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Continuation of Cousin "mussel" 3 - The unexpected

My mother from behind the door looked at me worriedly. "I heard someone complaining, are you okay?", "Yes mom, I just banged my foot on the nightstand" I said in an unlikely and embarrassed manner that from the tone of my voice was anything but pain. "Be careful," she added with a dirty look and walked away. Annamaria burst out laughing, me a little less.

The troubles were starting, the serious ones: she took possession of me again, treating me just like before, but now I understood, I wasn't her cozz'amica, I was her girlfriend and I was the weak element of the couple. She was smitten and insanely jealous of me, but I was and have always been heterosexual, and the fact that I enjoyed Sapphic sex didn't mean I was necessarily a lesbian.

I loved how her thin and delicate fingers moved fast inside me, going to expertly touch the most enjoyable spots of my vagina, no one could do it better than another woman. I loved her slippery snake kisses, her little tongue drove me crazy and since she took to licking me, I discovered that she was even more amazing than I thought. She knew how to provoke multiple "wet" orgasms and if she was taken in good spirits she was able to keep me chained to the bed for whole afternoons, sending me home exhausted of feeling pleasure... physically tired from too much enjoyment.

But it was also true that I needed a good guy by my side to make me feel safe and complete. So while I continued to see Annamaria, I secretly managed to have several dates with Sahib. We would see each other in the evenings, on weekends, or at any rate when I wasn't with her, using different excuses to justify the fact that we couldn't meet.
It was really difficult, Annamaria was oppressive.

Sahib, as I said, is an Egyptian, a secular Muslim, he doesn't have any particular inhibitions or asphyxiating rules, except for some small popular traditions that he brought with him. He is a very respectful guy, he never forced his hand nor did he ever make sleazy sexual allusions to me or about me. We had our first relationship on our fourth outing. We were lying on a blanket under a large holm oak tree in a forest outside the village. That time I had already planned to give myself up, so I put on my skirt with a thong underneath. It was sweet and gradual. He penetrated me without haste, kissing my neck and shoulders. We made love, not sterile sex. It was an intense and wonderful thing that lasted even after the orgasm, between cuddles and caresses. We wanted to be together... even if someone didn't agree with this at all and we weren't able to hide it from them. In fact, Annamaria understood it right away. No one knew me better than she did. My vagina had widened. The hymen already pierced by her fingers was now torn in a more linear and delineated way, it was enough for her to masturbate me the next day to notice the difference, she was not at all happy about this. We argued. Then we made peace, but I had to expect something from her, some drama... some bravado.

It has to be said that in our parts the sexy-shops were very rare as well as extremely expensive, so for her plan Annamaria realized everything in her house with objects easily available and as if that were not enough she did it during the day while her parents were present.
We were in the usual bathroom, the secondary one, and since, I suppose, she couldn't find any sleeping pill that suited her, she convinced me in a playful way, to let me tie myself up. "I'm going to let you try a new game today!" she said all excited. "The chair game!!!" "The game of what?!" I said puzzled. I swear I still do not understand how I could fall for it but you know by now, as far as masturbation was concerned I was ruined and the idea of trying something new intrigued me. So with the excuse of this game Annamaria asked me to do this experiment. At the end the air was relaxed, as I said there were her parents walking around the house talking loudly. There was this wooden chair in place of the stool to wash their feet next to the bidet, she laughingly removed the seat, I do not know if you know, and invited me to sit down. She blindfolded me, then began to twist the packing tape around my limbs trying to fix me firmly on that chair with no more seat. "Annamarí, are you sure about what you're doing?" I said worriedly. "Yes love, don't worry" she downplayed by saying that she had done this dozens of times. Crazy shit. She just wanted to tie me down to dare more than I could ever have given her, she wanted to convince me that she could make me enjoy myself more than any other man. At first trying to hold myself up I was quite uncomfortable, then I relaxed my muscles and slid my ass into the void, finding my position. As if the darkness of the blindfold he had put on me wasn't enough, he took another large piece of tape and taped my mouth shut. There I began to worry... he had literally taken me hostage... without me even realizing it... at the gesture he noticed that I jerked wiggling "don't be afraid love, I just want you to enjoy yourself, today you'll feel what never ever in your life a man can give you", I could tell from those words that he was referring to my date with Sahib and that that was some sort of punishment/demonstration of superiority, for being with a man.
"You only need to be with me, leave those pigs of men alone, they will only make you suffer" she said very serious as I shook my shoulders to free myself, without conviction though. "Do you want to enjoy more? Today I will make you enjoy more!" I began to hear a loud buzzing sound, like an electric razor, I thought he wanted to do something with my hair, I was terrified, then surprised. He put this thing on my vulva, concentrating on my clitoris... I was tense but thanks to the massage after a few minutes I began to relax ... although, the idea of being tied to a chair in the bathroom, completely naked, in his house, I did not like it completely. He put down the makeshift vibrator and moved on to the next step. He grabbed the chair from behind and very slowly, not without a bit of effort lowered the backrest to the floor. Paradoxically, so I was also more comfortable, he massaged my pussy for a few more minutes, then he inserted something inside, something thin. As it went in it scratched a little bit, but it was soon over. It was a little rubber tube that filled my vagina with liquid, it was sparkling water. So much sparkling water that it swelled my belly to the level of my bladder. "Now don't contract your muscles, you don't want to get everything wet" The sensation was the strangest. He inserted me until it started to come out, then pulled out the tube and resumed the massage with the handle of the electric clippers. This time it wasn't just my vulva that was shaking, the vibration was transmitted to the liquid that splashing created effervescence in my vagina. He was right, I began to enjoy it so intensely that after not even five minutes I had a devastating orgasm. From my cervix, tickled by the bubbles of the sparkling water, came strong and powerful jolts that paralyzed my legs and feet. Ecstatic, I threw my head back against the floor and while arching my pelvis up, I sprayed out of control anything from my vulva, obscenely open and swollen, both the water that she had put in me and that other substance, I squirted, again and again and if she had not put the scotch on my mouth, I would have surely screamed of pleasure. Annamaria was pleased with this, it was what she wanted to achieve, but she wasn't done yet. While I was still in shock from the intense orgasm she slowly pulled me up again, grabbed the tube and said "You got it all wet! You are such a bad girl. When we're done, you'll have to clean up." This time he pressed that evil little tube behind. I didn't understand how a girl who, until a few months ago, only spoke ill of anal sex and her ex's attempts, could expect me to appreciate such practices. It scratched me, but I was still too dazed to rebel against what she was about to do. As the water began to fill my bowels, I moaned begging for it to stop. I was afraid to throw it out, I didn't know she had placed me under a plastic basin but when I just couldn't take it anymore my belly was all swollen I squirted out as much as I could into my rectum, I understood, making a big noise. My aunt heard the noise and came knocking on the door "What's going on in there! Annamariaaa!!!??", "It's ok mom, we are taking a bath!!" she said as I almost collapsed from a heart attack. He filled my intestine again and again, until the water began to come out whitish, a little dirty I would say, the evacuation brought me pleasure, but not sexual precisely. Thanks to the treatment my rectum was clean and relaxed and my anus was more cooperative. He took a hairbrush as a surprise, since I was blindfolded, he soaked the handle with saliva and shoved it inside my ass. Pushing it out I wiggled like hell. "Calm down, you'll see you'll like it." He tried three times to keep it in me but I kept pushing it out, then "Since you're not being good let's do this, first I'll tie it to the razor and then I'll tape it to you". That's how he taped the electric razor to the bristles of the brush and then inserted it back into my surrendered anus. Starting to tie it from my hips he used more tape to lock it in there. Now it couldn't fall out anymore, on the contrary, the packing tape, after application tended to come back a little shorter, pushing that brush in further and further, until it stopped against the bristles. I had ten inches of handle at least, shoved up my ass...then back down with my shoulders on the floor. Annamaria reinserted the little tube into my cunt and filled it again with sparkling water. She turned on the electric razor and nothing, the pleasure caused by the bubbles caused by the vibration was so absurd that I started coming again, spraying water and humors everywhere. What memories, that was one of the most powerful orgasms of my life. The bitch, however, left me so at least another ten minutes to the point that with the strong vibration, involuntarily began to like the anal stimulation ... perhaps only because in this case accompanied and increased the vaginal pleasure. I had my pussy, all open and throbbing and literally calling for sex, it needed to be fucked properly. So while the brush was vibrating up my ass, my cousin enjoyed giving me a couple more long orgasms with her little hands. She released me only when I was reduced to a rag. Once I found my hands and feet free I didn't have the courage to blame her, I had enjoyed myself in an absurd way and I had nothing to object to the treatment.
I came out of the bathroom staggering, after dressing with difficulty. I went to her room and from exhaustion I collapsed on her bed for several hours. While she hugged me.

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