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Booty Farm, a free best hentai games farming simulator. Released on Nutaku on December 2018. Available for PC internet browsers, and Android smartphones. No voice acting.

There’s something deeply satisfying about running your own farm with your own animals and crops. Contrasted with city life, where the resource game necessitates constant social manipulation. As a farmer, the only assholes you have to play politics with are the soil, and the rain clouds.​

Nutaku’s newest free-to-play release is Booty Farm, a combination strategy game, visual novel, and dating sim.
Booty Farm is all about producing goods to deliver to the women in the town. Simply put, you’ll plant crops. Those crops will be used to make goods. You’ll then send off a mix of goods and crops to women in the town.
These ladies will pay you with experience, gold, and an increase to the relationship level. There are certain visual novel elements to contend with, too. Girls will ask you questions and occasionally ask you to remember certain facts about them, HuniePop style.
You’ll get a sexy photo from a woman after building up a relationship to a certain level. That’s the main hook of the game aside from the gameplay. It seems pretty simple, but there’ s a little more to it than just that.
Booty Farm has 12 different girls for you to chase down in the visual novel portion of the game. The multiple choices can potentially lead to some sexy goodness in one of over 100 uncensored scenes split across the game’s lovely ladies. The farming aspect has a sort of “production line” style of acquiring goods. Booty Farm is an adult-oriented game in the style of Farmville. In a way, it’s like a hilariously perverse version of Harvest Moon or Stardew Valley, too. You’ve inherited the family farm and you’ll have to improve things as is typical in these kinds of games. What is slightly less common is the wealth of hotties living in the neighborhood. Completed quests take a few minutes to be delivered and then they’ll be replaced with a new one. You can also just cancel quests and have them replaced in ten minutes. Don’t be afraid to cancel a quest if it’s no good. After a quest is delivered, you’ll begin a short conversation with the girl and be presented with a choice. Answer correctly and you’ll get a tiny relationship bonus. Occasionally, you’ll get the opportunity to learn a new fact and you may be quizzed on this by the woman later (much in the style of HuniePop). Finally, hitting a milestone will unlock one of those sexy photos you’re probably chasing after; a short conversation will take place to progress the story before it gets unlocked.

●12 Unique Girls to meet and explore their stories
●100+ Uncensored Scenes
●Multiple choices conversation system
●Visual Novel Style Interactions
●Complex production line system to manage with over 100 elements
●4 ways to distribute goods

Windows System Requirement
•Windows 7
•Processor: Dual Core 2.0 GHz Memory: 2 GB RAM
•Graphics: NVIDIA 9400m or equal AMD Video Card / Intel HD4000

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