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    Forest Guardian - Nutaku

    A porn game that doesn’t feature you, the player, as the main character is rare yet refreshing to see in this day and age. Forest Guardian puts you in the role of an observer, a more or less passive reader of this visual novel. It is not so much a game as it is a well-crafted story you click...
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    Himeko Maid - Nutaku

    As someone who is always down for some girl on girl action, I can never get enough of yuri hentai games (meaning those filled with hot lesbian porn scenes). Himeko Maid pulls out all the stops when it comes to girls loving girls, and you’ll want to explore every route and every ending of this...
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    Ninja Maidens - Nutaku

    Ninja Maidens brings a new spin to the classic porn game for the sole reason that the main girls in this story don’t focus on pleasing the player. Rather, these are Yuri warriors, and anyone who’s even remotely familiar with hentai and porn mangas will tell you that Yuri is a name for girls who...
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    My naughty tales - Nutaku

    What I have for you this time is something quite unique and interesting. My naughty tales is not like other games out there that are strictly made and have rules you must oblige in order to play, no sir. This game is much more immersive than that and offers you a plethora of options you can add...
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    The Menagerie - Nutaku

    With manga and anime being part of my everyday life ever since I was a teenager, eventually, I ended up playing lots of adult video games, especially the hentai ones, and I will say that The Menagerie is a solid title. Even though the story might be light on the amount of sexual content and...
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    Mandy's Room 2 - Nutaku

    This is a really awesome porn game! Someone recommended it to me, and I forgot about it for a while. Then, boredom struck one day and I remembered that I have it bookmarked. I noticed that it was sort of built for a VR device, but it also said on the website that it was completely playable on PC...
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    Sakura dungeon,amazing game!! Entered the labyrinth we will immediately be explained how to move inside, then abandon the typical traits from visual novel where we will have to read the friendly dialogues of the two protagonists and that's it, for something vaguely more animated. The movements...
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