looking for a strong relationship ♥

  1. B

    20 M looking for long term relationship.

    looking for long term relationship with a girl. doesnt matter the age i like cougars too. i can be whatever you want me to be as long as we can be happy. hmu my kik pussy_fucker8902 (ps dont click the link)
  2. D

    Looking for a little

    I'm looking for a little or a sub who is needy and loving. I'm a soft daddy dom. I would like to find my forever little! Oh and be super chatty! My kik is fallout37. 18-25 yrs old prefered but older is okay
  3. Liza hill

    Looking for a strong relationship

    Hi Im Liza Hill 41 yrs old Divorced, I am looking for someone to meet for hook up with FWB;) not sure if i'll find exactly what i want on here but i'll try, I want a guy that can commit pleasuring me sexually. A guy that skilled orally can lick well! I also want someone that can hold a descent...
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