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Sunning Our Ingredients.

Sunning Our Ingredients.

To cap off our short vacation “sunning our aspects” shuttle, we took off our clothes and jumped in the pool.

Some issues came about after we had been naked, however you are going to correct maintain to make exercise of your imaginations whereas you dwell up for us to put those photos up…



Please, let this put up motivate as a warning. To somebody that is having a detect to utilize an N’Joy Purewand to your self, to your foremost assorted or for a buddy this holiday season, here is what’s going to occur to their pussy.

You collect got been warned.

**Please rate, we weren’t paid a dime, nor collect been we given this toy to be taught. This fucker is honest too factual to conclude aloof about.**

The Intercourse Lessons.

The Intercourse Lessons.

As you effectively know by now, we had been fucking busy. And now not too busy fucking. Unique jobs, busier jobs, laborious jobs, blah blah. We fancy them, but your total overlooked intercourse bit wants to swap.

We took to it this weekend. On Saturday, no matter getting a listing of things we desired to salvage performed, a laundry listing of errands and things we desired to head eat, it became thrown out the window. Instead, I told Violet she’d salvage 5 orgasms and we’d figure the leisure of the day out afterward.

She did not turn that provide down, on epic of who turns that provide down?

Flipping the Swap.

Flipping the Swap.

“Fuck my pussy corresponding to you like it.”

It became in actual fact one of the well-known first times we fucked. I be aware it luxuriate in it became the day prior to this. Within the bed room of her shared dwelling. Gradual spring. Morning. It became already too sizzling. Spoon-fucking on a double bed.

For some motive, potentially connected to the frequency of the sex we would possibly per chance presumably been having and my alien condom usage (my first marriage became sexless, however condom-free), I became taking without a slay in sight. She’d come quite rather a lot of times already, as she does. But I became restful miles away. She’s going to need to non-public known.

It became the first time I could per chance ever heard such a effect a question to. And my response became completely in character.


“Fuck that pussy corresponding to you like it.”

My interior response became rather more in character. “No, I get now now not like something, you is doubtless to be your like particular person and I need you to procure that independence interior of this relationship.”

It did now not procure more than a 2nd for the switch to flip, then again. “This woman is HOT. That is SO slutty. I like that pussy!” In a number of seconds, I became coming more challenging than I could per chance can be found in in years.

This dichotomy has been an enticing squawk my whole existence, especially for the sexual me.

Whereas lag, we flee a sex blog and lag, we portion photos, possess movies of ourselves fucking and repeat tales about our experiences, I’m also a guy that has been to at least one strip membership ever. And hated it. I purchase burlesque, as it feels more empowered and equal. Or perchance that’s perfect me convincing myself of that.

I’ve had sex with two females, each of them are females that I later married (this time for the factual causes, however restful, the truth stays). I’ve by no methodology had a threesome. I’ve by no methodology in actual fact fucked in public. Whereas I talk about sex plenty, each in particular person and on this blog, my hesitation and awkwardness around valid-existence sexuality has all the time been a line of division. For somebody so overt, I’m shockingly reserved.

These two aspects of me fight against every other on a near-day after day foundation. That is in general okay and works itself out perfect elegant, as you non-public all viewed for over two years. But then, there are totally different times. I plow by scheme of phases where it feels fresh to be overtly sexual, even with Violet. Mentioning sex can seem tough and form of embarrassing. I know she wants it. I in actual fact prefer it. However the gap becomes this thing, this tension, this in actual fact extraordinary elephant within the room. Or now now not it is fucking fresh, most regularly.

Till a switch flips.
Till I get better from myself and my overwhelming mind.
Till I be aware that “fucking that pussy corresponding to you like it” is now now not most attention-grabbing relaxing however something we each prefer.

Advance on, switch. Flip already.

Rye at House.

Rye at House.
We on a frequent foundation hear from you shapely readers with a repeated, pressing request: MORE RYE, NOW!
So when we’re each and each at home and he is strolling around the house, doing chores in boxer briefs that abet making their diagram under his ass, deciding on out records while assuredly giving me the fat present, how am I NOT supposed to photograph that?

Oh, the abet of those legs.
Oh, that ARM.

Is that the ticket of a lingering tan I watch?

Because It Rains.

Because It Rains.

Most continuously you spend a wet Recent York day interior your non-public dwelling.
You pull out your mature laptop.
The one you now and again train anymore.
And likewise you relive history.

You click thru images.
Of you.
Of Violet.
Earlier than you had been together.
As you obtained together.
As you changed together.

Passed thru life together.
All of it seeming no longer goodbye within the past, come what would possibly perchance.
Because it wasn’t, in point of fact.
But wasn’t it?

You survey mature images you forgot existed.
Ogle the time can like to you beginning being Violet+Rye.
The photos changed.
But no longer in point of fact.
Quiet many of meals.
A entire bunch smiles.
A entire bunch nudity.
A entire bunch esteem.

After which some you saved off the weblog, for whatever reason.
Can not appear to address in mind now.
And it seems indulge in the suitable time to half.

That is to history.
That is to future.
That is to you being here for all of it.

Fresh Video: A Taste of Violet.

Fresh Video: A Taste of Violet.

This weekend, after a morning stroll to the Farmers’ Market, where we had been met with a disappointing resolution of spring veggies, we headed home to welcome spring within the finest other come every person is conscious of how, a little intercourse within the sunshine.

We picked up the camera and began to fool around a bit, unless Rye whispered: “I could admire your pussy unless you reach, you film it.” I did. He did. And we did a complete bunch of alternative stuff alongside the come.

We hope you merit from the trailer, on story of you are going to love the elephantine video even more. It’s our longest to this point, and we predict it could well perchance well fair be one of many finest videos now we hold made. When you happen to happen to search around it, let us know what you specialize in! And, as consistently, thanks so great for supporting us!

Rye’s Cunt.

Rye’s Cunt.

What follows is an email that I sent to Violet the so much of day, earlier than assembly some friends for drinks.

“After we peruse each and each so much of on the bar tonight, I can like about a issues on me.

1. A Sharpie.
2. Arousal balm.

That that you just can perchance rob these from my pocket and for your first day out to the bathroom, you are going to enact three issues.

1. Rub the arousal balm for your clit and each and each nipples.
2. Write, the put you is likely to be ready to around your pussy, “Rye’s cunt” with the Sharpie.
3. Desire a photo of your freshly tagged pussy.

That that you just can perchance retain on to the balm. On return trips to the bathroom, can also peaceable there be any, you are going to reapply the balm to your clit and your nipples. Each day out, you are going to rob an additional photo, of no topic you peruse fit.

After we bag home from drinks, there’ll almost definitely be additional responsibilities looking ahead to you.”

In case the photo wasn’t ample, on the stroll home, Violet flashed me on the boulevard to level to she’d accomplished the job. 
Pointless to insist, she also accomplished the the rest of them as soon as we returned home.
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