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How to Make $300 Week Passive Income from Porn Sites

If you are digital marketer or a webmaster, it’s important to understand the economics of porn industry. The estimated worth of porn industry is $100 billion USD. The most reputed adult site PornHub receives more than 23 billion hits a month. According to Alexa, it’s the 26th most popular website. LinkedIn is the 25th most popular website. The average time spent by users on PornHub is 9 minutes. On LinkedIn, they spend less than 6 minutes. In other words, porn is more important to people than work. A few decades ago, porn wasn’t easily accessible. If users wanted to indulge in adult entertainment, they had to purchase a DVD set from a local rental store. And yes, reliance on adult magazines was another option. Today, porn is just a couple of clicks away. More importantly, there’s a lot of free porn. If you are a webmaster and wondering how to make money on xVideos, read on. You will learn how to upload porn and make money.


When porn wasn’t accessible, porn industry used to make money by selling subscriptions. The emergence of free porn begs the question – Do people still pay for porn?

The answer is a chest thumping Yes. Niche oriented and fetish specific videos are almost a rarity. Selling HD niche porn is recommended.

You can sell ethical porn i.e., sell porn that’s devoid of sex trafficking, drugs, violence and abuse. You can hire a few porn performers (maybe amateurs), shoot HD quality niche porn, upload porn videos, sell subscriptions and make money.


Visit an adult tube site like (User discretion is recommended).

There are different types of ads – pre-roll, pop under, banners, etc. It’s obvious that porn tube sites do not make money from Google ads. As a matter of fact, Google despises them. There are big companies that pay tube sites truckloads of money for displaying their advertisements.

Now, what’s the key takeaway?

You can get paid to upload porn. You just need to start an adult tube site, upload at-least one video every week, display niche specific ads on your tube site, and get paid.

Let me emphasize – niche specific ads. Let’s say your tube site niche is Gay. If you display lingerie ads, audiences will refrain from visiting your site.Tie up with ad networks. For every 100 impressions, you will earn a few precious dollars. This depends on the geography of web traffic. The worth of traffic from the first world countries is more than that from the third world countries.

Whenever a user clicks on an ad, you will make money. If a user purchases a product (such as penis enhancer, lubricant, etc.) after clicking on the ad displayed on your adult tube site, you will some commission.


You can earn money by uploading porn malware.

Let me explain.

Just visit popular tube sites like You will see huge pop-ups with messages like the following:

Racheal wants to fuck you. Click here to fuck her.

Your device isbeing slowed down. Click here to clean.

Penny wants to sex chat. Click here to join.

If users click on such pop-ups, they are likely to download malware. Malware pop-ups can hinder user experience. The key to monetization is to use malware pop-ups to your advantage.

Persuade your users to purchase a monthly subscription for malware-free and ad-free porn viewing experience.


You can make money uploading porn teaser videos.Let me explain.

There are many top production studios that run porn affiliate programs. Sign up as an affiliate with them.

Use their marketing assets like banners, links, pictures etc. to your advantage. Upload their teasers on your tube site. Redirect web traffic to their membership sites. Make BIG commissions on every meritorious referral.

Aggregator Engines

Here’s an interesting perspective. A few webmasters consider tube sites as run-of-the-mill and unproductive. They take pride in running aggregator engines.

I suggest you to leverage the power of aggregator sites without discounting the potential of niche specific tube sites.

If you are running an aggregator engine, you can make money by working as an affiliate. You can collaborate with adult ad networks and make money by displaying ads on your aggregator engine.


Webmasters usually ask me this question – How to make money by uploading porn?

Allow me to answer. Download porn videos that are recorded with cam. I generally use sites like, Create accounts in the top porn tube sites. XVideos is the most webmaster-friendly content. There are negligible cases of webmasters being terminated or banned from this site.

Make sure that there are no watermarks. And yes, there should be no trademarks either. You can use video cutters and trimmers to remove intros.

To download videos from multiple websites simultaneously, you can use video grabbers. Convert the downloaded videos into .avi format. Again, there are many tools to convert videos from one format to another.

Register a domain. Buy an adult friendly hosting plan. There are many adult hosting service providers that offer free domain registrations, provided you purchase a hosting plan. Incorporate your domain name watermarks into the downloaded videos.Upload them to different porn tube sites.

Sign up as an affiliate with CrakRevenue. Choose PPL (Pay Per Lead) offers. When you get more visits, set your sights on PPS offers. By using CrakRevenuepromotional tools, create offer links. Direct your domain to CrakRevenue offer links.

If audiences want to see niche specific content on your domain site, they will be directed to PPL offer links. There are many porn upload sites that let you deploy this strategy.

Adult Merchandize

Besides selling website space, it’s suggested to sell adult merchandize – like body safe sex toys, used panties and lingerie of cam models and porn actresses, etc.

You can tie up with cam girls who have a solid fan base. You can make some commission on every sale you make.

If you have expertise in running profitable adult turnkey businesses, you may provide adult consulting services. Build a strong portfolio to attract clients.

In conclusion, it’s recommended to use each of the aforementioned strategies. Research. Experiment. Learn. Upload porn videos. Build sales funnels. Attract quality and high performing traffic from different traffic sources. Tie up with adult networks. Work as an affiliate. Make money. Be consistent. Cheers!

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