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Hamburg Mon Amour Act II

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I couldn't make out his facial features because the light was dim. He rested his hand on the nape of my neck. His fingers ran through my hair. In front of me his jeans held up by a wide leather belt. I stretched my arms out to my sides. He began to unbutton my shirt. Slowly. My fingers groped the sides of this beautiful specimen of male mating. He removed his shirt remaining bare chested. At this point I began to discover with my fingertips his abdomen. Tight muscles well defined. Gymnastic perhaps. I went back up the chest until I reached the hardened nipples. A rich hair clearly showed a remarkable virility. His hands rested on my head as if to tell me that the exploration should end here and that now was the time to show him my femininity.

His right hand landed on my left breast. Mine was a small, firm tit, barely noticeable, however discreet. With his thumb and forefinger he began to play with the nipple squeezing it gently, squeezing it. The cup of the bra gave him a little discomfort but he continued quietly to trastullarsi in that game paicevole for both. I was curious to discover his manhood. With my hands I slowly went down to his groin. The jeans barely contained a well-developed sex. I could feel under my fingers the outline of his already erect member.

- come on


- Aren't you curious?

- certainly

- So far no one has ever complained

he said with a touch of pride

I caressed the flap pressing lightly. More than curiosity it was the desire for sex that drove me. I sensed that I was dealing with a cock of good proportions and that this was entrusted to the skill of a male who knew what he was doing. I juggled with the belt until I unbuckled it. I unbuttoned my pants and unzipped them. The jeans slid to the floor. In front of me there was now a brief that barely contained an erect cock. I stroked it on the undergarment. It was already hard. Ready for a good blowjob. A member to be enjoyed by savoring the male's virility. Dom always told me that the blowjob is an ancient art that must be performed with patience giving all one's femininity in every single movement because this is how the female can dominate over the male. She taught me to use my tongue in the right places, my throat when it is the right time, even the teeth can be a good tool to give joy and pleasure to her man. Without ever forgetting the testicles, the true weak point of the horny male.

I took the edges of the brief at the height of the hips and pushed down. The cock, freed from the grip of the garment, shot up in the air. I let it stay. Free in front of my face. A purplish glans dominated the ram's head. A protruding foreskin marked the end. The body of the member was large but not excessively long. Veins protruded gnarled. I lifted him up to enjoy the spectacle of the testicular sac. Big with the two swollen balls. I gripped the hot cock. Very hard. I sawed it off just to realize its length and hardness. I stopped with the palm of my hand on the glans. I caressed it. He emitted moans of pleasure

- you're good, you're good at it

I increased, in response, the speed of the saw while with the other hand I went down between my thighs in search of an unlikely pussy. I searched between my testicular sac and anus for that point of pleasure that could be a sort of G-spot and simulated a slow fingering.

This scene inflamed him even more. His member shuddered.

- take it in your mouth

he begged me

I didn't give him the satisfaction, even though I denied it, but I wanted to keep him on his toes so that he could enjoy it at its full power. I lifted him up to show his testicles that I approached with my tongue. I began to prick them with the tip of my tongue. Then I approached with my leprosy and swallowed one. It filled my mouth I sucked it gently, then loliberai and moved on to the other devoting the same attention.

- I beg you

Let the cock free. It was in front of me I just had to part my lips and it would enter triumphantly. I could have tasted it, licked it, savored it, sucked it all. Instead, I went back to sawing him off. I continued with my fake fingering, but it gave me pleasure. I squirmed profusely from my little clit.

He put his hands on the back of my head and pushed forward. I resisted making him understand that I did not want.

- why don't you take it in your mouth?

- because I want to make you suffer

I laughed without ever taking my hand off that warm pleasure tool.

- you are bad

- I'm just a girl

I brought my face closer to my cock and clamped my lips together and rubbed my head on them, I felt the tiny lips of my foreskin. Wet. Pre-sperm fluid. The beast was enjoying himself. I parted my lips and took only the glans into my mouth and started swirling my tongue over the head. Every now and then I lingered on the foreskin playing with the slit passing my tongue slowly.

He pushed the back of my head towards his groin. The cock entered violently until the throat.

- Finally

he screamed

he blocked my head and started to fuck me in the mouth. I could hardly breathe through my nose. But it was beautiful to feel that monster of sex enter and dig into my throat. I knew the excitement I had subjected him to was so great and he only wanted one thing: to cum in my face. He would then maintain his true male setting and I would enjoy his essence. He increased the pace madly. I saw the muscles in my abdomen contract spasmodically. I squirmed silently. He came copiously. I barely had time to get the glans out of my mouth when a hot splash of semen hit my nose and lips. Pasty, creamy, slimy and good, it slowly slipped into my mouth. With my tongue I collected as much as I could and swallowed while he squirted again, this time empty. I went back to taking him in my mouth so as not to miss the next eruptions that followed with regular frequency for a few moments. I didn't let go of the cock and he didn't object. That beast remained hard as a rock.
This, I thought, is only the beginning.

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