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    Cumming Hotel - Nutaku

    For all of you furry-loving gay-focused gamers out there, here is a weirdly specific option for you. The Cumming Hotel is a strange blend of kinks and tropes you wouldn’t expect to find in a single title: furries, male-on-male action, monster sex, slice of life, sex hotel, and more. It’s every...
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    Himeko Maid - Nutaku

    As someone who is always down for some girl on girl action, I can never get enough of yuri hentai games (meaning those filled with hot lesbian porn scenes). Himeko Maid pulls out all the stops when it comes to girls loving girls, and you’ll want to explore every route and every ending of this...
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    Santa Girls - Nutaku

    I’ve always loved the Christmas time of the year and this year I decided to make my holidays even more special by treating myself to this game. I didn’t expect much of it as it is a bit cartoonish in the drawing which isn’t exactly my cup of tea but I decided to give it a go anyway. The game is...
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    Sankaku Renai - Nutaku

    Let's start things off by saying that Sankaku Renai is an awesome game! I've played many porn games before, and what always bothered me is that a lot of them took themselves, their storyline and gameplay too seriously and most of the time, that's exactly what killed the fun of playing them. But...
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    Pocket Waifu - Nutaku

    Pocket Waifu takes players back to the era of Tamagotchi, a miniature game on a keychain where players had to feed, entertain, and raise a digital pet. Anyone born in the early ’90s is probably well familiar with the little toys, and Pocket Waifu carries over many of the same mechanics from this...
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