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    Flower Knight Girl - Nutaku

    Some games are all about the porn. Some have bits of silly storylines in them, cool characters for you to try to seduce and date, or even turn-based battles against fantasy enemies. And then there are games like Flower Knight Girl, where you enter an entire fantasy world filled with action and...
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    Foxynite - Nutaku

    Nutaku announces the release of one of the highest quality 3D games to hit the adult gaming platform, Foxynite. Step into a world of steampunk, 3D manga and RPG with the latest fast-paced action-adventure combat game. With a unique companion system and a gigantic universe to explore, gamers will...
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    Dragon Providence - Nutaku

    In this hentai games, you collect cards which contain magical creatures called Arcanas. Those Arcanas are based of mythological figures from all around the globe. The Mistress of the Otherworld Scathath, the terrifying sea monster Leviathan, the hunger demon Beelzebub and many other figures are...
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    Kamihime PROJECT R - Nutaku

    Kamihime PROJECT R being a fun game made by fun people over in Japan. Certified “very sexy”, Kamihime takes you around its world in a chilled out fashion with a simple battle, all made for lots of spectacle and eye candy.We’re obviously fond of the story, not just the story. Rather, we’re fond...
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