Espresso in Mattress.

Espresso in Mattress.

-It be been a whereas since made a video.
-Yeah, I wager it has. What the fuck?
-We can non-public to still presumably develop one.
-Must film it?

And you obtain to search the comfort.

Trailer soon. Until then, revel in the screengrabs!

Bucket List Shit: Nude Seaside Edition.

Bucket List Shit: Nude Seaside Edition.
As you can additionally fetch picked up from the title of this put up, we finally did it.
After many summer season trips to seashores collectively, there is in any appreciate times been the mention of heading to a nude sea lope at some level. With handsome us. With friends. With groups. By myself, even. But below no circumstances once has it took map.
Except now.
Severely, it will additionally were handsome on myth of it turned into once a supreme sea lope day, excessive 70’s, barely a cloud in the sky, water warmer than life like. But fuck, we NEVER wish to breeze to a garments required sea lope but again.
Violet spent moderately about a the day alongside with her titties out, (neatly lathered in sunblock, mind you) and after moderately of warming up to it, we both shed our bottoms and headed into the water. And then those bottoms stayed off.
It felt fucking palatable. Decadent. Injurious. Pure. Supreme.
We won’t wait to breeze support. If best most likely summer season wasn’t coming to a shut. And if best most likely that sea lope turned into once closer. Hmm…

Cocktail Hour – The Snaps.

Cocktail Hour – The Snaps.

Yesterday, we posted our TENTH video on MakeLoveNotPorn.television. Which feels sort of insane to us. It doubtlessly does to you too.

Right here’s a sample of what is in that video. We’d indulge in it whenever you happen to checked it out. We mediate you would indulge in it too.

V+R’s Top Ten Must Be taught MakeLoveNotPorn Videos Listing.

V+R’s Top Ten Must Be taught MakeLoveNotPorn Videos Listing.

Did you be half of but? Maybe to grasp a examine out our videos? Or now not decrease than the trailers? When you occur to have not, you ought to, it be free to affix, so kind it already!

When you occur to DID be half of and maybe rented a pair of of our vids but are wondering what else is price checking out, we’re here to assist. We grasp rented a handful of videos and we grasp been taking half in what we grasp considered. So that is a checklist of our 5 favourite videos that we grasp rented, and a checklist of 5 we will rent real rapidly. Oh, and there are illustrations, because these illustrations are going to make blood stride to ingredients on your pants, and that is the reason continually a fine element to portion.

V+R’s “Top 5 ‘Receive Us Going (In Our Parts) MakeLoveNotPorn Videos’ Listing”

1. DALE COOPER AND COLBY KELLER. Severely, factual scrutinize the trailer. Or now not it is shapely (we didn’t factual imagine doing our fresh video in shaded and white out of nowhere). Stunningly properly filmed. Edited wonderfully. And stars two incredibly shapely males. And as well they’re smiling. And laughing. And doing a little fully sizzling shit. Also, FOREARMS.

2. BZ and Gloria. We’re cheerful that these two are fellow MakeLoveNotPornstars, as we grasp known about Balthazar and his unbelievable pictures abilities for a spread of years. They were ready to translate this fashion to video beautifully and as if that weren’t acceptable adequate, the chemistry between this married couple is palpable. Severely, it be in our mouths. Love, ALL UP IN IT. Oh, this moreover contains presumably the most nonchalant fisting ever. Because is never for all time truly that what #RealWorldSex is about? Shit, it be handiest kinky the first time, then it be factual something you kind continuously (or your total time).

3. Nebbish and Goddess. We love the leopard. We love the dialog. We love the extra than one angles. We love the Liberator pillow. We love the alive to cunnilingus. We love the very real, very laborious orgasm. We grasp gotta accept the sort of Liberators…

4. Mr. and Mrs. Lau. We’re on a boat, motherfuckers! Drinking pussy, motherfuckers! On a motherfucking boat!!! However yeah, as that you can moreover presumably bet, this used to be filmed on a boat. He is in point of fact alive to, which is the ability we love our pussy eaters to be. And it be fully sizzling. MAKE MORE VIDEOS, GUYS, WHY IS THIS THE ONLY ONE? ALSO, SHOW US MORE OF HIM NEXT TIME!

5. Audiosmut. We’re reasonably voyeuristic. And reasonably exhibitionist (DUH). And followers of coffee. And being sexually sneaky. So the root of the actual person sitting next to you at your native cafe getting worked up adequate to lock the door and grasp at it in a transient solo session is one we’re swish into. Or now not it is handheld, there’s a total lot of “what am I seeing exactly” and anonymous. Plus, it be made by the very supreme girls at Audiosmut and for radio producers, a swish impressive exhibiting for a rare video foray.

And now the “5 Videos We Haven’t Considered However Are On Our MUST RENT Listing” checklist:

1. BZ and Gloria. Yes, but again. This time, they make a lumber to a B&B for the weekend and BRING A FRIEND TO FILM THEM. As folks who grasp usually uttered, “it be so laborious to shoot this” one day of our videos, the root of a friend taking adjust of that half is something we’re swish intrigued by. Plus, having stayed in a pair of B&B’s and know how naughty it ought to feel to grasp sex in a single, we know properly the heightened sexual arousal they’re presumably below whereas this video used to be being made. Maybe we ought to factual rent it now…

2. Nebbish and Goddess. Possess we ever discussed how powerful we love assplay? Oh, we now grasp? OVER AND OVER?? Yeah, that sounds correct. Properly, seems Nebbish and Goddess kind too. So we’re swish powerful going to grasp a examine out factual how powerful they revel in it. Oh, and bonus components for pulling it off in a peaceful country inn (we’re sensing a theme here).

3. ModestyAblaze. We grasp now not decided which video but, but we grasp been that suggests to rent one of them. They factual see so sizzling. Plus, we now have to admit, we’re queer about her relationship with her husband and followers and the blueprint in which it all works. A essential hand video demonstration of 1 element of it helps. We’re into it.

4. HavingFun. They’re having enjoyable, alright. With editing. Just a few angles. Focal fluctuate. Spanking. The total acceptable stuff that we’re total suckers for. Plus, as anybody who’s considered our Overjoyed video, the Tom Waits soundalike in this extra long, extra juicy trailer is speaking our language.

5. Ela Darling. We’re PRETTY into her. That ability we’re moreover swish into staring at her grasp sex with a longtime crush of hers, Aaliyah Devour. Plus, the phrase “I find it irresistible whereas you’re creepy” is uttered within the trailer.

Oh, Hello.

Oh, Hello.

Oh, hiya. What’s 10 months with out a post? With the exception of for a truly very lengthy time, or now not it’s confidently a refreshing share of your day/week/month/year. We might well presumably presumably have been absent for a spell, but we surely weren’t idle on the intercourse and photo entrance.

Welcome support, us! Overjoyed to be here once more.

The Fortunate 13, or a Reflection on Smut Past.

The Fortunate 13, or a Reflection on Smut Past.

After wrapping up editing on these final two videos, we took fair a little outing to the previous and reviewed the (fortunate) 13 videos we have now made for for the explanation that delivery all these years previously (congrats on one other three hundred and sixty five days older!).


13 videos is extremely rather a lot of videos. Spread out over time, these videos conceal replace our lifestyles together. Going thru the sequence, we all know what used to be going on around the time we made them. Sure things we design not no doubt fragment with americans on this weblog, but let’s simply direct there were about a assorted residences, rather a lot of cities, a vacation or two and some pretty broad lifestyles occasions in between them. Original jobs, old jobs, surgical treatment, recovery, and now a fully unusual lifestyles all together. Esteem a yearbook of intercourse.

Our lifestyles looks loads assorted than it did when we started submitting videos to MakeLoveNotPorn. We’re older for starters. We’re in a unusual place. We’re in enterprise together. We’re seeing every other powerful more. And we’re able to contribute loads less. But total, this part of our lifestyles together is a principal one to us, so there could be a tether aloof retains us clinging on.

Making these unusual videos felt tremendous. Esteem using a bike we could presumably left to get rust in the yard. It took a minute to shake it off. To resolve out if we aloof even knew fabricate a proper video. To have the roughly intercourse that entails for sure one of us keeping a camera.

Create not alarm, the answer is yes.

These unusual videos are crucial, as the roughly intercourse now we have now can veritably be rushed. We exercise replace time together now, not are we simply inserting out for at some point per week. We had nights prior to, and a weekend day, so these moments you prolonged for and esteem and fabricate final. Now, or not it’s the day after day, which that it’s doubtless you’ll consume as a right. We’re attentive to that entice, and as is repeatedly the case, now we have an delivery dialogue about it. If intercourse feels not frequent ample, not regarded as as ample, not lingering ample, not prioritized ample, or not it’s talked about. So to manufacture these videos, to feature apart the time to no doubt linger, to no doubt fancy, to house legs and fingers and hair and lips and subtleties and hushed sounds is severe.

If you happen to can also simply have gotten never made a video with your associate, we cannot recommend it ample. But design not simply assign a camera in a corner. Use it. Protect it. Pass with it. Behold as you movie. Protect shut your associate in, take care of the principle points, take care of the respiratory, take care of the silences, take care of the little hairs, the eyes delivery eyes closed eyes delivery eyes no doubt delivery. It is not simply capturing a moment, or not it’s capturing what words cannot grasp in regards to the moment. It is an alternate to snort americans what you glance while you gape on the one (or ones!) you care about. And while you are finished, submit it. Or design not submit it. Protect it shut, but not not as much as assign in mind sharing it. For the explanation that world needs more of this roughly affection, unbridled emotion and esteem.

Violet, Solo.

Violet, Solo.

The previous day saw the open of the first D’Angelo file in 15 years.
It furthermore saw the open of Violet’s rigidity.
We bought it on video.

A chunk of backstory. As you longtime readers among us know slightly neatly, Violet’s obsession with D’Angelo, and Voodoo namely, goes slightly deep. It modified into a truly essential moment in her sexual exploration and as such, modified into the soundtrack to slightly a pair of hook-ups, compose-outs and a ton of solo sessions.

So after we learned out D’Angelo modified into striking out a recent file, considerably unannounced, she bought VERY excited. Then the day gone by came. And we heard it. And Violet went up to the mattress room, pulled out her high-tail-to vibe of dreary and went to metropolis.

I took income of her self-pleasuring to construct up some video footage out of it. And when we executed rolling, it finest bought extra orgasmic.

Clearly, for upright reasons, D’Angelo’s recent music does now not soundtrack the video. Factual take into consideration he’s crooning as she puts in work. After which survey it out, because or now not it’s fucking stellar.

As widespread, you might maybe salvage the elephantine video on MakeLoveNotPorn.television this week, but be pleased this minute tease we put collectively to relieve you accumulate wet/laborious. Now we have currently bought 11 varied videos up on the placement as neatly, so if this gets you going, you ought so as to search out slightly something to assist attain you off.



So as a portion of this complete “getting aid on the horse” thing we have got been within the thick of no longer too long within the past, revisiting our video making selves has near into play.
Or no longer it is something we talked about loads over the last loads of months, nonetheless never barely had the time for. What with the taking pictures, modifying, finding a exact song, and all that contains inserting one in every of our diminutive sex tapes collectively.

Alas, the time within the damage came the place shall we agree with getting interested by the process again. And it felt exact. Colossal, even. Love riding a motorbike, if a motorbike used to be a video of you and your accomplice fucking for barely some time in front of a hearth.

So here’s the trailer. The fat, nearly 20 minute model, will seem on in per week or two. And would maybe well perchance confidently be joined by one more contemporary video we have got bought within the works. Meanwhile, we have got bought 11 other movies on the positioning when you’re feeling the must indulge.

It feels exact to be aid, we hope you’re feeling exact watching!