Sunning and Funning Our Aspects.

Sunning and Funning Our Aspects.
We’re obvious that after we requested you to agree with what occurred after we went skinny dipping within the pool, you NEVER imagined something worship this would possibly per chance method which capability.
A BLOWJOB??? By the pool??? Violet+Rye???
But sure, lovelies, a blowjob ethical by the pool is right what occurred. And for these procuring for the wide finale, Violet on the entire prefers to take care of that to herself, whenever you earn our waft (she greedily swallows, for folk that left out our waft).

Sunning Our Ingredients.

Sunning Our Ingredients.

To cap off our short vacation “sunning our aspects” shuttle, we took off our clothes and jumped in the pool.

Some issues came about after we had been naked, however you are going to correct maintain to make exercise of your imaginations whereas you dwell up for us to put those photos up…

Suckers for Submissions.

Suckers for Submissions.
Successfully then, this used to be a fucking delicious shock!
About a week in the past, we bought home to procure an amazing flattering and comely e-mail in our inbox. It used to be from a reader, any individual around our safe age, that wished to enable us to know the method grand she loved our blog, our launch discussion of sexuality and our pictures/movies. That alone would safe been ample to make our day.
But that wasn’t all that the e-mail held…

Clearly, right here’s any person that knows us moderately well, due to we now safe a component for espresso. And an even greater factor for tits. Combining the two? Successfully…
We let her know perfect how astronomical a fan we safe been of the linked photograph, due to you observed it too, correct? Go forward, watch again. You are a fan, admit it.
We knowledgeable her to send extra anytime she wished. And then a week later, an e-mail seemed…
It used to be entitled: “Successfully, due to you requested…”

After a transient swap where we badgered her with questions: 
“Who took these pictures? They’re phenomenal!” 
“Are these on a blog someplace? If so, can we know where to practice???” 
“If no longer, can we please publish these? They’re too correct no longer to half.”
There is not very such a thing as a blog but, but we promise if that time comes, you are going to be basically the most well-known to know.
Thanks for the amazingly scorching submissions, you comely person that might remain Anonymous!



Imagine you must well well presumably own both been working incredibly lengthy hours at work for various months now.
Imagine you finally find some time without work to relax.
Imagine yourself at a spa.
Imagine that spa has a non-public tub.
Imagine you must well additionally very properly be us.

What would YOU own carried out in that non-public tub?

We knew exactly what to attain with the hour we had.
Mutual oral intercourse, all day.

A delicate tear.
Warm water.
Violet on her abet.
Trying her damnest to be peaceful to the parents in the tub precise beside ours.
Her pussy salty. Candy. Relaxed. Start. All mine.

She came in mere minutes.

Slinked into the tub, boneless.
Pulled me precise into her snug, wet mouth.
Her fingers cupping, caressing me.

Again, mere minutes.

We napped in the sunshine.
Lingered in the tub.
Felt reinvigorated.

There had been no cameras or phones allowed. But it looked hundreds indulge in this.

Bucket List Shit: Nude Seaside Edition.

Bucket List Shit: Nude Seaside Edition.
As you can additionally fetch picked up from the title of this put up, we finally did it.
After many summer season trips to seashores collectively, there is in any appreciate times been the mention of heading to a nude sea lope at some level. With handsome us. With friends. With groups. By myself, even. But below no circumstances once has it took map.
Except now.
Severely, it will additionally were handsome on myth of it turned into once a supreme sea lope day, excessive 70’s, barely a cloud in the sky, water warmer than life like. But fuck, we NEVER wish to breeze to a garments required sea lope but again.
Violet spent moderately about a the day alongside with her titties out, (neatly lathered in sunblock, mind you) and after moderately of warming up to it, we both shed our bottoms and headed into the water. And then those bottoms stayed off.
It felt fucking palatable. Decadent. Injurious. Pure. Supreme.
We won’t wait to breeze support. If best most likely summer season wasn’t coming to a shut. And if best most likely that sea lope turned into once closer. Hmm…



This weekend, we spent a pair of days by a lake. It modified into once a short outing, but we made the extra in most cases than not we had there. Swimming, grilling, boating, ingesting, jerking off within the water, fucking within the shower, sneaking some soiled photos.

In most cases, we provide you these photos in microscopic doses, unfold out over many days of galleries and teases. We’re not doing that this time. Well determined, we gave you a microscopic taste on Monday, but right here are the leisure, not teased out, genuine equipped all in one shot. We belief you may well per chance presumably admire it that means.

And in case you had been questioning, yes, there had been a pair of folk on the water that per chance saw what we had been as a lot as.

Let It All Hold Out.

Let It All Hold Out.

That is ideally respectable-wanting, every other from the seashore.
Without clothes.

Another as we lag into iciness.
Another of the sunshine.

Of the surf.
Of the solar.
Of the freedom of public nudity.

And as a treat on the terminate, you are going to bring together the one shot I got of Rye drinking my pussy out on the seashore. A most foremost, but no doubt now no longer a final. Holy shit…