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Honey Crush is a free hentai puzzle game. Released on Nutaku on November 2018. Free to play in your PC internet browser, and Android phones. No female voice acting. Uncensored genitals.Nutaku’s library has been missing a generic match three puzzle game ever since Phantasma: Wand and Wood died. With the launch of Honey Crush, that hole has been fulfilled again. This hentai games is a challenging mildly erotic brain puzzler that will force you to improve your cognitive abilities.Match three or more tokens of the same color, to destroy those tokens and score points. You gain gold and loot from beating levels. Levels have different victory conditions, and unorthodox layouts that keep things fresh. You have to destroy a number of tiles of certain color to win, sometimes you have to drop specified “ingredients” (ie. red and green potions) to the lowest end of the screen, or break specific squares by matching tokens inside those squares. You have a limited number of turns to solve the puzzle.The more complicated puzzles almost require that you use power-ups. The game offers four different power-ups. One of them lets you destroy any token on the map. Another power lets you take an extra turn. You have to match the tokens in lines, or squares. When four tokens form a square, that also counts as a successful match. There’s also special rules, like certain tokens can be paired together, and they are destroyed. The game will provide you hints that this match is possible, as the rules for what constitutes a match differs greatly from cookie-cutter iterations of this type of game. Upgrade your “skills” to score more points from destroying tokens. The skills are charisma, beauty, sexuality, etc. like it’s a dating sim. Unlike in games like Pussy Saga where beating levels requires a good score, you are not blocked from progressing if your skills are low. Upgrades cost gold which you earn from beating levels. The first skill level-ups are cheap, only 3000 gold each. Beating a level earns 500 gold on average. The game has a stamina system. You have stock for 6 energy, and missions cost 1 energy each. The rate of recovery is about 5 minutes for 1 energy. You can instantly re-up by spending red gems.

You are the average male with a penchant for big walking boobs. While discussing the magic of sex with an out-of-control party girl, you get sucked through a portal into a politically correct version of Saudi Arabia. On this world, a man named Manfred is monopolizing all the hot girls into his harem. You start building your own counter harem to destroy him. Your harem comprises only of the hottest, sluttiest bitches. You’re so uncucked, you don’t respect diversity and inclusion. You set out to steal Manfred’s hoes to yourself.
System Requirements
Latest version of Android

Key Features
* BUILD a harem of girls with unique personalities
Seducing girls is hard, but luckily you have a harem to help you. Work with your top bitch Audrey to break down these girls defenses and get them into bed.

* ENGAGING fully animated story
Progress through The Sex Games as you seduce girls, and they seduce each other. Travel to distant lands and lure the top girls of Manfred’s harem to your side with your sexual prowess.

* UNIQUE puzzle mechanics
Every date is unique, and each one gets you closer to your final showdown with Manfred.

* COLLECT sexy pictures from your girls
Gather pictures of all the "hard" work you've put into seducing these sluts.

* ENHANCE your seduction abilities and unlock bonuses from all the girls in your harem
Use skill upgrades to improve your character and enhance your seduction abilities. Use magical items to improve your girls, so they can help you build up your harem.

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