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  1. S

    M 22 Slave wanna be turned into a dirty slut

    I'm looking for a mistress who'll exploit my lust to be a slave and turn me into a complete dirty cum craving slut. I'm new to being a sub nd ps I don't show face. Kik me @maxxxxgod waiting for you my mistress
  2. Luke1222

    I Did Anal For Mistress and Want to Share

    I'm a bodybuilder, very fit and muscular. I recently did anal and other tasks for a mistress and I loved it. Would like to do it again, or share pics/vids! kik: ineeditbad69111
  3. Shadowss23

    M 24 looking for Big Black Cock

    M24 looking for a man with a Big Black Cock to jerk off and cum for me on videos on a daily basis or at least just for today so I can cum to it if your interested my kik is Shadowss23 also I can't send pictures or anything back as my camera is broke I'm sorry but I really want to cum to your...
  4. useJudy

    Horny Dirtly Judy is back ;) looking for some generous daddy ;) kik: UseJudy

    Here to sell my private naughty collection to some generous daddy so he can enjoy ;) In meanwhile we will have horny texting time together until he well you know ;) I am not interested in chatting, trading nor meetups, so be straight and direct if u are here for buying :) Start chat with: suck...
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