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Minitary Girls - Nutaku

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This game to collect a variety of different tanks and military vehicles and command them over the games 20+ chapters. The trailer below not only shows off not only some of the characters that you will collect throughout the game but also the combat and leveling systems. As the player, you’re looking into this world from another dimension allowing to command your troops training the 40+ different types of troops as well as engaging in other activities such as building, nurturing, and training your units. Progression through the game will also give you access to the 700 different items that you can then use to boost up your own troops. As you build up your connections with the different armored girls you also get the option to date them. As is to be expected with titles from Nutaku you can expect with the right approach those dates can get quite a bit wilder.

We wanted to make a mobile game with hardcore but fun battle gameplay set in a world where there are many attractive females. We’ve seen too many titles of weapon anthropomorphism already, so we expanded the idea a bit further by turning any heavy weapons you could think of into lovely girls. To make the gameplay more intriguing, we added manual skill releasing and real-time combat to the game. All in all, this hentai games is born out of pure cuteness and fun.
minitary girls.png
Because of the Tunguska event, the earth opened a new area called Gaia. Powerful particles released by this massive explosion, which can fuse with metal weapons and greatly improve weapon performance, were named Gaia particles. The radiation effects of the Gaia particles only affect girls.

The military took advantage of this new particle to gain massive advantage in this new world of war. The collection of all these particles became the primary task of the military, followed by looking for compatible women. A new human species,Minitary girls, was born.

Key Features

40+ Girls to collect and all with sweet h-scenes to enjoy!
20+ Chapters to clear with 3 Difficulties.
Over 700 items, to craft, loot and discover!
Legion System - Work as a team to gain awesome rewards!
PVP, Legion PVP and 15 vs 15 matches!
Mine and Raid resources!
World Boss events
An in-depth Favor system - where you can bond, date, train and even dress up your girls!

Game Information

  • Version:
  • 0.8.20180912.76654
  • Size:
  • 49.7MB
  • Languages:
  • English
  • Release Date:
  • September 25, 2018
  • Publisher:
  • Nutaku Publishing
  • Developer:
  • Gamemoon
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