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Rumblade is one of the newer games on nutaku. this hentai games, attempts to combine role-playing elements with 3D tactical turn-based combat, and the highly desired visual-novel style CG sex scenes. According to the press release Hirazawa created the game as a successor to Mononofu. Players will take on the role of a courageous warrior who must defeat the corrupted hero Akechi Mitsuhide, working under the demonic spell of Mara. Players will need to gather a harem of top-dollar hotties to help them fight back against the demon menace. Surprisingly, Rumblade has a lot more more under the camisole than I would have expected. Players will venture throughout a 16th century Sengoku-era Japan, completing 100 different stages of gameplay, and attempting to bed all the hot samurai girls roaming around waiting to kill some demons.


Rumblade is a game for all players who love anime art style and turn-based RPGs. Fans of our previous game, Mononofu, will definitely find Rumblade to be aspiritual successor, but it’s a totally new game inside and out – new players and old fans alike will something to love.

Demon lord Mara has possessed the once great hero Akechi Mitsuhide to bring wrath to mankind. The time has come for you to strike at evil’s heart with your harem made of sexy decedents of the Great Heroes from the Sengoku Period.​

You can only unlock the H-scenes after you raise the affection meter with the girls, though. So you’ll have to get good at the tactical battle sequences and winning matches, either in the co-op mode by completing the arena battles and downing the raid bosses, or in the single-player mode. There are monthly events planned, along with a number of fixes made to the game after various testing was done, including improved text readability, mage class skills being fixed, and the reward UI being improved. The game is currently available both for mobile devices and as a browser-based game for those who prefer to play on a larger screen.

Key Features
Enter the classic turn-based Sex RPG available on PC and Mobile.

Develop Affection with your favorite girls to win their heart. Sex scenes are unlocked when Affection is met.

Complete or Co-op with other players in features such as Raid Boss and Arena

Over 100 stages, Monthly Event Dungeons, and hundreds of hours of game play.

System Requirements
Android OS 5.1.1 or higher.
RAM 3GB or higher
Wi-Fi connection is recommended.

Do you want to see me now naked online?

Not open for further replies.

Do you want to see me now naked online?

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