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BEST hentai games fascinating Anime strategy role-playing online game. Manga enthusiasts and lewd gamers alike are in for a pleasant surprise with this retroinspired roleplaying adventure. Players begin by choosing their initial character whose abilities are based on elements of earth, fire, or air. You’ll be able to summon more companions as you continue your journey towards building a powerful team that’s readily prepared for combat.Daily quests are included so players may partake in missions that involve battling wellequipped heroes in hopes of gaining further skills. If you surmount successfully, you’ll go on to explore a sprawling world while fighting to survive. Ample strategic planning is needed to continue evolving and developing skills in the hopes of taking the number one spot at the Champions Tower.
pocket fantasy.png
Multiteamplay will be feasible through forming teams and sending the girls out on adventures of battles within arenas. Guilds may be joined, raids may be started, and exploration alongside your friends is encouraged.Pocket Fantasy – Super RPG Adventure game is a NEW fascinating Anime strategy role-playing online game in 2017!! You can cultivate hundreds of cute anime girls to be super heroes, battle arena with real players world-wide and achieve your Ultimate Victory!Players will begin the game by choosing their initial characters based on elements of earth, fire, or air and move on to summon more companions in goals of building a powerful team to prepare for combat. Players have a mission to fight strong heroes in order to gain their skills while completing daily quests. In doing so, they will be exploring an entire new world while fighting to survive. The goal is to strategize, evolve, and grow in order to take the number one spot at the Champions Tower. Interact with your team of adorable girls while training and evolving them to become strong and sexy warriors!​

Game Information


  • Version:
  • 1.1.2
  • Size:
  • 75.7MB
  • Languages:
  • English
  • Release Date:
  • December 28, 2017
  • Publisher:
  • Gamebau
  • Developer:
  • Gamebau
Key Features
◉Intimacy System
The Girls have been yearning for some affection, so to help them we have the intimacy feature, where you can give them all the love they need. Unlock Sex scenes from your favorite Girls.

Whether you hatch, summon or combine – collect them all! Various girl evolutions, powerful equipment, magical Dawn Stones and devastating special powers turn your cute heroes into fearless warriors!

Form your own perfect team and send them on an amazing adventure or battle the teams of other players in the arena! Join a guild and start raids and explorations together with your friends!

Whether you search for a clue in the single-player story, make your way through the Champions Tower or support your friends on their rambles – explore whole new worlds, defeat tough enemies and meet new pals and peers! New daily tasks and quests make boredom a thing of the past.

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