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    Bitch Hunter - Nutaku

    When I first started playing Bitch Hunter, I couldn’t even fathom where the hentai games would take me. It gradually escalated from a more or less basic porn story to one filled with extreme (yet interesting) characters, complex plotlines, and even fantasy elements! Of course, all of this is...
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    Boner War - Nutaku

    Have you ever wondered what a game with dinosaurs, a battle system, and sexy hentai babes would look like? No? Too specific? Well, even if you never imagined something this outrageous, now you have the opportunity to see all of these things combined in Boner War. With an aesthetic that merges...
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    Fap CEO: Men Stream - Nutaku

    Men Stream are brand-new free-to-play games based on familiar straight titles that are tailored to homosexual men and they’ve arrived just before Pride Month comes to a close. Men Stream has you taking command of a cam empire. This time, though, you’re in command of a staff of camboys rather...
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    Sweet State - Nutaku

    In Sweet State, you star as a fresh-off-the-farm protagonist heading out to the sweaty glitz of Pornwood to make your name as an adult movie producer. The game is surprisingly deep, though you’ll have to pay real money to get to the action a lot faster than playing without. Sweet State also...
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    Honey Crush - Nutaku

    Honey Crush is a free hentai puzzle game. Released on Nutaku on November 2018. Free to play in your PC internet browser, and Android phones. No female voice acting. Uncensored genitals.Nutaku’s library has been missing a generic match three puzzle game ever since Phantasma: Wand and Wood died...
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    Big Bang Empire - Nutaku

    Big Bang Empire is an adult themed RPG where players begin life as a budding actor with aspirations of becoming an infamous adult entertainer i.e. a porn star, trying to break into the porn industry players will find much amusement in the mature and humorous content. With full character...
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    Booty Farm - Nutaku

    Booty Farm, a free best hentai games farming simulator. Released on Nutaku on December 2018. Available for PC internet browsers, and Android smartphones. No voice acting. There’s something deeply satisfying about running your own farm with your own animals and crops. Contrasted with city life...
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    I approached Crystal Maidens without any idea what this famous hentai game was like.I admit I was skeptical, dubious, and doubtful about finding the web-based gacha title created by the indie developer Superhippo on Nutaku [NSFW].This until I noticed that I had literally lost only four...
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    FAP TITANS - Nutaku

    Fap titans, this is game with sexy girls, chicks are styled in hentai style with boobs up to their minds and strange costumes that make them look like they were from another era. Basically what happens in the game is that you have to defeat the bad guys. This is incredibly easy to do. Just click...
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    Fap CEO - Nutaku

    Fap ceo has you starting up your very own camgirl empire with naught but a pretty lady, a computer, and an Internet connection. This is an idle game that generates money over time. As your income grows, you can reinvest your employees’ earnings into training them to be better at their job (which...
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    Pussy Saga - Nutaku

    Nutaku is a site where you will find numerous hentai games for adults with amazing graphics. You will find this fantastic game on the nutaku site I will leave you the link in description of both the site and the game. The description of the hentai game starts like this .. I can guarantee...
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