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Legends Of Elmora - Nutaku

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Being a nerdy guy who is interested in adventure games and, to be honest, obsessed with hentai visual novels, I must say that the Legends Of Elmora is a perfect combination of those two worlds and since the game is from 2017, I still don't understand how I didn't stumble upon it earlier.
Nonetheless, let me make a short review of this highly addictive game. In this one, you are an adventurer on a quest to fuck the hottest babes in this mystical and beautiful fantasy world called Elmora, and you have to make lots and lots of key decisions while you are on your quest, including becoming virtual friends with, or sometimes even becoming an enemy of the hot chicks that you meet along the way, or actually, throughout your adventure. Some of these well-endowed ladies will want to lure and enchant you with their lustful desires, and some of them will be amazed by how good you handle your tools of the trade. So since I don't want to give away too much, in short, that would be it. When it comes to graphics, this one is really down on the spot, or shall I say, a true little masterpiece and creators paid a great deal of attention to almost every single detail indeed, not to mention the busty looking babes and simply stunning backgrounds, such as lush valleys, rocky mountain cliffs, and the breathtaking depths of the sea. The only big problem I have with this one is the story arc and speaking of it, there isn't that much of it in the Legends of Elmora, which kind of leads me to believe that this "magical girl adventure" is actually going for the heavy plot with sort of a simple storyline. Oh, and there is no god damn save feature in the Legends Of Elmora, but on the other hand, thank God there is no voice acting also which usually spoils all the fun for me. Anyway, I would really give this hentai games a thumbs up and recommend it to anyone with the same obsession with the hentai visual novels like the one I have, it is cheap to buy, and even though the graphics might seem a bit demanding in the trailer, it only eats about 1 gig of RAM and it takes less than 100 megabytes on your hard drive, so it will work on pretty much any average PC or laptop. At least give it a shot.

Key Features
- Visual Novel
- Kinetic adventure
- Developed by The Richards Nights
- NSFW patch
- Dynamic artwork
- Lifelike animations
System Requirements
Windows System Requirements:

• CPU: 1.8GHz Dual-Core CPU
• RAM: 4 GB
• OS: Windows 7
• Video Card: Integrated graphics
• Disk Space: 90MB
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