single one of them is up for a bit of recreational activity after the battle if you catch my drift. (I’m talking about H scenes.) The key to success in Senshi’s Revenge is forming the perfect team for every battle; thankfully, you have quite the arsenal to work with.
Featuring more than 200 high-quality games for both PC and mobile, boasts more than 115 million visits per month and now offers Kingdom Adventure fans this F2P game. I think this is one of the new top games of nutaku, with this game you will spend hours without getting tired,super addictive will make you want to play for more more time ... sexy girls are waiting for you !! The arenas are exciting and will give you a rank every win up to 1 place.

In addition to the new game, Nutaku is offering a special holiday promotion now through Friday, January 4, at 8:59 p.m. PST.

The discount package prices include:

  • $30 for 3,500 Gold (+17 percent on a one-time purchase only)
  • $100 for 12,000 Gold (+20 percent on a one-time purchase only)
  • $300 for 37,000Gold (+23 percent on unlimited purchases)

・Unlock 181 Girls each one with an H-scene.
・Be victorious in the arena
・Finish all 18+ Chapters in the game
・Build the perfect team
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