looking for a strong relationship

  1. Julitica

    I'm looking for a real man that can satisfy me if you are the one chart me on Kik juliticasteven

    I'm looking for real man that can satisfy me if you the one chat me on Kik juliticasteven
  2. M

    Serious relationship only

    I am here to look for a serious relationship, I am smith Sandra, 26 female USA single never married before, I am here now to look for a good and honest person to fall in love with, I am serious about this, you can chat me up on WhatsApp or text me with my phone number +12564743795 I will be here...
  3. Liza hill

    Looking for a strong relationship

    Hi Im Liza Hill 41 yrs old Divorced, I am looking for someone to meet for hook up with FWB;) not sure if i'll find exactly what i want on here but i'll try, I want a guy that can commit pleasuring me sexually. A guy that skilled orally can lick well! I also want someone that can hold a descent...
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