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    Cumming Hotel - Nutaku

    For all of you furry-loving gay-focused gamers out there, here is a weirdly specific option for you. The Cumming Hotel is a strange blend of kinks and tropes you wouldn’t expect to find in a single title: furries, male-on-male action, monster sex, slice of life, sex hotel, and more. It’s every...
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    Cockville - Nutaku

    I am not kidding when I say that Cockville is one of my favorite games of all time. Not just a favorite gay game or a favorite dating simulation; favorite game in general. It has outstanding artwork, gorgeous characters whose history and life stories will draw you in, and gameplay that will keep...
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    Abducted - Nutaku

    Too often we see dating simulations that are uninspiring and lame, and way too heterosexual. The dialogue is corny, the way the characters behave is unrealistic, and more often than not, they have no juicy porn scenes to get off to. Fortunately for us, none of this is true for Abducted. The...
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    Gay harem - Nutaku

    Whether you are gay, bisexual or a female looking for some hard cocks this game gay harem is perfect for you. From the moment you enter there is no shortage of naked buffed guys with big dicks pounding each other in every way that you can imagine. The game starts with the main character chasing...
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    Sexbot Quality Assurance Simulator - Nutaku

    I hope that the storyline of this awesome game isn't prophetic! Let's start from the beginning! Sexbot Quality Assurance Simulator is a game my friend sent to me and told me that I had to try it. Unaware of what it really is and thinking that it is just some dumb joke of a game, I installed it...
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    Fap CEO: Men Stream - Nutaku

    Men Stream are brand-new free-to-play games based on familiar straight titles that are tailored to homosexual men and they’ve arrived just before Pride Month comes to a close. Men Stream has you taking command of a cam empire. This time, though, you’re in command of a staff of camboys rather...
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    Men at Work - Nutaku

    Both Booty Calls: Men at Work are free-to-play games, so bear in mind all that entails. Men at work, players are assuming the role of the personal assistant to Owen Thorn, the man in charge of a massive entertainment company. It’s your job to find aspiring talent to get on board with the...
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    Men Bang - Nutaku

    The Nutaku LGBTQ+ section is split into Gay, Lesbian, and Transgender verticals. The Lesbian section has the most content with the Transgender section coming in a close second and the Gay section in the rear. A press release from the digital distributor has detailed two new games being added to...
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    Hey guys I just wanted to find more LGBT people like myself because in my area there really aren't many. Im 19 years old and Im looking for a guy to just have fun with or just to chat. My snap is jslattery17 THANKS GUYS <3
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