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  1. G

    30 [F4M] #NY Supreme Mommy Goddess Seeking to own a subservient Male in a long term run.

    I am Mommy Goddess Morgan seeking to own a submissive slave in a long term relationship. I am polyamorous in nature so expect for me to have multiple slaves as we move on, I have 9 years in this lifestyle and I assure you would be safe in my hands, i am curvy with blond hair, a tall Goddess at...
  2. G

    30 [F4M] #NY #Local or Online - A sweet, very busy domme looking for an eloquent, kind submissive slave

    Hi there! I suppose you can call me Miss Morgan, per my randomly chosen username lmao. A little bit about me: * I'm around 6'2", straight blond hair, , average build. Don't expect super skinny, don't expect super heavy. I like to exercise regularly, but my metabolism is shit and I...
  3. dumbmutt666

    PAWG Goth

    add my kik: dumbmutt666 or my snap: lilithhexed for nudes
  4. S

    Big titty goth girl content

    DM me for details @sexualpurity or @witchvomit on kik.
  5. G

    30 [F4A] #Online Looking for a sub to domme!

    Hello to all those cute subs out there! As a note before I get started, I wanna say I'm not too picky or finicky about the details for a dom/sub relationship. I'll list a lot of preferences and such, but those don't need to be strictly adhered to. The one thing I do ask of everyone is to not...
  6. G_59sunshine

    Want to see me naked? I could piss all over you

    Free clips on my page if you follow. Subscribe for extra spicy content Kik me for info @G_59sunshine
  7. Succubusxox


    Currently running deals on my adult content! Pm me ‘BUYER’ on kik to view my menu. kik- succubusxox
  8. snapchat nudes

    SMUTSTONE - Nutaku

    Playable like a game of Top Trumps or Trading Cards, Smut Stones is a girl on girl battle using cards. Each card has its own character with different attack scores. Choose your deck carefully to ensure that you have the best set of cards to defeat your opponent.It's a mix that will give you...
  9. J3nnyl33Batts

    Selling kik nudes

    Heyy im selling my nudes on kik. Hit me up. kik : LadyDeathRosen .Paypal only please.
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