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a weekend

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I lived for 6 years for work in a European capital, almost always "en femme". I had a nice little apartment in a residential and elegant neighborhood, I lived alone, free to be Angie and receive my lovers in comfort and discretion. Sometimes I decided to spend an entire weekend "en femme", therefore the transformation into female was from Friday afternoon until Sunday evening: always female, always attentive to my particular femininity in all details. It materialized in receiving lovers, "customers", by appointment, like a ... prostitute.
Alone in my apartment I am always naked with a petticoat (of black satin) or, if cold, a low-necked and outstretched wool shirt, and short up above the knees. On the feet cork platform wedges, red, open at the tip and with a 10 cm heel, comfortable and silent on the wooden parquet.
My PC is always connected on two dating sites, also text messages are received in response to announcements. I organize myself to satisfy my cravings and ... those of males. So I'm going to make appointments and organize the weekend from Friday evening to Saturday and Sunday afternoon and evening.
That Friday, I returned home from work around 5 pm. I immediately started getting ready, I had my first date at 7.
Getting ready means spending an hour about transforming into Angie into a crescendo of excitement: I strip naked, do a long enema to wash myself well inside; then shaving the face first with a razor blade and then with an electric razor until you have a smooth smooth skin; so I check the depilation of my legs, pubes, buttocks and my anal pussy; finally I put abundant fluid cream everywhere, even inside the anal pussy. At this point I insert my 8 cm diameter butt plug to keep my pussy dilated while I make up.
The trick: I pass the covering solid color (kryolan), the face powder, the blusher, then I dedicate myself to the eyes. Eye makeup is what excites me most: first a fine black line around the eyes, then those with light beige or white eyelids, then black at the bottom on the eyelid to fade towards the outside. Finally I pass the black pencil to define the eyebrows. Finally I dedicate myself to rimmel on the lashes that become long and the eyes acquire a sparkle that excites me a lot. Step to the lips: line with red or darker pencil to mark the outline, then coral red until I have beautiful plump lips, mmmm ... Then I put on the stockings (hold-ups), the dress or guêpière I chose, depending on the lover that will come: more elegant or sexier; more lady or whore. Finally, I wear the short bob wig (light brown, usually), I comb my hair, I spray a lot of perfume: I like the slightly oriental one. At this point I remove the butt plug and put the strawberry or banana lubricating and perfumed gel on the pussy, which is so ready and I like to feel it moist and open when walking. I am ready, I wait for the male already excited for my femininity, I smoke a cigarette while drinking red bull.
At 7 my old friend arrives. A gentleman, polite and elegant, about 70 years old, still with a nice dry, clean and fragrant physique. Over the years the friend has become impotent, he always hopes that I will make him hard and thus reach orgasm. She wants me naked. I then receive it with hold-ups and a dressing gown, which I then drop when, also naked, he lies down on the bed. So I begin to caress and lick it everywhere. He plays with my clitoris. I take his member in my mouth, I suck it gently hoping it will harden: nothing to do. He turns around, wants me to penetrate him, I never penetrate men, so I offer him a dildo with a 4 cm diameter vibrator. First I lick it and moisten the anus, then gently insert the dildo, it hurts, I quit almost immediately. And so, with patience, I try to respond to your requests. Finally after about half an hour of caresses, kisses, massages and useless erection attempts, he gives up and melancholy gets dressed, but he is happy with me: with my patience, sweetness and kindness. He leaves me 50 euros on the table.
I dress quickly with a wide red dress and under a matching thong, ready for the next appointment. At 8 pm Ahmed comes. Ahmed is a young computer scientist of Algerian origins, clean, polite and kind. He is not engaged and, during his visits, he confides in me about the problems he has in work and in his life in general. In this city there are many males of Maghreb origin (Morocco, Algeria).
Making love to the Maghrebi is different and has a particular flavor. In fact for their culture, the relationship with a trav is a complement to the relationship they have with their women (wives or girlfriends). The attitude and expectations towards a trav are therefore of total fulfillment of the expectations that repress with
their women.
Ahmed, she undresses, carefully puts away her clothes, lies down on the bed, I go to my knees. A kiss on the mouth, I pass my tongue blowing slightly behind the ears, I go down to the nipples, then to the groin and take it in his mouth. Meanwhile, I discovered my ass: he likes to caress it and starts playing with my pussy, putting 2, 3, 4 fingers inside. Ahmed's penis is not a big thing (4 cm in diameter by 10 in length) but it is fine to start the evening. I suck it gently, it hardens, then I put on the condom, and Ahmed takes me in doggy style or with my back and legs open to V. As soon as he had orgasm, he runs to the bathroom again with the condom worn to wash. He is a hygienist and I let him do it. He gets dressed and leaves. I calmly tidy up and get ready for Bernard, it's another thing with him.
At 9.30 pm Bernard arrives. Handsome man, about 40, military. He comes often, almost every week. He likes me and wants me sexy. For him I put a mini dress in sheer black lace, over the black smoky stockings and black thong, black patent leather shoes with 10 cm heel. I know he will get excited to see me, and so it is. As always: come in, I sit on the sofa, he undoing his pants pulls him out already hard, but first he makes me inhale popper; he likes to feel excited with his cock in his mouth. He has a nice Bernard cock, well done even if not very big (5 cm in diameter by 12 cm). He makes me suck for a long time looking at me with satisfaction, while he takes off his shirt, trousers and everything else. Then she accompanies me on the bed. He is of few words, authoritarian, but kind. On the bed I put myself in doggy style, I lubricate my pussy, Bernard is naked and takes me like this, he standing behind me and I in doggie style with his shoulders almost touching the bed: my open pussy is all for him. They are long rides of at least half an hour. Bernard sends me into ecstasy causing multiple orgasms to my anal pussy. I scream like a mad careless neighbor, he spanks me like a jockey with his mare, telling me not to scream so loud. I, with my eyes closed, get lost under his blows and my pussy is open and all for him, and he knows it: he goes in and out, now gently now violent, all the way. We both inhale excited poppers. I relax, I moan, I shriek with pleasure: "yes honey, keep on not stopping ..., yes so strong, mmmm love what male you are! .... You are my man and I am all yours ... ". I chase female screams for the multiple orgasms and for the excitement of the poppers. Bernard lasts a long time and, when he is about to come, he takes off his condom and slams his cock in my mouth to make me drink his nectar. At this point I feel satisfied, with relaxed and fleshy lips I lightly squeeze the penis going from the bottom to the tip to savor the last drops of sperm. I go on with my eyes closed, savoring Bernard. Then I let him go to the bathroom. I tidy up and "Hello darling soon".
It's 10.30 pm, I'm hungry and I think I ended up tonight, but no. Roby sms arrives: "bitch I come at 11.30". Always kind Roby, in his own way. But I can't say no to him. Roby is a handsome young man, runs a pizzeria and arrives the evening he wants and when he closes. That is, after 11 o'clock. You know I can't say no to your big cock pony! For Roby I create an environment with low lights as he likes, does not speak much, enters and lies down on the bed with his knees outside and feet resting on the ground. I open my pants and free a big cock of 8 cm in diameter for 25-30! It's a beauty to see him and every time I can't help but exclaim: "oh honey ...!". It is not easy to suck it, I take it as long as I can from the tip, I lick it all from the testicles and up to the glans, I taste it, I taste it without losing one of these beautiful minutes that Roby gives me. I would like Roby to penetrate me but he never wants to, only once I convinced him and it was unforgettable: to hear this pony cock entering and entering and filling me with him! mmm ... So I begin to help myself with the hand, while the glans hold it in my mouth. He is relaxed with his eyes closed. He comes into his mouth and lets me savor the seed as long as he wants, selfish! Then he gets up, quickly goes away, with a few words, kind as always: "hello bitch". But that's okay, I'm docile and helpful.
For tonight, Friday, I'm done, it's midnight and I'm hungry. I will have dinner, then I will have to remove make-up and wash, before going to bed to sleep.
Friday night was very exciting, the males left satisfied and there is no greater excitement for me to feel a male having an orgasm thanks to my attentions. So I'm going to make appointments and organize Saturdays. Saturday morning I get up around 9 am. Hearty breakfast, then I will not eat all day (I will only drink fruit juices and redbulls) until the evening when I am finished, so as to always be nice clean inside and ... welcoming. I dedicate myself to body care. Hair removal (less but
I have few hairs), I like to perform in front of the window, with the light of the sun even the most hidden hairs are better seen. Then I go on to repeated internal washing (enemas with perfumed lukewarm water) with repetitions for at least two hours, until I am sure I am well cleaned and in any case I will repeat the enema frequently during the day after each intercourse, it excites me and reassures me by preventing hateful inconveniences: I want an always cozy and perfumed anal pussy. Then cream, lots of cream everywhere, to be velvety and buttery. Then coral red nail polish on the nails of hands and feet. I carefully make myself up and perfume myself. Wig according to my mood: light brown bob or black with long hair. For the afternoon I put on a large, red and elegant dress, red thong and red hold-ups. By midday I have almost all the appointments, it will be an intense afternoon.
3 pm the first "customer", a handsome man in his 40s, youthful, elegant, cheerful and determined. I already know him and we are in tune immediately, he quickly undresses: I suck the nice cock, then I put on his condom and he quickly takes me doggy style, he takes off the condom and it comes to my mouth. It was a quick but rewarding meeting, it is great to feel taken like a female by such a beautiful man.
At 4 pm there is a beautiful lawyer of Dominican origin, tall (about 1.90 m), athletic, mulatto, handsome and with a nice pony cock of 8 cm by 25! I suck it as much as I can - it doesn't go into my mouth -, I put on a condom (I don't have one of its size) and it slams it into me excitedly filling me with enjoyment, unfortunately it comes immediately. Challenging experience, it hurts a little to feel smashed by this riding horse, a sin that does not last long. Meanwhile, an unexpected text message arrives, I have another friend at the door. The Dominican leaves quickly dressing, but when he comes out the door is Roberto, a handsome young man, lover who is assiduous, the two try not to meet their eyes. I feel like a prostitute and I'm excited about this unscheduled comings and goings. Luckily there is nobody on the landing. Roberto is also a sturdy boy of almost two meters, he is not as gifted as the lawyer, but he has a lot of fun with me and comes often. He is a bit violent like a stallion in heat and must be kept at bay. He likes to suck me for a long time until I beg him to put it inside. Then she slams me hard. As always, I am docile and helpful and I am glad that he has fun. It is about 5 pm when he leaves, and I have time to rest a little, tidy up (make-up, hair), refresh and lubricate myself. I smoke a cigarette and drink redbull.
At 6 pm, Michel comes on time. Michel is a professional in his 50s, elegant and refined. He likes to get sucked for a long time since, as he says, I do it very well. He manages to delay ejaculation at will. I therefore need a lot of patience and energy management, licking and sucking, following his instructions: “slowly now, go all the way, stop, continue, suck hard, faster now don't stop, lick my sucking balls gently; now start sucking again, fast, come on! Now stop, now slow ... ". I docile, submissive, I can't say no, I just ask him "come on honey, I want your seed!". He with a sarcastic smile looks at me and says nothing. I almost can't take it anymore, my lips, shoulders and legs hurt, sucking I moan with excitement and pain together. Then unexpectedly a flood of semen floods my mouth. I drink it all, it was worth it.
I have time to rest and change for the evening. I tidy up and dress in a sheer black lace mini dress. Marco more eye makeup, blacker, more like a whore. Abundant red lipstick.
At 9 pm a young man came who contacted me on the dating site. He is 24 years old, face as a child, dry body, blond hair and a nice big cock of 6 by 20 cm. It is the first time we meet, who knows how it will go, will I like it? he so young and I already mature? My surprise is pleasant when I see that when he sees me he is excited about my femininity and immediately gets excited. He is a cheerful, polite and curious young man. He strips everything, is hairless and has a beautiful physique, I like him very much. She lets herself be sucked, with great surprise and pleasure on her part for my deep throat. Then she says she wants to try fisting me, she has never done it before. In this period I am well trained and I get fisted almost every day, always and when I find a boy who likes and knows how to do it. My excitement grows when I feel the young man's naive inhibition and emotion. I briefly explain how to do it, put on the black latex glove, take the gel and begin to enter with my hand. He is surprised at how easy "wow!" Comes in. He follows my directions, goes in and out, goes in and out, gets excited and comments excitedly with surprises
He knows. I moan from enjoyment. Now the young friend stops and wants to put him inside. New exclamation of joy, he is surprised at how soft, tasty and lubricated my pussy is, how beautiful his cock flows inside as if sucked. It comes into me flooding me and I moan with enjoyment. I can't help kissing him on the mouth. He was very good and surprising, especially for his innocent excitement and enjoyment. In fact, it leaves excellent feedback on the dating site: “incredible! Very kind, very feminine, very warm ... A delicious mouth and deep throat, a soft, welcoming and long-lasting ass! Finally a dream, thanks for the evening ”. Thanks to you dear, tonight I will dream of you, I am still open and wet.
Despite Friday and Saturday were full days and I dedicated myself to my lovers in the afternoon and evening, my anal pussy I still feel open and willing. By now being Angie is my obsession, I like it and I like to make people enjoy it: the more I do it the more I would do it. My biggest excitement is to hear a male having an orgasm thanks to my attentions. I've already made appointments for Sunday, but only for the afternoon. In the evening I would like to relax and dedicate myself to playing alone like Angela, but you never know, I can't resist temptations. In the morning I dedicate myself to body care and get ready to be ready for 3 pm. As usual, long and repeated enemas, I take care of my anal pussy. Cream everywhere. Light afternoon make-up, but always with beautiful red and fleshy lips. I see the nail polish on my hands and feet.
It's 3 pm, here's Benny. He is a handsome man, about 40, worker of the municipality, robust, hairless and tattooed. Not exceptionally gifted though tireless. With him I have to prepare for a 2-hour session without interruptions. For Benny I dress little, black guêpière, hold-ups, platform sandals with a 12 cm heel, over a transparent black satin dressing gown with pink and blue flowers. Without thong. He undresses everything, we smoke a cigarette sitting at the table. I begin to caress him, then to suck him, whereupon he brings me to the bed, puts me in doggy style and begins the first long ride. He does it without a condom (he showed me the recent health certificate). Benny is powerful and he likes to take me in all positions: doggy style, on my back with my legs open in a V, on the side. I inhale popper to resist the vehemence. He wants Benny, so after a ten minute fast ride, he gets copious. Pause; we smoke a cigarette sitting at the table drinking fresh white wine. His beautiful cock hangs relaxed from the chair, I can not resist, I kneel and take it in my mouth, here it is hard again. He makes me get up and quickly brings me back to the bed: he slams it into me once again. Benny does not speak much, a few words, almost orders: "come here ...", "stay still and let me do it", "... what a bitch you are, ...". Me in doggy style, docile, I welcome him and I get caught. Benny continues in this fast and decisive position, panting him and moaning me, with female screams in heat. Being the second time it lasts even longer, perhaps more than half an hour. I frequently lubricate my pussy with strawberry vaginal gel, fresh and transparent. Benny stops and exits, maybe he came, I don't know, I'm confused and pleasantly exhausted. I lie on the bed doggy style, trying to rest, with my eyes closed, my pussy open and heartbreaking that pulsates opening and closing. I take this opportunity to lubricate again. He went to the bathroom. I feel that he comes back and without saying anything he hits him inside me. I scream with pleasure for the big surprise, “uuuhhh! Benny darling! ". He continues energetically to fuck me, now he has it hard, very hard, but he cannot come, and I suffer his blows, his insistence and determination. Suda, the drops of sweat fall on my back, on my neck. Lost in her mighty hands I inhale popper. Veloce makes me turn, I with open legs for him, continues to fuck me and kisses me in the violent mouth, fills me with saliva. I am at his mercy, I caress his shoulders, his powerful arms, he kisses me again. It is finally coming. We are both sweaty, embraced in another very long embrace. I run to the bathroom, I wash my burning pussy with cold water. I make up my make-up and hair. We smoke one last cigarette and leave. It's 5 pm.
As soon as I have time to rest a little, at 6, Aldo comes, a handsome male, employee of the Embassy. He is athletic, robust, hairy, dark in skin, very Latin, kind and polite. He likes me, he always tells me that with me it's like fucking a pussy: the best of compliments. He undresses, lies down on the bed, relaxes "... come ...", blessed he lets me do it. He likes to be licked for a long time, I obey meekly: his ass, his balls, his groin, his toes , I lick and suck my knees, inside powerful thighs, I go up on my neck and behind my ears. I would like to kiss him in the mouth but he doesn't want to ... I suck him for a long time.
enetra (has a nice cock of 5 cm x 12) first doggy style and then makes me lie down with him on top. In this position my oiled pussy is extremely welcoming. A bath of warm humidity. He comes copiously and with great taste. Obviously I also enjoy feeling 100% female with a handsome male so on top of me that he makes me love ...
It is almost 7 pm and I have finished my appointments, I already prepare for dinner (at lunch I did not eat, I only drank fruit juices) when I receive a text message. A young man absolutely wants to come to me, he contacted me on the dating site, I see the photo, he is a handsome young man and he comes from 60 km away just for me! At 9 pm he will be here. Faced with so much insistence and attention, I can't say no. He arrives on time, confirms the impression of the photo: He is a handsome tall and robust boy and above all well-endowed (6 x 18 cm). He is excited, he says he is engaged but he wants to make love to me, I am flattered and hyperexcited. She undresses, sucks it, then I put on her condom and she starts to fuck me hard and fast. First doggy style, then with me on the back, she can't come (maybe she will have fucked with her girlfriend today, I think even more excited) but she has great energy. I, well lubricated and already open after the demanding afternoon, hold up well under his blows. What strength, what violence! I like this young man, his big cock fills me. I groan under his blows, I help myself with the popper. He finally comes, relaxes on me. He thanks, gets dressed and leaves happy.
I have no words, I am so satisfied, satisfied by so much energy received and by so much femininity. In the bathroom I cool off, clean my anal pussy, clean up my makeup. I strip naked, I am alone with the transparent satin dressing gown and the 10 cm cork wedges at my feet, I relax on the sofa. I stay for a few minutes with my eyes closed, reliving the erotic moments of Sunday so intense. I, so docile, available and always kind, I satisfied all the males, they made me feel female, they opened me, penetrated me, used me and they left satisfied, leaving me exhausted, with my pussy pleasantly open, wet and still wanting, emptied inside. I relax, pass the lubricating gel, on the balls, on the anal pussy, and on the clitoris that quickly wakes up and returns hard cock at the thought of the weekend. I deliberately forgot about him, I have never ejaculated since Friday until now, my orgasms have only been anal. But now I am excited for erotic memories and I slowly caress my hand around the chapel, the gel foam, I fill with the 8 cm diameter butt plug the open and still agreeable anal pussy. Finally my sperm comes out, I still hunt liberating screams moaning in silence, I remove the plug and the sperm comes out even more copious, I taste it as if it were a female mood. It is now 11 am, I have to remove make-up, wash myself, have dinner. Tomorrow I expect a day of work as a boy, ufff .... Sometimes the temptation to remain female forever creeps like a snake, but no, that's okay. Carpe diem Angie. Good night.

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