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    Magicami DX - Nutaku

    MagicAMI DX is a unique game in the adult gaming genre. For starters, you can switch between the NSFW and SFW versions! Just you being here means that you have no desire to play the version without nudity, but it’s a good way to deter wandering eyes from your screen. No matter which version you...
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    Tactics Elemental - Nutaku

    After a couple of my friends recommended this game and had a blast while playing it, I had to try it out for myself, and I'm glad I did it! I would like to share some basics of this game and my first impressions with you. Even though Tactics Elemental is a bit complex strategy game, on the one...
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    Throne Of Legends - Nutaku

    Throne of Legends is a browser-based card game where you battle for control of the Throne of Legends itself. Each hand will bring you closer to the throne, or push you further away, so careful planning will be vital in this face-paced card game. With your carefully built deck, you’ll be able to...
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    Rumblade - Nutaku

    Rumblade is one of the newer games on nutaku. this hentai games, attempts to combine role-playing elements with 3D tactical turn-based combat, and the highly desired visual-novel style CG sex scenes. According to the press release Hirazawa created the game as a successor to Mononofu. Players...
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    Chick Wars - Nutaku

    Chick Wars is a hentai game with turn-based PVP strategy. Developed and published by Hooligapps. A free to play turn-based PVP strategy game. Available on Nutaku since June, 2018. Uncensored genitals, available for PC internet browsers and Android. This game is a free game offer available on...
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