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For a series of fortunate circumstances Francesca would be free for 3 days.
It 's useless for me to tell you about the pantyhose stolen from the mother or later his wife, thongs worn under men's clothes, heels or lipstick put on during the long night drives in the car looking for ............., each of us, in the various stages of our lives, has opposed or supported their feminine nature, but the Francesca that is an integral part of us is always there, waiting for his moment.

In the past, for some hard encounters, I used a discreet motel, in the suburbs, on the ring road, with access to the rooms directly from the parking lot, I book there for the entire stay. I decide not to hide: I'm at the reception for registration, unisex jeans and pullover, big 80's feminine glasses, abundant tinted bottoms and very light matte lipstick, no wig. Overcoming emotion I also manage to ask if it is possible to receive a colleague in the room to discuss an upcoming business meeting. There are no problems, only, for registration reasons, we can not stay overnight.
I am in the room that will be my accommodation for the next 3 days.
I arrange my luggage: nothing masculine except a change of underwear and a clean shirt in addition to what I have on, a lot for Francesca! Shower, personal hygiene, hair removal in the crucial areas but above all manicure and pedicure. I'm pretty good with toenails but to be perfect I bought a set of nails really nice red color similar to my favorite lipstick. The next 2 hours evaluating pairings (ahh girls ..... don't think of the best right away!) I'm talking about dresses, lingerie and shoes but, as long decided, for my first femme outing in the daytime, I opt for a simple and not flashy outfit. I am convinced that a walk around the stores and an aperitif with the hope of a meeting or of being picked up, obviously dressed in a natural and neat way, but always trying to highlight a bit of our sluttyness, are pleasant occasions and perhaps more adrenalinic than going out at night, complicated by time constraints and possible risks as well as the inconvenience of changing and making up in the car.

I'm in the car and I'm maneuvering to park, I was lucky I found a place on the blue lines where it is always impossible. I turn off the engine, check my wig and make-up, for the day, light but evident: Kryolean tinted base coat, very opaque, essential to cover wrinkles, beard marks and more, how wonderful to have time and light to put on eyliner, it's perfect! Abundant mascara, eye shadow, powder and blush to highlight different areas of the face and ....... publicly during the day, a well-drawn mouth with pencil and a nice matte lipstick, not too flashy but very evident. I put on my glasses that give me a lot of confidence in the soul but that in the upcoming evening also give me a lot of visual uncertainty.
Now after a deep breath, I get out of the car and I'm out on the street at 5 p.m. !!!! I put on my bomber jacket, real Chinese leather, over a light gray leather sweater with silver filaments, black belt high above the sweater to highlight the waistline, tight jeans but wide at the bottom to minimize the effect of a 10 heel boot that is very comfortable for walking but still gives that slightly wavy stride that men like so much. Needless to say, a real slut's underwear, I'll just let you imagine, I didn't miss anything.
Mixed and confused among normal people who walk around stores in a central area of the city, from moment to moment safer, I walk and I linger for a long time on some women's store windows that I would never have had the courage to look at if not in passing and quickly. I meet women and men of all looks and ages, I catch glances of indifference, sometimes curiosity, astonishment and also, why deny it, disgust and contempt, but more time passes and more Francesca begins to be confident and shameless, she returns the looks, does not lower his eyes and when he catches desire and want, responds with smiles and winks of satisfaction, arches his back and accentuates the swaying of the ass, opens his mouth slightly red to glimpse the tongue, in short, the whore.
While walking along the shopping street there is someone, whose look I caught curious but a bit awkward, that I have already met several times coming out of various stores, he is not the handsome young man of our dreams, rather common and ordinary. but I decide to give him a chance, at the next intersection I will smile. But he's ahead of me, I'm standing in front of a shoe store window, I'd love to go in and try them all, but just then I hear a voice murmuring in a low voice: "Am I disturbing you? I turn around and smile a little excited, I guarantee you that it is much more difficult to be a lady than a whore, with difficulty I say in a very low voice: no of course, ......... my name is Roberto, pleasure Francesca, do you like shoes? yes I love them, especially sandals with laces and straps, but now I was looking for something simpler. From there the conversation slips away more easily, invites me to the bar for a coffee, I am perplexed whether to accept, enter a room with so many people, the look of the bartender, the cup dirty lipstick, but the thought of being invited and protected by a man, in the daytime, in a public place is overwhelming. Not a very crowded place, customers generally indifferent, excited I sip my coffee being careful not to get the cup too dirty. I was good, just a slight halo of lipstick. On the way out he asks me if we want to take a walk together. I accept, I am attracted by this man, I prefer men who are not beautiful but simple and spontaneous. Rather tall and massive, a few white hairs but well cared for, strong hands of those who have always used them to work, but well cared for. The walk was pleasant, we got to know each other better: Roberto is a 65 year old owner and foreman of a small craft business, close to retirement, married with two grown children, an ordinary story but, for me, in that afternoon of pure emotion, reassuring. As for me, I always remained very vague, we are always afraid to reveal too much of our double life.
Shortly after, perhaps by chance or maybe not, we arrived at his car, he asked me if I wanted to go for a ride. I accepted he made me get in and continuing to chat we left the center, he headed towards quieter areas, while driving he brushed my hands and put his hands on my thighs. I don't hinder him, but I don't reciprocate, I am still even if I would like to do the opposite and put my hands on his package. Of course he searches and finds a quiet area to stop. He insists, his hands are looking for my body, I control myself, I want to be different, I start by touching his hands and then touching with more conviction the rest of his body, he reciprocates my attentions first by groping and putting his hands everywhere with strength and desire then, taking control, with one hand he accompanies my chin to his and we began to kiss. A long, deep, erotic and exciting kiss. There everything stopped, including me
His hands now caressed my thighs, lingering on the hook of the garter belt under my jeans, his hands moved in harmony with his tongue, I was afraid to come. Our hands explored our bodies, soon arriving between our legs to touch each other. With some difficulty I unbuckled his belt and lowered the zipper of his underpants, I slide my hand on his cock held by the briefs, it is quite hard but at the contact of my fingers it grows even bigger. I take it in my hands, the contrast between my lacquered nails and his cock is fantastic. I jerk him off slowly and timidly for a while but, almost immediately, I instinctively bend over to find him in my face. I start to suck him. I lick his balls, nice and swollen, foreshadowing a shower of milk later on, I carefully lick the veins of his turgid cock, not big, a little crooked but now very hard, until I reach the outline of his chapel. I squeeze it tightly with my hand and start licking the tip. With my lips I accompany the foreskin to free the glans inside my mouth. It's soft and gentle but hard at the same time, the more I felt it in my mouth the more I wanted it. I lift my head to him and look at him smiling as I jerk him off. He smiled but gently pushed my head back down to his cock. Francesca resumed that divine blowjob, laying bare all her femininity; smelling the scent of man became, as always, more hypnotic each time....
I tried to take him deeper and deeper, I felt my lips getting closer to his balls, my desired goal. His moans encouraged me but, raping my whoredom and wanting to seize the unusual moment of sweetness, in a moment I took him out of my mouth and getting up I kissed him passionately. But he, this time, abandoning the kindness, lowers my head with force and shoves it in my mouth, I resist a little but I give up, I feel again the taste of the male, now dominant, and the 'smell, which I still remember very well, exciting, while he always with force pushes my cock down my throat and arching with rapid movements my back moves it quickly, I feel for once completely female, dominated, at the mercy of my man.
I am very horny, I hear him moaning with pleasure, the heat of my mouth, my lips, my tongue, makes, if possible, his cock harden even more but maybe it's just my excitement that gives me this feeling. I take a moment of pause, I raise my head and he finds an opening in my body, he touches me, squeezes me and caresses me everywhere, he puts his hands between my thighs, pulls down the zipper, he notices the garter belt and the thong, he plays with them, then he decides to squeeze my dick that in the meantime has become hard, he puts his hand under the sweater, he touches my breasts and squeezes my nipples. ................. I like it, I like it, I like it and it makes me feel like a woman and a slut for her man; I take it between my lips, I alternate speed with slowness and depth, my saliva mixed with his pre-sperm liquids drips down the shaft, I feel him in my mouth getting bigger and bigger. I realize he is about to come, I stop and hold him in my mouth, I like that man and I want to keep him there until the last of his explosion. I love that moment of suspension, magic: lips, tongue and mouth still, but now with no return, because while the cock fills your mouth up to the throat you have the opportunity to enjoy in absolute freedom, that perception of total filling of the body and mind. A few moments after the first contraction and a hot and sweet stream fills my mouth, then it is a crescendo until I feel a slight loss of rigidity, but I do not leave him, rather I continue to suck his head savoring even the last streams. Slowly I feel the cock relax while with my tongue I continued to clean up the glans without swallowing anything.
In the meantime I feel that I'm getting wet, when I'm very excited often some liquid comes out of my cock, even if it's not hard, it comes out slowly and gives me an immense pleasure, similar, I think, to the female orgasm. Roberto takes my head in his hands, pulls me up and kisses me with desire, almost violently, pushing his tongue into my mouth. I am surprised and at the same time excited, I respond to his kiss and, while his hand caresses my leg, I feel that he tries, with his tongue, in my mouth, his cum.
It hadn't been just a blowjob, slowly I came back down to earth, new and different sensations, on this occasion sexual excitement had taken me where unbridled sex had never taken me. After lingering on our bodies I feel obliged, licking all the way down, to clean him well, then a few caresses and light kisses, we recompose ourselves and try to have a chat but it's not like before when the desire made us bold and excited, the moment is broken and Roberto is thoughtful, he starts the car heading towards the place where I parked. Silence in the evening traffic, a few jokes about the time of return home and nothing more. I arrived, a hasty kiss, disappointed, I'm about to get out when suddenly with a broken voice of someone who knows he is doing something incomprehensible and perhaps a fuck up, he asks if he can see me again. I hoped until the last moment and I remain still, with the car door open, my foot with the heel already resting on the ground, undecided whether to play hard to get or give in immediately. I decide for the second hypothesis: surely I am available in femme in the next two days, then who knows. He tells me that he has to get organized at home but he would like to invite me to dinner, we exchange cell phones, tomorrow he will let me know, I will be waiting for his news even if I do not hope much. Men are different once they're empty.
I get into my car and head towards the motel, as soon as I get to my room I look in the mirror, a bit worn out but still ok, I turn on the computer and connect to our website where, before leaving, I had launched a last minute offer. I eat something that I had bought on the way back, I do a slutty makeup, I wear my silver pumps with high heels, a mini with sequins and transparent blouse, I expect an evening in chat and if possible some cam, I am tired and excited I do not want to go out to try some meeting, I would like to launch some bait for tomorrow. Love and blowjobs are a good thing but my ass is still a virgin and I don't feel like satisfying it with just a dildo.

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