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Cosmic Shock League - Nutaku

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Command your gorgeous Cosmic Shock Girls to show you what they’ve got on and off the battleground.
Nutaku has a brand spanking new (emphasis on spanking) match 3 game called Cosmic Shock League according to a press release from the adult-oriented digital distributor. Cosmic Shock League has players engaging in match 3 battles against a computer opponent or a real player. Of course, this isn’t just competitive Tetris Attack with anime tiddies; a card battle system is an integral and important part of the game. You’ll form a squad of four cute girls who require you to match a certain amount of one of the game board’s four colors. Once you’ve filled up their power bar, you can deploy them into battle and have them utilize their special abilities. Really amazing hentai games!!
Gamers will jump into the sexiest interstellar battleground while conquering their rivals with the help of a fearless and seductive harem. Players must build their beautiful, courageous squad to be powerful enough to unchain their wrath on opponents through a Match-3/Card Battle game. Step into the shoes of a grizzled 21st century champion as he awakes from being cryogenically frozen over thousands of years.
The girls you’ll go into battle with are represented by cards which detail their backstory and stats. New girls can be acquired via a loot box system based on timers. This is a free-to-play game so you can expect to see premium currencies and additional loot box options if you’re keen on kicking Nutaku a couple of bucks towards getting some sweet loot in Cosmic Shock League. And, of course, you’ll be privy to some steamy CG scenes when you upgrade the girls to higher levels.

Cosmic Shock League currently features over 300 levels and dozens of different girls to choose from for your battle team. If this sounds like the kind of game you’d love to play

Immerse yourself in the world of the best Hentai porn game on the market today. A charming and sexy sci-fi adventure, dotted full of classic references, beautiful girls and relentless battles.

~Fully Animated Real-Time Action:
Vibrantly animated battles allow you to command a squad of Cosmic Shock Girls against player and AI controlled teams. Use an array of attack, defense, healing, and support Abilities to crush your enemies.

~ Innovative Gameplay
Easy to play, hard to master. Cosmic Shock League is a fun mix between classic match-3 mechanics and collectible card games.

~ Compete Against The World
Duel players from around the world in real-time Arena battles. Join the fight, reach the top Leagues and win exclusive rewards at the end of every season!

~ Assemble Your Girls
Adapt your strategy and build the strongest teams. Collect and evolve your Cosmic Shock girls to unleash their full potential!

~Collectible Cosmic Shock Girls
Whether it be by fighting through the 320+ Levels of the campaign, PvP Battle Chests, or through success in an event, there are countless ways to expand your team and unleash their Epic powers.


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OS: Any

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