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  1. vero_nica69

    Horny Polish Girl. Write to me babe <3 Kik: vero_nica69

    I'm 20 years old and I'm from Poland. I can make u horny. Write to me Kik: vero_nica69 Snapchat: wero_niczka69
  2. wero_niczka69

    Sexy Polish Girl. Kik: wero_niczka69 Snapchat: wero_niczka69

    Hi, i’m Weronika, i’m 20 and i love show people my body but i need money too <3 KIK: wero_niczka69, Snapchat: wero_niczka69 I can send you previews but without full nudity Payment methods: PayPal Amazon Gift Card Price list: 10 $ - 5 photo, 20 $ - 2 video, 40 $ - 1 hour of sexting,
  3. xJuliax

    18years Old Polish Brunette Girl [name: julia98pl] Add Me Guys ! <3

    Hi everyone. My name is Julia and I'm from Poland, I'm tiny Brunette girl. My age is 18 yo. I'm posting everyday and every night something new and hot on My Story and Priv Messages ! Add me if u want to have some fun with me ! Snapchat Name: julia98pl
  4. Gabyx21

    F 21 - Selling nudes for daddy - KIK: Gabyx21

    Hi, My name is Gaby and im from Poland. I'm currently living in The Netherlands for my study. Im poor on money.. and I need money to finish my study.. So im searching for a daddy xx ;) Will you be my daddy? I'm selling my body for my daddy.. I will be all yours daddy. I'll make pictures and...
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