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Naughty Kingdom - Nutaku

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The Naughty kingdom is under threat, and the Queen of the realm has sent out her trustworthy Virgin Guard Lycia to recruit capable heroes who know how to handle a fight. Players are tasked with traveling the land and slaying the devilish monsters in a combat system that mixes turn-based battles and puzzle game mechanics.The actual battles are governed by a puzzle game that acts similar to Threes or 2048. Rather than simply trying to match up large numbers, players must swipe (or use the arrow keys) in each of the cardinal directions to combine similar tiles with a limited number of moves. Once all of your moves are used up, the highest-scoring tile will be used as the source of your attack against your opponent. Additionally, you may be able to secure bonus loot or achieve other effects depending on which of the tiles you’re able to match up correctly.This being a Nutaku hentai games and all, Naughty Kingdom has its fair share of sultry sorceresses and kinky knights for players to bed. In fact, the Queen has gone as far as to promise titles of nobility to victorious heroes and a harem of lovely ladies to go with it.

naughty kingdom.png
The Queen’s kingdom is under attack, and you will be following one of the Queen’s Virgin Guards- Lycia as she attempts to fight off monsters that have put the kingdom under threat. You also get to team up with hookers with sexy bodies as you build a harem full of horny, big breasted chicks.Help sexy virgin Lycia saving the Queen’s kingdom while expanding your Harem with beautiful and horny girls!​

Key Features
The new game from the creators of Booty Calls!

* SAVE beautiful horny girls and add them to your Harem
As a hero, it’s your destiny to save sexy girls from trouble – a perfect opportunity to expand your Harem!

* EXPERIENCE a unique new puzzle mechanic
Fight evil monsters and complete challenges with a unique, fun and addictive puzzle mechanic

* COLLECT hot pictures from your Harem girls
Relive the hottest moments of your adventure in the picture gallery

* GET TO KNOW your girls
Talk to your girls and present them with gifts to level them up!

* IMPROVE your skills
Upgrade helpful skills to master even the most challenging fights

Game Information
  • Platforms:
  • Version:
  • 1.11
  • Size:
  • 72.3MB
  • Languages:
  • English
  • Release Date:
  • September 11, 2018
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