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The story with Giacomo lasted about two years.
Giacomo was the one who made me know the real transgression and opened me a world that until then I did not know.
He used me at least a couple of times a week and we always met in his house. Besides of course the fleeting and stolen moments in the office, sometimes even on Saturdays, when finally quieter he could also fuck my anal pussy bent at ninety on his desk.

They were a couple of months that I was at his service and one morning in his office he told me that the afternoon meeting would be skipped for family commitments and then we would see him in the house but this time in the morning.
I sincerely made up a few excuses because I had urgent work to complete for my boss but especially because I wanted to avoid anyone in the office being suspicious of our absence at the same time.
Giacomo then became more serious than usual, he got up from the chair and with a gesture indicated to approach him "bitch, get on your knees ... come to my feet" he took me by the hair and put three fingers in my mouth "you don't have the right to speak, you are a filthy bitch, my bitch, my slave, my servant and you only have to do what I ask you" I was almost drowning because I could feel his fingers in my throat "so if you don't want everyone to know what a whore and slut you are, you will do what I ask without objections. Understand bitch?"
Remembering how hot-tempered and violent he could be I couldn't help myself "Yes Master. I understand."
Then without letting go of my hair he opened his pants and shoved his still soft cock in my mouth "you only have to do this, you are a cocksucker and your only right is to satisfy your Master's cock. Suck slut, do your job, don't make me regret giving you this privilege. You don't know how many sluts would do anything to get fucked by me."
These words made me remember how lucky I was and how many times I had dreamed of doing what I was doing. I started to blow him as best I knew how, with all my being. His cock in that moment became the center of the world for me, I dedicated myself totally to his cock and in that moment I was completely taken, I adored it as if it was the scepter of a king, I felt that my only desire was to satisfy my Master.
He held me by the hair and fucked my mouth as only he could do.
It didn't take long for him to turn to marble and soon James was at his peak, I could feel his cock throbbing, he was going to cum, I could feel it, also because he had accelerated the pace with which he fucked my mouth. "Slut I'm cumming, come on take it, take it all, but don't swallow hold it in your mouth."
I didn't understand why but so I did. My mouth was full of cum but honestly since it was too much, a little went down.
"Now get up, don't talk and don't spill the cum. Let's go get some coffee."
What a big bastard! He wanted to carry me around with a mouth full of his cum.
He adjusted his pants and we left the room.
Fortunately the vending machine was nearby, but in the corridors he stopped to talk to some colleagues, he did it on purpose to get me in trouble, he laughed and joked with them and I could only hint at a slight smile given the situation I was in. The asshole looked at me with satisfaction, I could read it in his eyes and I could tell by his usual grin on his face. What a bastard!
Fearing that he would have checked if I still had cum in my mouth I held back to swallow it but I could hardly breathe. Finally he offered me the coffee "do you want it bitter or spiked?" he said laughing "oh yeah, sorry, I know you like it spiked" then while I was drinking he whispered in my ear "tell me the truth, how is the coffee with my cum?"
I gave him a smile.
Anyway I didn't tell him but the coffee was really good, maybe because the taste of his cum was really nice, sweet.
"I'm leaving at lunchtime today so I doubt we'll be able to see each other later. Tomorrow I want to find you ready by 10. Understand love?" She said goodbye and left.
Woww he had called me love. I didn't understand anything anymore.
The next day I left the house as usual as if I were going to the office but I went to our house, got ready as usual and waited for him.
I heard the engine of his car and, since I had no other indication from him, I positioned myself on all fours on the coffee table in the living room as I usually did.
Several minutes passed but he did not come in and I could not understand why, I was tempted to look out the window to see what he was doing but I was afraid he would see me and consequently I feared a violent reaction.
I decided not to move and finally I heard the door open.
Without saying a word he approached me, took a black bandage from his pocket and covered my eyes.
What was he up to this time? I thought.
From the sound of his footsteps I could tell that he turned back to the door, went out again, or at least I think so, then went back in and closed it, then for a few seconds more nothing. I felt his presence in the room, he was close to me, I could hear his breathing but I could not understand what he was doing.
Then I felt a hand touching my ass, massaging me energetically, with passion, but suddenly at the same time I felt another presence. There was someone else in the room, he was in front of me, I felt it distinctly because I felt a hand touching my head. "Master, who is with you?"
He said "slut don't worry, you're in good hands today, I brought you a friend."
Woww. A thousand thoughts flashed through my head. I was scared, I thought of some colleague in the office or even worse, my boss.
But my doubts were quickly dispelled.
"So Joseph, do you like this bitch?" it was James speaking and he was standing in front of me. So it was his friend who was massaging my ass?
"She's a great pussy" his friend replied in a foreign accent as he continued to massage my ass and inspect my little hole.
James then turned to me "Amanda, Joseph is my friend, I care about him so you will have to please him as well as you would me. Understand bitch?"
I was sincerely very excited by the situation and I was also reassured because I did not know that man, I had never heard his name or his voice, so I relaxed completely and let him do arching my back even more in order to facilitate the inspection and offer him all of myself.
Joseph meanwhile had extracted the plug with the tail and was exploring my anal pussy. The feeling was really very pleasant because, to tell the truth, he was pretty good with his fingers so much so that, without wanting it, I emitted moans of pleasure.
James then happy complimented me "Good Amanda, you'll see that we'll have a lot of fun today, do the best you can do and that is the slut, and I assure you that you will be happy too."
Joseph continued to explore my pussy and I realized that he was also very aroused because I could feel his belly rubbing against my ass. He still had his pants buttoned and despite this I felt that soon I would taste something big and hard. Mmmm I thought: two nice dicks for me!
In the meantime Giacomo had fed me, I was licking his balls and cock and he turned to his friend "Come on Joseph, let Amanda feel your dick, see that she is eager, she is waiting for you."
"Siiiii" I said "come on Joseph, please, I want cock, I'm a slut"
I waited a very short time and felt his cock wanting to penetrate me "there it is slut, have you ever tried a nice black cock?"
I was frozen for a moment. I realized that Joseph was a black man and on second thought I remembered that James had mentioned something about him. He was an out-of-towner who tended the garden.
I had even glimpsed him once, a handsome man.
Giacomo, who knew very well that I was afraid of being fucked without a condom, took his cock out of my mouth and approached Joseph.
"Here Joseph, put the hood on, we're going to fuck this bitch well."
By now I was at their mercy, my little ass was at their disposal. I could feel their hands touching me, pressing, massaging, they were strong and virile hands of two handsome badass men.
Their heads in turn rubbed against my hole, pressed, forced the opening trying to enter and in the meantime Giacomo incited his friend "Go Joseph, fuck Amanda, fuck the bitch, do not worry about hurting her, for her it is only pleasure, I enlarged her well and now she wants only bigger and bigger cocks, maybe after we fuck her in two".
Did she want to do double penetration? I thought. He's crazy. I'll never do it.
In the meantime I felt two hands spreading my ass cheeks and I felt Joseph's head pushing gently and trying to open my anal pussy. Joseph was very careful not to hurt me and slowly introduced his big cock in my little hole and then withdrew it until it came out completely. He did this several times entering a little more each time. By now he was almost halfway in, I think, and when he was sure he had widened me well he penetrated my anal pussy. It was only at that moment that I felt some pain, but it was only a moment because he began to pump with his cock faster and faster. It was indeed a nice cock.
Joseph was very horny, he was going at it harder and harder, by now he was a jackhammer in action and James getting more and more excited incited him "good Joseph, bash this bitch, we have to stop her from sitting for a while"
"Yes slut take my cock, here slut, I have to impregnate you whore."
Wowww, Joseph was really a bull, it was a surprise to me also because it was the first time I had tried a black cock.
Giacomo was now at a thousand for the excitement and told Joseph to move forward and plug my mouth with his cock and without uttering words he penetrated me in one stroke by sinking it into my now very wide ass.
He was pumping harder than the other times but for me it was just a pleasure, now the road was done. I really enjoyed it. I had Giacomo's cock in my ass and Joseph's cock was coming down my throat. The pig was holding my head still and I wanted to get rid of the blindfold but I couldn't. I was itching to see the cock I was sucking.
Maybe Joseph realized what I wanted and cleared my eyes. Wowww, it was a beautiful sight.
The two of them were inciting each other. "Go Joseph drown the cunt" and he "yeah it's almost there".
They had been fucking me great for over half an hour and I honestly wanted more and more. At one point I could almost hear them gasping with pleasure, they were both now ready to fill me with cum.
"Joseph are you there? I'm about to cum, tell me when you're ready too, let's do it together. I'll fill his ass and you fill his mouth."
"Go Giacomo, I'm there, I'm gonna cum."
"Me too... "
Wowww. It was incredible. Beautiful.
I was choking and meanwhile I could feel my anal pussy, wide, wet, on fire.
Joseph then pulled his cock out of my mouth and massaged my face with the head while James came up with his dripping cock and put it in my mouth.
I knew that as a good slave I had to clean it well with my tongue from the last drops of cum.
The meeting with Joseph was one of the most beautiful experiences I had with Giacomo so, after that time and at my request, we met him twice more.

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