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A nice prosecco for the sisters

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Well I've been married to Sonia for years now, a woman in one piece, beautiful but not particularly hot. My name is Enrico, and for my part I must say that I have always had a particular attraction for women. My wife has two sisters, younger than her, who from santarelline as I thought they were, over time have turned into two real nymphomaniacs, two wonderful whores who use my bird to their liking and compete to live particularly situations erotic, intriguing and often dangerous for the reputation of the undersigned. The beauty is that one knows about the other, but both never said or did anything to allow my wife to understand their traces. One evening, after an intense and demanding day of work, returning, to my surprise, I find Silvia, the oldest and most beautiful sister-in-law at home. To make you understand she is very similar to the beautiful actress Cucinotta. Tall, elegant, black hair, frightening breasts and ass, two gorgeous legs, full lips, dark and deep eyes, a model's physique, a real fan that years ago she left with her husband and therefore often needs to vent her own femininity, given that her age is about 49 years divinely worn. With her I made incredible fucking, but I hadn't seen her for a while, I heard her on the phone because she moved house and left about an hour's drive from my house. For a critical period of her life she needed money that I secretly lent her, and here our relationship was born, a little for fun, a little to distract her, a little to pay back the loan in kind from the moment who did not work and could not have money. A nice erotic game through which he returned me, like a whore, in the form of sexual services, the thousands of euros lent to her. A situation that both enjoyed and enjoyed.

Out of laziness when I arrive at the front door I don't take the keys from the bag but I ring the bell. When the door opens, I find it in front of me like a beautiful statue, she understands my amazement and immediately winks at me. "Hello, surprised ?? Since I was alone, your wife invited me to lunch !!" immediately she says satisfied.
We greeted each other affectionately, as it is used among brothers-in-law, only that in taking my hand he slowly slipped it on his sinuous hips to make me feel immediately that he did not have the slip underneath! In fact, she had a tight and very short dress, quite transparent, low-cut, which showed her that wonderful ass that she finds herself and, being very adherent, she clearly perceived that she wasn't wearing anything else underneath!
Her breasts, she has a third, were abundantly out and constricted in a bra that was about to explode.
I go to the walk-in closet, she kindly takes my bag and accompanies me whispering in the dark: "I want you !! see what you can do, I want to fuck, I'm hungry for you !! "At those words, despite the tiredness of the working day, I get excited and my member hardens immediately, showing a certain swelling in the pants. I went to the bathroom to take a shower, but the bathroom door does not lock, having already been to my house before, she knows it too, and I was almost afraid that she could do some stupid things with my wife at home !!!. Done !! While in the shower, she enters and taking advantage that my wife was out on the balcony, smiling, opens the shower door and sticks her head to look at my still semi-rigid penis saying "I wanted to see if I already had an effect on you ? " and immediately closes.
She had worked hard to prepare lunch with my wife, at the table she had carefully arranged her place next to mine !! But ... suddenly, as if from a magician's cylinder, in this case driven by the great desire to own my bird, he pulled out the surprise move. Knowing that I have good prosecco in the cellar, he asks me: "Cognatino, what about letting me taste some of your delicious prosecco that you jealously keep in the cellar? You know it goes very well with clams and scampi." I answer that it was a good idea, but the the cellar is full of boxes and it would take me some time to find it and bring it up. But Silvia, in the excitement of realizing her plan, answers: "and what's the problem, I can help you move them, let's go , come on!!". My wife happy to be a little freer in the kitchen to prepare better, she likes it and invites us to come down and not even go back immediately, so she could have prepared everything as she can do. Of course I had already sensed the intentions of the sister-in-law !!

As soon as the elevator doors close, we kissed, touched, slinguati, tight, and touched like two sweethearts in heat. We went down to the cellar quickly, closed the door and turned on the small and faint light that stood out in the twilight even better, its curves and l
in his splendid tan. Silvia let herself go in a whirlwind of kisses, she put her tongue in my throat, squeezed my face tightly while kissing me, pushed my nipples on my chest. She was incredibly excited, we hadn't fucked in weeks. Immediately he opens the zipper of his shorts, without even letting go of my belt, and takes my penis in his hand with an unheard of enthusiasm. He invited me to put my hand on her pussy, inside her pussy, to touch her ass. I excited by this voracity I lift her dress, put her hand on her ass and then she whispers to me: "come on put your finger in my ass, come on, take me as you like !! come on .....
Silvia often wanted me to put a deep finger in that wonderful anus, in that fairytale ass. She looked like a crazy woman, she was in heat, so she slings her mouth on my penis, now hard and gnarled, and makes it disappear completely in the throat. What a pleasure! I felt his plump lips rise and fall on my cock, a fearful blowjob.
She moaned with pleasure and said to me; "Uummm what a bird you have !! how much I missed you, give it to me please, I want you, I want you, I want this cock in my pussy, give it to me !! ”. What a frightening pump, I was about to explode, so I say to her: "if you continue to open your mouth like this I will cum in your mouth !!" ... but she replies to those words: "No wait you have to fuck me, I want it in the pussy, come on come inside me !! ". Her pussy was already a real lake! She lies between the boxes, opens her thighs and with a sensuality and eroticism like a real slut she tells me:" Come on, I'm your slut, break me all over, give me this cock, blow it up, sperm inside me so when we sit at the table next to each other, I want to show you how your cum comes out of my crack! and then while your wife is in the kitchen, you put your fingers and tastes scampi with the pussy cum, a dish like that don't even do it to Master Chef !! ”.
At that scene described in great detail and which I anticipated, I sink the member into that thick black hair and I screwed it properly. I put my hand on her mouth to prevent the moans from attracting the attention of some condominium who also accidentally went down to the cellars. I supported her by putting both her hands with her palms spread on her ass and I helped myself to push more and more into the marble cock, she seemed an obsessed woman, an assatanata, she put her arms around my neck and with all her strength she pushed against my body to be penetrated and penetrated more and more deeply.

Mad with so much pleasure and eroticity, I whisper to her: "Silvia you are even more bitch than before, more slutty and slutty, you need my bird, you can no longer do without it, right? Whore! " and she: "Yes, I admit, you are my drug, there is no night that I do not masturbate with the vibrator dreaming that that is your cock that penetrates and fucks me, I am consuming the vibrator, but now there is not is I do it more, I want you, I want you just for me !!! if you divorce my sister, come with me, I want you, I want you, I want your cock, I miss you, I am afraid of making a foolish thing and kissing you in front of her, before it was a game, now she wants you, only you! ! "
At those words I realized that it was my toy, at my command, it was now mine, only mine and, now at the limit the discharge of fleets of hot cum into the cunt, the cock seemed crazy, ejaculated in liters. Six, seven long contractions that caused her an enormous orgasm. She even started to cry !!, she attributed it to such a strong orgasm, but I'm afraid she really fell in love with me. An erotic game that is transforming itself could become a problem. So I tried to be a little colder than usual and I say to her: "good fuck, you made me enjoy, but now hurry up my wife is waiting for us !!".
Quickly reassembled, taken the prosecco, we went back up, but the best was yet to come. In fact, once we got back up, Cinzia, my wife's other sister, opened the door for us. Sonia hadn't told me anything about it, was it a surprise ?? Well what to say had succeeded. Cinzia was in great shape, for the occasion she had put on a short dress, of pink linen, which went well with her blonde hair and green eyes. I have to reveal a secret to you, on more than one occasion I screwed it and the most absurd thing is that the two sisters-in-law know about each other; between them a kind of "Erotic race" has been created for those who behave more slutty with me, both are beautiful and it is really difficult to choose between the two !.

The new arrival had immediately understood that going to the cellar had been a pretext, in fact on the door of the door Cinzia softly tells us: "You fucked her in the cellar, right?!" What a bitch that you are dear sister, don't tell me you want more money from him?! "Be careful not to let your wife notice!"
Once the door is closed, Cinzia insists and, approaching my ear, she says to me: "Look, I have shaved my hair especially for you! That asshole of my husband I also work today
ra, he works and I fuck with you! ". Silvia leaves us for a moment to bring the prosecco to the table, so Cinzia takes the opportunity, opens the zipper of her shorts, puts her hand inside my briefs, on the sperm-wet penis, and then brings her fingers to her mouth and licked, with an erotic movement that foreshadowed a hot, very hot evening.
At the table between laughter and various winks, when eating the shrimp, Silvia who had deliberately sat next to me, tormented me throughout the lunch: when my wife got up, or went to the bathroom, she would lift her skirt , showed me the crack dripping with cum. But the highlight was when he peeled the prawns, dried his hands on the napkin, then slowly, while my wife was in the kitchen, she spread her thighs, pulled up the mini dress showing me the cunt, put two fingers in the crack and a little at a time he took sperm and moods from the crack, spread them on the prawns and exchanged the dish with mine. All in front of Cinzia's eyes, dark in the face of jealousy !!.
A little uncomfortable about that situation, I couldn't do anything but eat them all!
As soon as I finished, Silvia added: “Good shrimp, good brother-in-law? as your wife cooks them, nobody cooks them !! "
Silvia was in seventh heaven, not so Cinzia, who sat on the other side of me !! She was jealous, frowning, and often her hands ended up under the table to pinch me, sometimes on the legs, sometimes on the penis !! At the end of the lunch, Cinzia was no longer able, she had seen her sister filled with cum with the cracker full of cum, so much cum to put it on each shrimp, plus she had seen how Silvia skillfully slipped her hand into mine shorts and clutched my bird.
In short, Cinzia also wanted to fuck, she fidgeted, as soon as she could she rubbed beside me to spite her sister, for a moment she even lowered a shoulder strap showing me breast and nipple, in short she wanted to fuck, her cunt was in heat. And here he puts into effect his plan: "Cognatino would you give me a bottle of this splendid prosecco for my husband?".
I answer;" sure, of course, but he's in the cellar and Silvia first gave me a big hand to move the boxes, if you want I'll go get it. " Cinzia proposes Silvia's script again and adds: "Well, if you want I can help you in the cellar too! I'll go down with you, so I'll help you, or rather I'll take you to the car afterwards and so I'll put it directly in the car and I won't forget it What do you say sister go down with your husband? Then he takes me to the parking lot, okay ?? ". My wife replies that it is okay and adds:" I have to wash the dishes and the floor, do not come back immediately, take it easy ". words made Cinzia smile again, a little less to Silvia left to help my wife, who could imagine something.

Cinzia takes me by the arm and as soon as in the elevator, as Silvia immediately throws herself on me, her tongue is in my mouth, my hands are everywhere on her body, a fairytale body !!! She murmurs: "I can't wait to fuck you, what did you do with my sister in the cellar huh?!, Did you fuck the whore huh?"
I answer; "Well you saw what came out of her cunt. Cum and moods that she has expertly smeared on the prawns, a pleasure !! "She then adds:" What a bitch, now you give me this cock, I want your cum, that bitch of my sister has excited me even more , you see that you pumped it properly, it was in seventh heaven, never seen so beautiful and serene, the result of your cock I guess !! "." Are you jealous ?? " I tell her, and she: "Yes! I am a little bit, but now it's my turn to be fucked, come on, I'm a lake and I have a desire ..... !!!"
Once in the cellar Cinzia makes me an unusual request: "Ok little brother, now undress me, slowly and delicately, undo my dress and then let my body guide you".
He turns his back giving me his ass and my back. I unfasten the upper part of her dress, her bra, they both fly to the ground, I see her breasts, her turgid nipples. Fantastic !! I go down to the bottom, I open the zipper of the miniskirt that slides slowly and comes out an amazing, hard, hard ass to die for, and a thread that sank directly into the apples, it was the slip, a real floss !! A fresh, perfumed skin, like its splendid tan, opens a heavenly, fairytale ass. He bends down to remove the skirt from the heels, the ass is at auction's length, I open the zipper of my Bermuda shorts, stands the member, gently grabs it from behind and penetrates it. I put my hands on her breasts, gently touch her turgid nipples, kiss her back, as I begin my tam tam. He makes an arrival with one hand on the clitoris to sgrillettarla, the cunt is a lake, it is truly shaved, a dream, an immense pleasure, she enjoys, enjoys pleasure, you can see very well that she had been waiting for that long
moment and is enjoying it to the full. I must say that it is the position you prefer, all standing, she with her back resting on my belly, loves to be penetrated from the bottom up. The enjoyment is so high that her sex drops from my penis down her thighs. And meanwhile, slowly the slinguo behind her back, licking her golden and perfumed skin. A first orgasm !! She slips from my rod, bends over doggy style, I already know what she wants: I kiss her ass, I bathe her asshole with saliva, she moves sinuously following my tongue, she already knows that I will soon break her anus , it will be a violent but very sweet penetration, she loves to be fucked in the ass.

Cinzia says to me: "I see that you remember, that I love taking it in the ass, yes, give it to me! It has effect to know that here not even two hours ago you fucked my sister, but I love that you break it to me! you shot the cum in the cunt, you squirt it in my ass !!, I know you like my ass to die for. ”At those words I don't control myself anymore, I spread my thighs, I put my dick in my very wet cunt a little to grease him, and then I put his cock in her asshole.
I begin to enter, slowly, slowly, the pleasure is immeasurable, the adrenaline rush, my wife's sister is screwing me, basically I aim the whole family, but she is the most peppery and erotically unpredictable. And so in fact he suddenly shows himself as I was really starting to push, he says to me: "Wait little brother, stop !! Where do you have the bottles of prosecco !! ", I ask her:" why, what are your intentions? ", And she:" Take a toast to that cuckold of my husband !! "
I open the bottle, she drinks like a real slut, lets a little prosecco flow on her breasts that I lick her while she drinks, then I drink and the slut takes advantage of it to lower herself and slings her mouth on the bird to start a blowjob to the prosecco, and it's a new thing for me, I enjoy it like never before!
I block her, I'm going to explode, I tell her to turn around and she does it, but she doesn't stop there because she takes the bottle and puts it in her pussy, puts it on and takes it off faster and faster and then turning around she says: "Come on, little brother, now it's your turn, break me, I'm fucking your ass, I fuck your prosecco in front, I want you behind! "
I do not do it again, I point the member again and I penetrate it in the ass, first slowly, then faster, the way is done, my penis slips in the ass which is a pleasure, and it is a pleasure to see this bitch leads her into the cunt with the bottle, while she gets her ass cracked by me !!!
The cock has completely disappeared in the ass, with my hands I squeeze her breasts, I kiss her neck, her very fragrant hair, long beautiful and blacks fly left and right in tune with my bird that comes and goes, a show !!, I kiss her everywhere. I can't stand it anymore and she hears it saying: "Come on, I feel you are coming, please, sperm me, sperm me, download your cum inside my anus !!"
To hear her say those words I can't stand anymore and I explode. I shoot her fleets and flots of hot sperm, I fill her sphincter, then I put a hand in her mouth to avoid making her scream !! We are in the cellars and here there is a devastating echo. Tears come out of her eyes she had a great orgasm, but it's not over.

Did I tell you that Cinzia is the most perverted sister, and in fact at a certain point she says to me: "Do you remember when I was at the window greeting your wife and you licked my pussy from below and I pissed in your mouth? Look now! ! "He takes the bottle of prosecco, puts its neck in the vagina and pees inside it. Then looking at me he says:" Come on let's drink together, if you do it I'll be forever yours! ". Obviously I was still under the effect of ejaculation, I took the bottle and drank prosecco and the moods of the cracker, she did the same. Consider it as a response to the cray-flavored shrimps of my sister Silvia, and a spite to your wife who married you and instead it was me I wanted you !! ".
Spent ten minutes kissing and cuddling us, recharging the penis, he began to touch my balls again, to sling the tip of my cock, to lick my balls, to kiss, kiss again, the chapel. Her ass wasn't enough, she also wanted to be fucked in the vagina. As soon as she had brought my dick back to a correct hardness, she lay down on the boxes, spread her thighs, with her fingers spread the fiery red lips of her cunt and said: "Now you have to get me pregnant, I want a child at your place!! That asshole of my husband never fucks me !! Quiet, he also found out with him tonight, so if I have a son, we'll see who he is !.
I did not pay much attention to those words, the penis was a thousand, she very sensual, the red and hot pussy, her hair partly covered those beautiful tanned breasts, a sign that she was always topless at sea !! I leaned over her, I pointed the bird in the crack and entered the mayonnaise like a knife, it was a la
go of moods, a unique and unrepeatable feeling. The cock went in and out, went in and out, it seemed, we seemed two possessed, thirsty for sex, we both had been waiting for that mega fuck for a long time, I was like crazy and she too !!! So much was the excitement that I also let her balls get into her pussy. He slammed it with such force that my blows rang like slaps in the corridors of the cellars. In the end, sweaty and both in orgasm I unloaded fleets and fleets of cum inside, but inside her pussy, she pushed them with all her strength so that I could penetrate her as deep as possible !!
She collapsed without strength on the boxes with the cum coming out of her ass and pussy, saying: "When you want you can fuck me anywhere and everywhere !! You are big, you have a fairytale cock !!" I went back to her again, I licked her pussy, belly, breasts, then we got lost in a kiss that lasted minutes and minutes.
He wanted me to kiss her and hold her. We got dressed, and I accompanied her to the car, we kissed on the cheek as a sign of goodbye ....
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