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It is not easy to resist temptations, especially when you have done things or experienced situations that have left you with good memories, but which for one reason or another have remained buried in a small drawer in our heads. My name is Mihaela, I am 38 years old, I live in Rome, but I am not Italian and I am a housewife. I have been married to Stefano for many years and for 18 years I have been living the same life: home, children, husband ...
When we were more than twenty years old Stefano and I took a lot of cravings, we tried to push ourselves to the limit, with the couple exchanges, car sex and attending for a period also the privé. At that age hormones are the brain and enjoying was our password. Then the wedding, the job ... two children !!, they made us bury the libido, we completely changed. But if Stefano seems already old, I don't !! I still feel young, even if life sometimes seems to get out of hand. My children are growing up, they start dating friends and neglecting their mom more and more. I feel a little lonely, but still young and full of life. Internet and chats have become my great friends and I often find myself wandering the net and chatting, reading erotic stories or watching some hot videos on youporn.
The only one who seems to give me a little attention is Franco, my 65 year old neighbor who, widowed, lives right in the apartment next to mine. For Franco, any excuse is good to come knocking on my door, to be able to talk and look at me. Often when I go out to do the shopping he rushes to the door to spy on me. I don't hide from you that sometimes when she comes knocking I find myself little dressed so as to see her reaction and have fun provoking him a little.
It excites me a bit to see him drool and excites me to feel spied and desired. Sometimes when he's down in the courtyard, I go out on the balcony in a skirt. I start washing the balcony and I like it when he rolls his eyes to spy on me and look under my skirt. I imagine it later in the bathroom masturbating.

That afternoon I was alone at home, as unfortunately often happens, and I was watching a porn video. It was a very exciting video, I got so wet that I started masturbating. It was then that Franco knocked.
"Hi Marika, sorry for the inconvenience, but I have a problem with the new washing machine."
"Hey hello Franco, what's the problem? What's wrong? ", I replied.
"I can't get her going," he said.
"Okay, give me a minute I'm coming to see you," I replied.
"Okay I'll wait for you in my apartment, I'll leave the door open."
"Ok, I'll be right there."
I didn't realize it but I went to open the door with my light and transparent dress that left little to the imagination. He hadn't been able to take his eyes off me while he talked to me. I thought that maybe I could have a little fun provoking him by going to his apartment with that light dress. So I did. I took the house keys, closed my door behind me and entered his house. When I entered I noticed that he was not alone: at the table in the living room three other old friends of his were sitting playing cards. When they saw me in my transparent dress they rolled their eyes. They kicked and kicked each other under the table. I almost laughed at seeing those horny old men.
I followed Franco to the bathroom, where the washing machine was located, and started reading the instruction booklet. I fumbled a bit with the keys while Franco and the other old men, who meanwhile had approached to browse, were unable to take my eyes off me. While I was intent on my work Franco had come so close to me and almost touched me with his body; I could feel his excitement. After a couple of attempts I managed to start the washing machine and the old men, excited, made a shout of joy or perhaps of sadness because having finished my job I would have gone away.
"Thanks a lot Marica, without you I would never have been able to," he said.
"But no, it was nonsense," I replied.
"Stop to have a coffee with us," he said.
"Why not, I gladly accept," I replied. I wanted to continue my seduction game.
While I was sitting at the table with them, Mattia, one of the nicest old men said that coffee sucked and that even when he played "guess what it is?" they had never made him taste such crap. Intrigued, I asked what game it was and Mattia explained that it was a game in which one was blindfolded while the others made him taste some drinks that he had to try to guess. Mattia asked me if I wanted to try, and I, partly because I was curious and partly because I was amused by their excitement, decided to accept.

Franco, the bigger boy, added that the rules of the game actually provided that the person who had to guess had to be blindfolded and also have his hands tied. So we did. Franco blindfolded me and tied my hands behind the back of the ment chair
the rest began to prepare glasses with drinks to play with. I felt strangely euphoric, it was the first time that a man had tied my hands. Being tied up and not seeing what those men were doing around me caused an excitement never felt until then. I also started to get a little wet.

They brought a glass to my lips, it was easy to guess: it was wine. Among the compliments of the old men I felt a hand that touched me between the thighs, instinctively closed them and the hand was pulled away. Evidently the old men felt euphoric like me and were taking courage. Franco then placed his hand behind my neck and brought the second glass to my lips. This time too it was easy: it contained limoncello. Meanwhile, the old men were taking more and more courage and someone was stroking my arm, touching my breast or thighs. Strangely, this situation had become exciting, I was beginning to like it ... it was a different way to spend the afternoon. In the third glass they had poured some wisky which I guessed on the second attempt ... I was not used to drinking all that alcohol, it was giving me a head and I felt more and more uninhibited and excited.

I felt the sensation of strange movements around me. It seemed to me that the dear old men were undressing and that even one of them had sat on the ground in front of me looking at me between the thighs. Meanwhile, they gave me another liqueur to guess. By now I understood that they would only give me alcohol, their purpose was obviously to get me drunk. I felt them excited around me as they brushed my arms, face and neck. One of them had also touched me with his turgid cock. I wasn't sure if I was blindfolded, but it felt like the contact of a penis the one on my breast and on my neck. I was completely wet, those naked and horny pigs that went around me excited me with fear. It was then that, now almost completely drunk, I managed to free and remove the blindfold from my eyes. I found them as I had imagined them: naked with their cocks straight around me, while one of them was sitting at my feet looking at me between the thighs. Those swine were very horny !!!!!

I was so excited and drunk that I gave vent to my cravings, repressed for years. I wanted to feel the slut inside me alive, so I participated in their game. Instinctively I grabbed the penis that was closest to me, I think Feanco's, which despite the age was very hard. I knelt and rested my lips gently on his chapel, and in an instant I took it all in my mouth. I began to suck it, Franco gave moans of pleasure, and more and more horny he takes me by the hair and drowns me with his rod, pushing it up to his throat. Oh my god how I was enjoying. His movements go along with mine, he was fucking me in the mouth, a regurgitation of saliva descended from my lips on the chin. Not satisfied with my hands I started to masturbate the other two on my sides. The fourth, the one sitting on the ground, came up to me, spread my legs, stretched out under me and started to lick my pussy from the ground. They had very hard members, evidently all that excitement had done him good. How I liked being in the midst of so many cocks !!
Franco then made me stand up, put me in doggy style and with a bandage cover my eyes. By now I was in their obsessions I liked it. All four got around me and started licking me. Franco, from behind, licked my pussy and asshole. I enjoyed it to die for, my sex dripping down my thighs. Her tongue penetrated me, played the lips of the cunt and with the hood of the clitoris, more and more hard and excited. Mattia who stood in front of me licked my tongue, while the other two licked everywhere.

"Bitch, now you will taste our cocks at the same time," said Franco. I never told anyone, but during sex I love being dominated, treated like a slut, it makes me feel alive. He got up and suddenly I felt his fingers open the lips of my cunt, his chapel rubbing on the gap now soaked with enjoyment. Then his hands moved to my hips, and with a stroke of the kidneys Franco forcefully slipped his dick inside. For his age he was very vigorous, and knew where to put it. I was moaning with pleasure, with my hand I accompanied his strokes, at first slow, then increasingly louder. Mattia, seeing that Feanco had gone into action, stood in front of me and put his penis in my mouth to fuck me, the other two touched me and masturbated. Nice to feel the center of attention of four men. Nice to take cock in my cunt while I could suck another one. Nice to hear one bird pushing from behind and another pushing in the opposite direction in front. I didn't imagine that a gang band was so exciting.
I felt slutty and submissive, I enjoyed without s
authorization. "Sfondami! Give it in !!! ”, I yelled with the member between my teeth as I moaned with pleasure.

The four alternated between my pussy and my mouth, and I was completely subjugated and willing to make everyone feel pleasure. Then Franco, who had proved to be the most enterprising and swine, kneeling, began to enlarge my sphincter with his fingers. He moved his fingers gently as if he were handling something very fragile. He stuck his tongue in it to moisten it and his finger to widen it alternately. I liked his movements and attention, I felt a new pleasure. When I was ready he supported his still hard member and started pushing him inside. He caught me off guard because he entered with violence and I screamed in pain. In reality my moaning was pain mixed with pleasure and my complaints managed to excite him even more. He was literally breaking through me by stepping back with the balls and pelvis slamming on my ass producing the sound that I liked so much. I never remember having enjoyed so much in my life. Mattia, who had concentrated heavily on my mouth, now lay under me, and spreading his thighs, brought his bird close to my cunt. Initially I felt him rubbing his lips, then using a well-aimed blow in my ass by Franco, he slid it inside. What a pleasure to hear two cocks filling my vagina and anus walls, rubbing together. Another old man with his member filled my whole mouth, went in and out at the same rate as the other two. What a symphony !!! I have to say, I never imagined being able to be fucked so well by people of a certain age. I thought: "That I have been lost in all these years, young people go to the maximum, their goal is to end !!, here the discussion changes because the goal is pleasure !!"

By now I felt, from their more determined movements and from the swelling of their birds that were about to explode and I thought it would be nice to see them come in unison and feel their warm seed on my body. Gently I pulled out their members and sat on the chair in the center, and indicated to them to come closer. The four of them continued to mark each other to maintain an erection and surrounded me. I felt important and watched the ripening. With the tongue one by one, turning on myself, polished their chapels. Grimaces and moans of pleasure were a sweet symphony. I decided to give it the final blow, I explained and with my head turned upwards, I opened my mouth and stuck my tongue out. They all moved in front of me then. They wanted me to feel their warm milk. First Franco, Mattia and the others managed to cum together on my face, on my lips, on my tits, on my body. I always liked feeling the warm sperm flowing on me, but hearing four men cumming on me was absolutely amazing. .
Do you want to see me now naked online? CLICK HERE!
Not open for further replies.
Do you want to see me now naked online? CLICK HERE!
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