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It was winter. I had come from a separation that was painful to my body and soul, and for two years my body had wanted nothing to do with pleasure. I had always been sexually active, both alone and as a couple, but in those two years my body had gone dormant, it was like I was dead from my belly button to my knees. At one point I had even thought I had become frigid.
Then, slowly, like in a wonderful springtime of rebirth, my body woke up, and started asking me to give it pleasure again; and it was wonderful to rediscover myself as a female, even if within the walls of a room.
I was alive, again: in every orgasm I found and in all the jolts that my body wanted to give me.
One night I was on line, and a guy much younger than me sent me a message. "Hey there blondie, am I disturbing you?"
Handsome, God he was ... just the way I like him, tall, dark with a decidedly male appearance, smiling and with two wonderful shoulders ... but he was 33. Holy God ... so young, so handsome, but no, I was too much of a bigot to be able to let myself go to an acquaintance with a man so young.
He, who is a man no matter what age he is, understands that it's not the right time for me and he stays there for months, he makes himself heard every now and then, he tells me about himself and lets me do the same, we confide in each other our fantasies and our meetings, we talk about the transgressions we have experienced, desired, dreamed or even just thought about, and our heads get closer. Every now and then a joke: "Hey curly, you and me sooner or later we have to drink something together ..." and I dropped ... even if the desire was really great!
Slowly, without forcing anything, the desire to meet increases.
He works outside, I'm separated with a child, so it's not easy to organize, and the time passes like this, with the promise of a drink together to tell each other looking into our eyes and waiting to be able to fit the commitments.
At a certain point, Adriano disappears. I don't find his contact anymore, and I think that maybe he was tired: he was understandable, young, handsome, intelligent, but what was he supposed to do with a 45 years old woman? Surely he got bored with the situation and disappeared.
After about two months, he wrote to me on the website where we had met: "hey, I looked for you a lot but I couldn't find you anymore".
A dive in the heart and a sudden and overpowering excitement. The desire to have that young man all to myself, I had missed him even though I didn't even know him yet. I wanted him in a way I hadn't remembered in so many years.
"I wanted to see you and I thought of you" was all it took for me to orgasm without even touching myself. The thought of his desire on me: I didn't know what was happening to me and how it was possible, he was a stranger after all, but I couldn't let him get away anymore. He had to be mine.
That night I had two more orgasms thinking about him, his fantasies, his hands on me, his body on mine, his voice in my ear... I couldn't stop, my body was like crazy with desire.
"Hey blondie, next week I'll take you to breakfast."
Okay, it was getting real, and I had to see him before I met him.
We decide to have a video call.
"Hi...I finally get to see you." A video call of almost two hours, we were both so excited, his voice penetrated my fibers and I couldn't contain the sensations, him clearly aroused, our talks, knowing that in a few days we would meet: I felt drunk with mental, physical and intimate sensations.
We said goodbye and I again felt the need to touch myself for him: what is happening to the woman I thought I knew? Am I letting a Man I still haven't even seen give me all these orgasms?
Yes, it was time to let go, to let go of taboos, bigotry, and to put my age in a drawer and enjoy what was happening.
There were only a few days left... and I could finally smell him.
Our breakfast was 3-4 days away.
We had talked a while back about the sensations of being blindfolded, the discovery of eros through the senses, leaving sight for last, savoring the other senses one by one.
I text him, "Hey kiddo, how about we meet blindfolded? Does that still tickle your fancy?"
And he immediately accedes to my request with obvious enthusiasm. Our breakfast in an instant turns into a blind date at the hotel.
We arrange everything: hotel, room, how to blindfold ourselves, and our excitement goes through the roof.
The morning of our meeting arrives. I take a shower, I sprinkle myself with oil without perfume (I love that you can smell the skin), I carefully choose the lingerie, classy, not cheap or boorish. A black tulle petticoat with champagne-colored lace as a frame that wonderfully wrapped my already excited breasts, coordinated Brazilian, black lace garters and stockings with high lace. A pair of black leather pumps with 14 cm stiletto heels and a dress of those that come off quickly above the knee in silk with animal print.
I was a knockout.
I had asked him to wear a shirt, and the rest to his taste ... and no perfume: I wanted to smell his skin before anything else.
I start towards the hotel and call him when I'm about to arrive in the room: "Adriano when I'm in front of you you can do whatever you want before you decide to take off the bandages, but take it all back because then I want to see you again".
I get outside the door, put a black scarf over my eyes, open and he speaks to me, " take two steps and you're at my place". His voice had already fucked my head in a way that I am not able to explain: I had a little dizziness while he was talking. I was so excited, thrilled, drunk with sensations. The desire increased with every breath: he took my hand and led me to himself. He was strong: impossible not to surrender in his arms. I looked for his neck to smell his scent: it was wonderful, intoxicating, I was getting addicted to it.
He kisses me with a strength and passion that let all the months of waiting explode. He holds me with a strength that seemed to say: "now you are mine, I won't let you go anywhere" and he does it with a passion and a determination worthy of a real Man, but also accompanied by a great emotion. While holding me tight I felt his cock throbbing in his pants, he was as excited as a young boy at his first experiences.
He knelt down, lifted my dress, and began to lick and touch me, without taking anything off...just moving my underwear. His warm and soft tongue on my clitoris, his fingers inside my body... I shuddered continuously, where it wasn't his mouth it was his hands, it seemed there were two people kneeling in front of me. I need to feel his pleasure, I can't take it anymore. I get him up and unbutton his shirt, slowly, I love men in shirts and his was wonderful to the touch. I remove the shirt and caress his shoulders, moving down to his chest: he had such a powerful physique. I pull down my pants: I squat down in front of him and stand like this, a few seconds in front of his straight cock that was seeking my mouth, I breathed on it but without touching it; he felt me and I felt him... one last moment of desire...
Then I kissed him slowly on his groin, keeping my hands on his wonderful ass, I licked it until I got to his balls... god they were fantastic, exactly as I had imagined them... I licked him with greed and when he least expected it I took his whole cock in my mouth: it was big, powerful, very hard and had a smell and a taste that left me speechless. I hear him gasp. He can't resist anymore. He has to possess me.
He pulls me up hard and kisses me: our humors mingle in our mouths (is there a more heavenly taste/smell?), he puts me on my knees on the bed, and from behind he enters inside me. He was big, vigorous, hot and strong: he fucked me with strength and desire. I could feel his pelvis slamming into my ass... and each time it was more intense and I felt that I wanted him more with every movement. He seemed born to be inside my body.
After a few minutes we broke off for a moment and took off our blindfolds, first him, then me.
"Hey there kiddo, it's Monica."
"Hey there pretty lady, I'm Adriano."
We both smile, accomplices in a game that few would understand.
I make him lie on the bed and sit on him ... in a moment he is inside me again. He tells me over and over again "but why did you and I wait so long?" Incredulous both of us.
It was absurd. Our bodies were moving in unison ... I felt him inside me with such an exciting force that I wanted to feel him more and more inside.
He lifts me up a little and slides down, to lick me again. My legs are shaking, I can't stay on my knees for long, Adriano in a few minutes, as we watch each other, gives me my first orgasm with him.
Enveloping, deep, long and intense.
He makes me lie down and in a moment he is inside me again, then he looks at me and says "now let's see this beautiful B side" ... we still had some modesty to melt, and with great skill, he enters my ass that was ready to receive him, slowly, I was not used to it, but I had a crazy desire to feel him inside me. He never takes his eyes off me, and when I try to close my eyes he tells me over and over: "look at me" and my body melts completely under his complicit and authoritative gaze. I was lying with my legs on his shoulders, and I saw him enjoy and bang me hard, and look at me with a stern look that alternated with moans of pleasure and in a few minutes he has a wonderful orgasm in my ass.... "don't come out, stay there, I want to feel you until the end".
He lies down on top of me, we look at each other and smile, accomplices.
Finally no longer strangers.
After a few minutes break he starts again. "Monica get on your knees on the bed in front of me, and trust me."
I was totally his.
I could never have said no: stunned.
Some time ago we had talked about squirting: a practice totally unknown to me, convinced it was something I wasn't able to experience.
He makes me spread my legs and I put my hands on his shoulders letting go of my legs. He puts his hand inside me and moves his fingers quickly... and I feel sensations I've never felt before, almost a tickle inside my belly, and I don't understand what he's turning on. After about 30 seconds he looks at me and says, "Look what we've done."
I had squirted. For the first time in my life. A lake on the bed and on his arm. A wonderful feeling.
I had never let myself go so much with a man. I felt totally his, I felt totally mine.
We lay down next to each other, he says: "Come here blondie" and hugs me, dozing off a little... I do the same, as if I had always been in his arms. We rest for a while before the energies come back to ask for pleasure to our bodies again, like a hunger that increases with every bite.
Yes, ours is a hunger for Us, for our bodies, and for our heads.
We had waited so long, but it was worth it: we were ready to enjoy the sensations we wanted to give ourselves: pure alchemy.

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