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  1. O

    spoil me

    (im not a bot but i need help) i only take amazong gift card and im in desperate need of 60$, do not waste my time asking for freebies but if you send me it i promise i’ll make it worth your while (: my kik is owngoos
  2. Y

    young hot guy looking for sugar mommys

    25 year old white in shape guy from georgia, looking for a legit sugar mommys that can help me out... and in return i can help you out... open book here... plz be real. kik usernane is: tylerzach92
  3. K

    Hey daddy super broke and in need

    Hey my name is karla I'm 19 ❤ Im recently single my boyfriend broke up with me :( and I'm really broke. and in searching for a sugar daddy that can help me out in exchange for pictures. Message me if you're interested ❤
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