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On the train that brought her home, after learning more about the barwoman's profession, my lovely little cousin liked to hang out in the back of the last carriage. With her feet resting on the vacant seat in front of her, she arched her back to make it easier for her to masturbate. Two moist, tapered toes made room for herself in a delightful rosy pussy decorated with a little brown tuft. The mind turned to two of his classmates. A fellow of his age with a honeyed look and a pussy craving printed on his forehead. The other, a little bigger. A handsome mulatto from the Caribbean.
The jaunty little girl wanted a slutty ménage. Yes, I said a slutty one.

A double penetration on the cocktail counter with an exotic name.
The images ran through the right hemisphere as much as her moods in her panties. As soon as she gets out of the vehicle, she'll go home and repeat the act.
She won't even change her skank's panties. Already soaked in her previous moods, she'll pour more of them by watching her favorite porn on her PC. A film eloquently titled "My Asshole and Two Fucking Happy Dicks."

The professional bitch struggles with two ethnically different rods. A black guy and a white guy were simultaneously in her asshole on a deserted beach. That's what my innocent little cousin wanted: two dicks in the ass?
When the vision's over, she pulls up her watered-down panties. She's gonna put them under the nose of some vintage rock-loving guy who's obsessed with smells. Sure, a nice dipped pussy is commendable. But this asshole would sniff Courtney Love's acid-ridden panties.
That's another thing I don't remember. What's the deal, the joint joint's having an affair with this badly shit rocket shipwreck in the '70s? So we're talking about someone much bigger than you.
Is he gonna have any particular finger touches?!
What she doesn't have when she tries to play the guitar again, the heady solo of Slash in November Rain?!

You'd have to smash his guitar over his head and choke him with the strings.
It's like hearing the cries of torment, of a constipated man trying to take a shit with a cork up his ass.
The fact is, it must be a lot of fun for you. He's like a St. Bernard dog or a carry-on. Because apart from licking, fingering and nose-sucking wet panties, I don't think it goes any further than that. The acid must've put his dick and erection in the cow.
The would-be barlady, or whatever the fuck they call them, was aiming for his two fucking happy dicks.
The decision to become this bartender thing was due to the anecdotes in her ears. You make up for it by fucking. And you have considerable visibility in terms of image.
In recent years more and more girls are building an enviable career in bars around the world.
The ability, typically feminine, to pay attention to details and the care that these real queens of the Bar put in every single cocktail they mix, often and willingly makes them the center of the bar.

More and more refined, elegant and charming cocktails are the secret weapon of the girls behind the bar.
And this weapon is proving to be really powerful. Anyone who tastes female cocktails is fascinated by the simplicity of their creations and the beauty with which they are presented.
I happened to see her at work...
behind the counter with the numerous labels that dot the world of spirits including vodka, rum, gin, tequila, cognac...
A good knowledge of the distillate used in a cocktail, for the professional bartender, is an indispensable tool to mix it correctly or to create a perfectly balanced new one.
And how many beautiful girls who try to become established in the alcoholic environment.

One of them will confess to me that she immediately became passionate about the world of cocktails and, as she likes to say, "I like this world because I always work with a smile! Nice winking smile. I wonder if she knows what she's talking about.
So I decided to do a little investigating on these little girls, "queens of the nightclubs."
With their captivating smile and elegant outfits, they are certainly the object of desire of many boys but, at the same time, unattainable.

The ability to keep customers in the right place is certainly one of the fundamental qualities of the girls who are having so much success in this sector.
An area that, until recently, seemed to be the prerogative of men only.
Now, for the most part, places beyond the bar.
Drinks that set a tone.

In front of them the "holy barbarian," put on neat floors, of high booze labels served by high erotic pussy. Detonating combination.

They're going to catch one of these maidens dealing with a client who's gone to the bar. Maybe the salivorous blowjob she was giving him was payment for the fee. Looks to me like the chick was under investigation for insulting behavior. She called one of her co-workers a whore. "You're a fucking whore. You can't even make a fucking drink for shit. Yours are fucking cat piss." Funny thing is, she shrugs like, "So what? You just noticed now?" The fact is, she had the foresight to sue you. The words were spoken in front of one person. That must be why he sued her. One person? No way! Where the fuck were the other people at the time? That everyone knew she was a fucking cunt.

Yeah. The lawyer would have made a good defense argument.
He'd probably say:

"That's true. This blowjob called one of her colleagues a cunt. But this little girl's got a predisposition to tourette's syndrome.
She's got a mouth full of dick."

It's like it's true. There's no cure.
I've been watching the little cousin.

I was under the impression she was on a roll. To use a metaphor. At NASA, they were ready for a real countdown. A rocket would go into the orbit of a vacant vagina. A black hole, immediately afterwards, would swallow it. Inside for another dimension.

In a bar, two girls from the clientele, meanwhile, were taken doggy-style on stools.
Drinks in front of them through a straw. Extinct drops in the glass. Drops dipped on their buttocks.
These bartender sons of bitches. I used to see them perform spectacular movements.

Movements and figures with speed and precision, not only pouring the ingredients into the glass and mixing them, but putting on a real show when handling bottles, glasses, equipment and liquor.
All scene for lovers of trends. A pure alcoholic in the soul remained indifferent. Imagine a Bukowski watching these guys over the counter. He would've exclaimed for sure, "Hey, kid. When you're done with your ballet, serve me a Boilermaker." That's a pint of beer with a shot of whisky. Come to think of it. I'm seriously skeptical that Buk would have put his ass in one of these clubs.

Stunt bartenders are born with needs, they say. Surely the booze they serve has a trigger for the intoxicating. One guy said, "After the first drink you see things the way you want them to be, after the second you see them the way they aren't, after the third you see them the way they really are and that's the most horrible thing.
Who saw all the rainbows and flying unicorns was always her: the young cousin.

Her lapdog: the poor man's Jimmy Page, she was getting down on her tongue. The shithead had a Gene Simmons of Kiss tongue. My cousin would pour Niagara in his face. And he was drinking it in equal measure of a thirsty man who wandered, like an asshole, through the Utah desert in search of gold.

As I said before. His cousin was equipped for a flight to dickville.

She'd already been there. Two, maybe three times.
Now I saw her ticket for the trip. I want to see her take off and land.
I've arranged for the flight to be filmed. The interest was all in the landing... straight to dickocity, capital of dicktown. Two tours. The Honeymooner, whom I gave orders to film, and the overseas muleteer.

Well. It really happened. Besides, I was expecting it. The little cousin wanted to be a layer of milk cream so badly. Just like in the famous candy commercial. enclosed between two biscuits: one vanilla and one cocoa.

I have pictures of the commercial. No television would want to air it. Maybe on the Mediaset networks. They already have pornography on the air. This interlude could be a good one.
All right. I'll take a look at the footage. The guy who planted the hidden cam, he did it beautifully. I have a complete view of the environment. A crapper? No, it was a battered bar used as a nightclub. With the eloquent name "drink and see." It was a black market black guy who worked there. Said it was for financial support for his stuff. And that that drunken shithole, but with a pure soul, I might add, didn't suit his personality. He wanted to fuck around in high-density fashion clubs, with mojitos and various piss. You see a counter, modestly sized, put there for some reason. But they must have sensed it might come in handy.

It's the middle of the night.

Three figures in the frame. I mean, good pixel work.
Continuous grinding. It's like the real advertising. It's all right. The cocoa biscuit finds its way between the maiden's thighs. Let's see if this limbo dancer can get her to water a glass. My cousin has her legs resting on her shoulders, her head tilted back. Her tongue dances with the other cookie's. Yeah, well, I'm fucking sick of having this cookie full of preservatives and, don't deny it, palm oil. So I'm focusing on reality. And I realize the nigger's licking her pussy and the blond guy's kissing her passionately. Now the latter wants to lick her, but he's having second thoughts. Maybe he doesn't want to put his tongue where it's just been. Ahahah. I laugh in my mind. He's actually licking her thighs and perplexing her.

I see he wipes his finger on his pants. I like this guy in his hesitation. I was convinced, though, that he was sucking each other off with Cocoa. I thought they were very close, too close. I don't know. A mere malignant imagination. I don't give a fuck.

Let's see. Yeah, let's see. The mulatto pulls out the piece. It's obvious the volume. But I don't think so. It's the others. Trivial individuals who take it for granted that the Earth is flat.
The dick is in my cousin's mouth. Her head's still tilted backwards.
Does she want to drain the blood to her brain or what? Why don't you change position? The more appropriate one. The blond guy masturbates watching. He caresses her thighs. Bah!
Okay. Change of position. My cousin positions herself over cocoa. The vanilla (Christ, still shitty biscuit) takes it over the counter and shoves it in her mouth. She blowing out a candle and blows it. The little slut spins both parts of the human body. The head turns and turns with the dick in her mouth, the ass does the same. Sequence that ahead for 6 minutes and 42, when van...the blondasse is behind her. He starts this charge. Double penetration like "My asshole and two fucking Happy dicks." Yeah, yeah. I do what I have to do. I gotta masturbate. I'm getting laid. And I hear the sweet teen moans. They sound American. Sharp and low.

I like it in that position. Typical doggy-style, but leaning on human flesh. The blond pushes really hard. The buttocks slapping noise is good music. If accompanied by my cousin's sighs, it's a concert conducted by Morricone.

The blond guy doesn't seem to want to change his position, which is to put himself under. And the exotic biscuit, it looks like it's going to fall right off. He's pushing with a good kiss. Enough to create a wave effect, and make my cousin appear on the surfboard.
I chapter heartfelt. That chick played with the Sailor Moon till eight years ago. And now she's out there getting banged up like Sillicon Valley porn. The Sailor Moon? Slutty sluts. They were dressed up, by the way. Saving the human race from limp dicks. Not aliens.
You get to the climax there in the video, too. Double cumshot to the face. I'm stunned.

Twist! The vanilla blond has more cum on him than caramel. And that's also a cliché quite in keeping with the single thought.
My cousin is a blast at the best porn shot by a director who doesn't have an epileptic hand. He welcomes both fluids with his tongue. Desirable tongue from kisses, moist chapels and seminal fluid to iosa.
Ends up cleaning up both members.

An insistent lambire of rod and chapels, made with greedy persuasion.
He smiles at them both. Little cocoa and vanilla kisses and snaps forward to sit down. The other two sit down, too.

What are they gonna say to each other, I don't give a shit.

I'll close what I got. I've ascertained a character, still young, with a desire for double-stuffing. I look at the black screen and don't know what to do now.

I'm gonna go find myself some vanilla cookies to munch on...
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