Sunning and Funning Our Aspects.

Sunning and Funning Our Aspects.
We’re obvious that after we requested you to agree with what occurred after we went skinny dipping within the pool, you NEVER imagined something worship this would possibly per chance method which capability.
A BLOWJOB??? By the pool??? Violet+Rye???
But sure, lovelies, a blowjob ethical by the pool is right what occurred. And for these procuring for the wide finale, Violet on the entire prefers to take care of that to herself, whenever you earn our waft (she greedily swallows, for folk that left out our waft).

What That you just can well perchance also very effectively be Lacking.

What That you just can well perchance also very effectively be Lacking.

You likely know somewhat effectively by now that now we had been making movies for We had been somewhat vocal about it, on the least.

But we thought we’d abet indicate you, whenever you happen to level-headed haven’t checked out our work on the positioning (whenever you happen to can also simply fill, THANK YOU SO MUCH), simply what which you may well perchance also very effectively be lacking.

And customarily graphic.
Here’s our trusty world sex. Reach contemplate.


Oh hi!
We made a singular video for, which will include to serene be up next week. It entails naked yoga, which needless to claim outcomes in manufacture-it-city, because how can it no longer? As presently as the trailer’s up, we are going to hit you with it.
For the time being, right here’s what it is possible you’ll perchance test forward to…



Imagine you must well well presumably own both been working incredibly lengthy hours at work for various months now.
Imagine you finally find some time without work to relax.
Imagine yourself at a spa.
Imagine that spa has a non-public tub.
Imagine you must well additionally very properly be us.

What would YOU own carried out in that non-public tub?

We knew exactly what to attain with the hour we had.
Mutual oral intercourse, all day.

A delicate tear.
Warm water.
Violet on her abet.
Trying her damnest to be peaceful to the parents in the tub precise beside ours.
Her pussy salty. Candy. Relaxed. Start. All mine.

She came in mere minutes.

Slinked into the tub, boneless.
Pulled me precise into her snug, wet mouth.
Her fingers cupping, caressing me.

Again, mere minutes.

We napped in the sunshine.
Lingered in the tub.
Felt reinvigorated.

There had been no cameras or phones allowed. But it looked hundreds indulge in this.

Espresso in Mattress.

Espresso in Mattress.

-It be been a whereas since made a video.
-Yeah, I wager it has. What the fuck?
-We can non-public to still presumably develop one.
-Must film it?

And you obtain to search the comfort.

Trailer soon. Until then, revel in the screengrabs!

Win Some Lips, Bitches.

Win Some Lips, Bitches.

Hi there! Yeah, we doubtlessly owe you a put up or 17 about what we now had been up to, what our plans are, what lifestyles has been bringing us or now not bringing us currently. And we are going to undoubtedly be engaged on getting that to you before later.

For now, we like a puny little bit of exciting news in that a brand sleek video we made final week is now dwell on MakeLoveNotPorn. This one started after I turned into as soon as at work and came residence to Violet wearing my shirt. Then she put on lipstick. And the comfort is captured here.

You will likely be in a articulate to thank Beyonce for this. It looks, V turned into as soon as residence watching her sleek videos all day and got inspired. So thanks B!

And as continuously, if you hire any such videos, permit us to know what you conception! We like hearing from you!!! Thanks so fucking remarkable for the enhance!

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