Formspring Funday.

Formspring Funday.

It had been somewhat a whereas since we checked out our Formspring and to our shock, we had a entire slew of questions anticipating us!Fairly than give them to you one by one, we thought it simplest to lump them together into one effective runt package. We likes purposes (yes, we meant cock, we’re that obvious). 


Any thought when the invitations (to are going out? In actuality taking a notice forward to the contemporary vids. You guys rock!

We’re eliminated from that piece of the
job, however I carry out know that there are about 35,000 on the wait checklist, so
at this level, having fetch entry to is less standard than being wait-listed. But
they’re engaged on it as we talk, so we hope you fetch one quickly! And
thanks so powerful for the wait on!

Enjoy you guys ever even handed having fun with with a Fleshlight or Cobra Libre? Wife and I fair appropriate began experimenting with these male toys. Figure she has “male substitutes” so why now not are attempting some replace relaxing for me too.

Silly that you just must smooth affirm that… Rye fair appropriate got despatched a Tenga Fliphole to envision. I bear he’s in adore.

I’ve developed a crush on a guy I met right this moment at a historic past community. The arrangement back is I am truly scared and inexperienced. Any advice on the generous solution to fetch a chunk friendlier with him with out making it obvious to him and all our community that I want to fetch in his pants?
We bear never had any drawback with making
it obvious that you just truly want to fetch into any individual’s pants, so you are going to be
asking the mistaken other folks. But by all manner, fair appropriate search the advice of with him, fetch to snatch
him and be taught the place it takes you. Secure some one-on-one time with him, rep
lunch or dinner, lope to a movie. And then presumably fetch into his pants.

We furthermore realize that this question lingered all summer, so any and all
of this would perhaps need performed out. We affirm sorry for being so lame on
response time, however hope that some staunch issues came of this experience!

V, my fiance fair appropriate came pleasing about some submissive urges he’s been having. I happen to be a closet freak and am fully frosty with it, he’s my third
ever fuck and the intercourse god of my desires… and that i fair appropriate puzzled if you
bear any guidelines for a total strap on virgin?

That’s fucking rad! Congrats on breaking
the ice! Given that you just requested this question a whereas ago (sorry for the
prolonged lengthen!) you bear doubtlessly already experimented a chunk. But as a long way as
strap-on’s lope, open dinky, utilize alternative lube, persistence, more lube and
talk. Then lope higher subsequent time. And take a look at contemporary positions. And add more
lube. And then lope higher again. And TALK. Additionally, bear relaxing, on story of or now not it’s miles a
fucking blast.

Will we’ve got got Violet telling the tales of her threesomes and Rye talking on how/why this makes him out of his strategies enraged?

Here’s something we’d rep to cowl at some level, so agree with tuned!

you bear unfolded to your mates about your weblog, bear any of them
admitted to jerking/jilling to it? Does it turn you on brilliant?
No, none of them bear admitted to that.
Though about a mates excitedly told us they’d DEFINITELY be taking a notice
extra into the place of dwelling after they got home. So who is aware of. As a long way as
turning us on, now not truly. But it doesn’t turn us off both…

Enjoy you guys ever had length intercourse? Are you eager? If now not, what carry out you each carry out at some level of that ‘time of the month’?
Totally! Finally, it simplest serves to non-public issues wetter!

Does he douche or enema ahead of you peg him?

Nope! He makes obvious he feels ecstatic and pleasing after which we’ve got got relaxing!

Man Among Males

Man Among Males

Hello, lovelies. Blueprint you know referring to the “Entrance Page of the Web” but? For sprint you surrender. I could fair leap straight to the crucial stuff: Sever Offerman, simplest is idea as tv’s Ron Swanson, did a Reddit AMA the outdated day. It is 50% cunnilingus jokes, 40% woodworking focus on and a 10% mix of Scotch, Lovecraft and Parks and Sport notes. Briefly: it is one of essentially the most efficient things that is ever came about on the discover.

Immediate on time? By no formulation difficulty. Buzzfeed distilled every thing it be crucial to clutch about this AMA into one image, juxtaposed by essentially the most efficient reply of the final god damned factor.

The quiz: “You’re one of many manliest males of whom I in level of truth have ever heard. What is your morning routine that begins a day of badassery?”

Males of earth: here is the style you surrender things. Please, traipse obtain pleasure from this regularly (beware, there is music linked to that hyperlink).

That One thing.

That One thing.

There are some days whilst you happen to work leisurely, approach home drained, establish in for a drink and salvage that although he isn’t any longer there, your man has left you photos of what he did that day. So then you masturbate. Even while you’re feeling too drained, one thing has spurred you on honest ample to produce you run to town for your self.

That is that one thing.

Stormy Will get Hysterical.

Stormy Will get Hysterical.

Whereas many of you need to maybe need doubtlessly considered this fourth installment of our original well-liked video series, we’re sure some of you omitted it. Or invent no longer mind watching it again.

This one is basically objective appropriate-making an try because now we respect considered Stormy Leather impress burlesque comely right here in Brooklyn. When you happen to are ever ready to use a show hide she’s in, undoubtedly take income, it be effectively well price the price of admission. After which some.



I’m obvious you all vividly consider Clayton Cubbitt’s “Hysterical Literature” video. You admire, the one with Stoya reading a e-book while getting rubbed on with a Hitachi under the desk? The one with the insanely hot orgasm where you might handiest stare her incredible facial expressions as she rode out the pleasure wave? Yeah, idea so.

Successfully, we have got huge files for you. The third within the series is now out.

And that is the reason upright, we stated third. That methodology there modified into a 2nd. Which we never posted. Fortunately, we’re advantageous americans, so we’re making up for that now.

If You are Calling It Fingerbanging, One thing Is WRONG.

If You are Calling It Fingerbanging, One thing Is WRONG.

Streak away it to Vice. On occasion we neglect how area-on their recommendation can even be, how biting their wit can even be and the diagram in which completely merely they are about obvious repeated pitfalls of human sexuality — i.e, “produce no longer slap the bean.”

Ladies folk, when getting taken care of through finger by your companions, we all know there are obvious belongings you are demise to shout out. But infrequently we produce no longer. Shouting, “fucking stop doing that, it be ugly!” within the act doesn’t charm to somebody, especially pondering how smooth our collective sexual egos can even be.

Vice solved this downside. Perhaps the subsequent day, send them an e-mail pronouncing, “Ha ha ha! Oh Vice! You salvage us!” and right encompass this link: “Dudes: Steer obvious of These Customary Fingerbanging Errors.”

Our favorite one:

TAKE HEED! When a woman displays you what to total, it’s because she likes it, and more seemingly than no longer because she idea what you dangle been doing sooner than turn out to be fucking shit. Now—and this phase is important—when the girl stops exhibiting you what to total so she can lay support and smooth down whereas she gets that right finger wiggles, DO NOT IMMEDIATELY REVERT TO THAT SHIT THING YOU WERE DOING BEFORE. YOU ARE NOT RIGHT. YOU ARE NEVER RIGHT.

Streak dangle a look on the entire list on Vice!

Because It Rains.

Because It Rains.

Most continuously you spend a wet Recent York day interior your non-public dwelling.
You pull out your mature laptop.
The one you now and again train anymore.
And likewise you relive history.

You click thru images.
Of you.
Of Violet.
Earlier than you had been together.
As you obtained together.
As you changed together.

Passed thru life together.
All of it seeming no longer goodbye within the past, come what would possibly perchance.
Because it wasn’t, in point of fact.
But wasn’t it?

You survey mature images you forgot existed.
Ogle the time can like to you beginning being Violet+Rye.
The photos changed.
But no longer in point of fact.
Quiet many of meals.
A entire bunch smiles.
A entire bunch nudity.
A entire bunch esteem.

After which some you saved off the weblog, for whatever reason.
Can not appear to address in mind now.
And it seems indulge in the suitable time to half.

That is to history.
That is to future.
That is to you being here for all of it.

Sharpen Your, Um, Pencils.

Sharpen Your, Um, Pencils.

We manufacture no longer exhaust hundreds of time talking to you guys about manufacture. We’re busy exhibiting you our tits largely? And we know that is how you love it. But after we stumbled across Francesco Morackini’s Dildo Maker notion, we knew we needed to piece it with you guys.

Sadly, this unbiased appropriate and hilarious notion is, for now, correct a notion. But that didn’t cease Morackini from providing a protracted checklist of handmade dildo discipline topic ideas.

Seriously, we cannot cease laughing on the popsicle. A butter dildo? I imply now it is likely you’ll possibly possibly be if truth be told speaking my language.

Need to this notion ever if truth be told be produced, we correct dangle one demand: will now we dangle a shrimp little bit of lever that adjusts for dimension and shape? Everyone’s taste in carrots, popsicles and dicks is assorted, after all.

Psst, New Trailers.

Psst, New Trailers.

So you’ve gotten seen the trailers for the first four videos we posted on MakeLoveNotPorn.television. Nonetheless what you’d fair now no longer know is that we dangle added two more videos to the combine.

The first, Summertime Quickie, used to be shot this summer, while on a transient vacation. Bathe, shave, ass-eating, doggystyle quickie.

The 2d used to be in accordance with a call for solo sex videos by Cindy Lope and her crew at MakeLoveNotPorn.television. Rye answered that call. Holy fuck, did he ever…

As frequent, you would possibly well uncover the elephantine versions of those videos over on MakeLoveNotPorn.television. And please, if you rent one, let us know! Ship us an email, put up a enlighten, hit us up on Twitter. We be pleased hearing from you and are so infected to uncover what you heart of attention on.
Thanks for all your strengthen, we hope you are loving our unique stuff!

Rye’s Cunt.

Rye’s Cunt.

What follows is an email that I sent to Violet the so much of day, earlier than assembly some friends for drinks.

“After we peruse each and each so much of on the bar tonight, I can like about a issues on me.

1. A Sharpie.
2. Arousal balm.

That that you just can perchance rob these from my pocket and for your first day out to the bathroom, you are going to enact three issues.

1. Rub the arousal balm for your clit and each and each nipples.
2. Write, the put you is likely to be ready to around your pussy, “Rye’s cunt” with the Sharpie.
3. Desire a photo of your freshly tagged pussy.

That that you just can perchance retain on to the balm. On return trips to the bathroom, can also peaceable there be any, you are going to reapply the balm to your clit and your nipples. Each day out, you are going to rob an additional photo, of no topic you peruse fit.

After we bag home from drinks, there’ll almost definitely be additional responsibilities looking ahead to you.”

In case the photo wasn’t ample, on the stroll home, Violet flashed me on the boulevard to level to she’d accomplished the job. 
Pointless to insist, she also accomplished the the rest of them as soon as we returned home.