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My daughter's classmate

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I haven't seen Gaia for a few years, since she attended middle school with my daughter. They were classmates and then Gaia was an immature girl, very shy and almost self-conscious. She was afraid of being alone because of the complicated situation in which her parents were, so much so that precisely because of their constant quarrels, the little girl often slept with my daughter in our house during the summer.

The end of middle school made the two girls lose sight of them and, about five years later, we met her at the sea, walking on the shore with two friends: the shy girl was always present, but now she was inside a teenager body to scream.

Gaia was splendid in her two-piece swimsuit, a bikini that sported a fourth of breasts that we never thought she could achieve, a body very sculpted by the gym, flat stomach, slender and long legs and an ass that everyone on the beach made to turn.

We said goodbye warmly and exchanged a little chat but I could hardly hide my attention for those scary breasts.

You could see that she was aware of people's looks for her body and this could be read in the face that she liked.

I walked away to leave my daughter free to talk to her ex-girlfriend but I couldn't turn my lusty looks away from the young woman.

Unexpectedly my daughter came back and informed me that she had just invited Gaia to dinner for that evening. I was glad that we would have had that young woman in the house.

We said goodbye and spent the rest of the day at the beach until around 17.00 my daughter and I returned home, my wife was away on business and would not return to the house until the next day. Gaia would have joined us in her car afterwards.

I took a shower, I started to prepare but I realized that some things were missing from home to prepare dinner, so I asked my daughter, once she took a shower, to go out and buy what she needed.

He left the house and a few minutes later the bell rang: it was Gaia.

I opened the door, made her sit down and realized that she had not passed by the house, so much so that dressed as she was, denim mini-skirt and white tank top, the swimsuit was still visible, however evidently still wet.

I asked her if she had the change and, yes, I asked her to take a shower while waiting for my daughter to return home.

I invited her to go upstairs, where the bedrooms and the large bathroom were, I handed her a clean bathrobe and I invited her to act as if it were her home, after all she had already been several times to our house and she knew well how to move.

I stayed on the floor for a few minutes, waiting for the sound of the shower water, then I went to the bathroom door which, to my amazement, I found not closed but only pulled over.

The crack in front of me allowed me to glance into the mirror which reflected the sensual image of the young woman who was soaping herself: the non-glossy walls of the shower door did not allow me to have a clear view, but what I was allowed to seeing was enough to cause fear excitement to arise in me.

I saw Gaia's hands on her bursting senses, then descending on the body and lingering on her sex and it was enough to make me feel an enormous pain given by my pea which, swollen as it was, pressed heavily on the jeans that instead packed it into the flap.

After a few minutes of the show, I heard the shower water shut off so I walked away and went to go down the steps of the house to gain the ground floor.

I went down and heard a cry and a light thump; I immediately went to the stairs and called Gaia, who with a moan caught my attention. I went to the bathroom door, asked if I could go in and she said yes: I found her on the ground, wearing the bathrobe I had given her earlier, slightly open at the legs and she touching her ankle. He told me that he had taken a retort out of the shower and that it had ended up on the ground, but that it was nothing serious.

I downplayed the moment of embarrassment for both of them by claiming that the slightly awkward girl of the past had never completely gone away and we laughed. I took her battered ankle and started to massage her to see her reaction and in doing so she moved the bathrobe slightly enough to be able to discover part of her belly: it was completely shaved, open there in front of me and I could not hide my redness in face but also my excitement.

My first reaction was to move my hand away from his ankle but I didn't have time because Gaia grabbed my wrist with a sudden movement so as not to let me go.

Then without saying a syllable, she unfastened her bathrobe completely and opened up to me like an oyster showing her rarest pearl.

The desire also pervaded my bowels,
I went up to her and kissed her greedily, while with both hands I gently caressed her round, large breasts, which I could not contain.

Still lying on the terry carpet in the bathroom she slipped under me and unbuttoned my jeans, lowered the zipper, slid my pants down a bit so as to discover my huge cock erected like a tower. She looked at him in admiration and then gave me a mischievous smile, perhaps she did not expect to find a tool of that size. He started to saw me slowly as I tried to stand up to take off my clothes.

I told her we should hurry because my daughter could come back any minute and she nodded, taking my pea in her sweet mouth. Gaia had learned well what is meant by blowjob, she greedily sucked my glans, even if she had difficulty containing everything, while she was taking the bird with my hand.

Still with my pea in her mouth, I rotated 180 degrees and stooped down enough to get to 69 and so while the young girl sucked me properly I gave her pleasure with my tongue: her pussy was wet with the excitement and the scent that it resulted was intoxicating.

After a few minutes of speaking, I freed myself from her mouth, turned around, lifted her from the ground making her sit on the sink, picked up her ankles so as to completely open her legs and approached with my pea towards her big lips; I don't think she had had so many relationships, in any case her sex was not very wide, she had a small hole and I tried to do it gently: I put my glans close to her vagina while I kissed her, I directed my hand towards her and then I pushed gently.

I felt the tip of the pea making its way into that girl show, which she enjoyed with excitement and penetration: I pushed and then started moving back and forth to make that cumbersome presence inside her pleasant. Her pussy was getting wet and so I felt free to push my cock all over her.

I felt his body tremble, I had probably reached depths of his body that were still unexplored.

She lifted her belly levering her right hand on the marble sink and began to respond to my blows, which were becoming increasingly powerful. My pea had now made its way into his hole and, now soaked with moods, he had no difficulty moving inside the young woman. We moaned intensely when I felt Gaia's body arching almost as if it could break in two and then stop suddenly, holding on to me exhausted.

It had reached a disruptive orgasm.

After a few moments to recover, the young girl started moving again, and I started to plunger my pea into that inexperienced pussy she had just enjoyed. This time I pushed vigorously immediately, while Gaia was defenseless, with her nails sunk in my back. From the mirror I saw that back that vibrated with my every stroke and that round ass that made me horny.

I wanted to give that girl a feeling she would never forget in her life so I freed myself from her grip and walked away from her, leaving her for a few moments dumbfounded.

In the bathroom, near the tub there was a plunger, so quickly, without letting those moments of lust pass for both, I cleaned it well, I fixed it at the edge of the tub, I called Gaia to me and I made her sit on the handle of the tool, who entered her without difficulty, given the way my cock had been created before. She began to plunger the handle and I put my pea close to the young girl's mouth, who on that occasion was able to experience a strange double penetration for the first time.

She licked my pea voraciously while penetrating her lunge with that object that was giving her unique sensations.

After a couple of minutes her mouth was watered by a river of cum that came out of that glans tormented by that insatiable tongue, which did not want to move away from her trophy until it deflated inside her mouth.

We had enjoyed so much, we were full and tired ..
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