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  1. G

    mommy seeking for new slave to train

    mommy seeking for new slave to train and control on kik mistress1066
  2. T

    Cuck looking for Bull

    I want to be dominated and surrender my wife to you. Kik: tymart93
  3. W

    Sub cuck couple will pay guys to fuck hot blonde gf

    Extremely submissive cuck couple needs a really aggressive alpha. We honestly love cocky assholes who only care about their pleasure and never take no for an answer. She needs a big dick and loves being treated like a whore kik: willkimmy1
  4. ratedrstar

    22F Shy but horny girl looking for a dom to sext KIK: ratedr_star

    roleplaying would be nice!
  5. Xavierblack00

    (Read the post) - 28YO Bull looking for real cucks and sluts.

    Have you ever had a real bull own you? Ever sexted with an athletic, fit and straight edge guy. Hi, you can call me Xavier. I am a bull, well built, and endowed. I am here for some side action. apart from my current sub. Now, I know these forums have loads of fakes, so, let me get to it. I...
  6. N

    25m Bull Looking To Dominate

  7. Godda2882

    23/m/Bull | Bull looking for cucks or women/girls who have a cuck bf/man

    Cucks, I am a bull on kik who has cucked more than 50 couples and has 2 daily cucks on average I would like to improve those numbers so send me your gf and get cucked by a huge cock I am 8 inches and never had a gf turn me down Report in on by sending your gf/wife: Skype = Godda2882 Kik =...
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