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    Forest Guardian - Nutaku

    A porn game that doesn’t feature you, the player, as the main character is rare yet refreshing to see in this day and age. Forest Guardian puts you in the role of an observer, a more or less passive reader of this visual novel. It is not so much a game as it is a well-crafted story you click...
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    Himeko Maid - Nutaku

    As someone who is always down for some girl on girl action, I can never get enough of yuri hentai games (meaning those filled with hot lesbian porn scenes). Himeko Maid pulls out all the stops when it comes to girls loving girls, and you’ll want to explore every route and every ending of this...
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    Sangoku Musou: Empress of Tragedy - Nutaku

    Yes, this game is arguably one of the most expensive porn/erotica games you will ever come across. It’s more expensive than some of the popular, non-erotica PC hentai games out there. However, the care and detail with which Sangoku Musou was designed and crafted make it absolutely worth the...
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    BoobRun Deluxe - Nutaku

    It has been a while since I played a jump-and-run arcade, and even longer since I played one with some adult content. The feeling has been missed. Then I came across this one. The world is apparently under an alien invasion. Those horny intruders from out of space are creating mayhem around...
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    Panties of Rage - Nutaku

    Nutaku is back with a pretty fun hybrid beat ’em up/RPG called Panties of Rage according to a press release from the adult-oriented digital game distributor. Panties of Rage transports a pair of unlucky girls into the magical world of Sexpilion. The evil villain Mr. Mummy has ravaged the land...
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    Sakura dungeon,amazing game!! Entered the labyrinth we will immediately be explained how to move inside, then abandon the typical traits from visual novel where we will have to read the friendly dialogues of the two protagonists and that's it, for something vaguely more animated. The movements...
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