Bucket List Shit: Nude Seaside Edition.

Bucket List Shit: Nude Seaside Edition.
As you can additionally fetch picked up from the title of this put up, we finally did it.
After many summer season trips to seashores collectively, there is in any appreciate times been the mention of heading to a nude sea lope at some level. With handsome us. With friends. With groups. By myself, even. But below no circumstances once has it took map.
Except now.
Severely, it will additionally were handsome on myth of it turned into once a supreme sea lope day, excessive 70’s, barely a cloud in the sky, water warmer than life like. But fuck, we NEVER wish to breeze to a garments required sea lope but again.
Violet spent moderately about a the day alongside with her titties out, (neatly lathered in sunblock, mind you) and after moderately of warming up to it, we both shed our bottoms and headed into the water. And then those bottoms stayed off.
It felt fucking palatable. Decadent. Injurious. Pure. Supreme.
We won’t wait to breeze support. If best most likely summer season wasn’t coming to a shut. And if best most likely that sea lope turned into once closer. Hmm…



This weekend, we spent a pair of days by a lake. It modified into once a short outing, but we made the extra in most cases than not we had there. Swimming, grilling, boating, ingesting, jerking off within the water, fucking within the shower, sneaking some soiled photos.

In most cases, we provide you these photos in microscopic doses, unfold out over many days of galleries and teases. We’re not doing that this time. Well determined, we gave you a microscopic taste on Monday, but right here are the leisure, not teased out, genuine equipped all in one shot. We belief you may well per chance presumably admire it that means.

And in case you had been questioning, yes, there had been a pair of folk on the water that per chance saw what we had been as a lot as.