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P.J. Soles (Halloween I)

Whether you are a loyal reader of the Perfect Tag, or a freshly arrived neophyte, it is impossible that you missed the hot topic of the moment: the business of hot webcams. All summer long, European newsrooms have had the pleasure of interviewing models and consumers with great enthusiasm, and explaining how these sites were becoming the Eldorado of Internet porn. However, in spite of this somewhat touted hype, I am asked the same questions every day: “What is the cam? “, ” And how does it work ? “
The simplest is that resume from the beginning, and those who have all inclusive will come back next week to read the lesson.

When asked what I’m doing right now, I often say, ” I ‘m doing cam. Nobody obviously understands. So I add: “I am a webcam model on sites like Chaturbate, or Cam4 …”, but nobody understands either. So I switch to Emmanuel Chain mode and I detail, I popularize, I explain. Here is the topo: there are websites specializing in the distribution of sexy / porn / amateur webcams. People like you and me can sit in front of their webcam and be broadcast around the world, doing a sexy “show” that can range from the softest (poses in lingerie, striptease) to the hardest (fist , anal penetration, squirt…). And when I say “people like you and me”, it’s absolutely true. All you need is a webcam (most laptops have one built in), a fairly solid Internet connection (not 56k, therefore), and to be of legal age. In 5 minutes you can find yourself in front of the screen to be watched by “voyeurs” from around the world, who instantly become an audience waiting for your show. You are potentially the future star of the hot webcam, let it be clear.

Stripcamfun, Live Naked Girls and Webcam Porn

Webcam sites operate on two different models: the so – called classic model and the so-called freemium model . The classic, or cam-to-cam, works “old-fashioned”. We connect to a site, like Stripcamfun, leader in this niche, we choose his or her model, we negotiate with her / him, then we pay and we go in private: the payer is the only one to see the model make his show.

The free everything revolution came afterwards, while porn suffered from the advent of illegal downloading and free streaming of pirated content. Thanks to freemium, you can now connect and watch public shows without paying a cent. But: you can remunerate the model in the form of a tip by giving it tokens (or tokens in English), which you have paid and can cash in real money. Why pay something free you say? It is true that we French people are not used to paying for a service according to our level of satisfaction. It is however on this more Anglo-Saxon business model that the sites were built. We tip because we are satisfied with the show, that we appreciated the model and want to show it to him. It is also possible that we have a specific request, and it is customary to “release tokens” before asking: “Lick your armpit stp bb”.

MyFreeCams, the free pioneer

A special feature of freemium sites is that they also allow models to do private shows for voyeurs who would like to. A private show is a privileged moment when the model is facing a single spectator, and many of them prefer to pay for a few minutes of intimacy than to tip in the general chat room. The model decides the amount per minute of her show, and the voyeur agrees to pay for as many minutes as her balance allows. If you are curious, you can spy on one of these private shows, by pouring a number of tokens per minute decided in advance by the model, and you will have the impression of looking at it through the keyhole. is called, spy mode or voyeur mode.

You can imagine that a concept that works is widely reused, as it is or with slight adaptations. This is of course the case for sexcams. I cannot therefore give you an exhaustive list of everything that exists on the market.

For sites that operate in classic mode, so in paid and private shows , we can cite: Live Jasmin , which has existed since 2001 anyway; Francolive where you can have a head with Claire Castel; or Xcams … The operation is the same for all these sites. We buy tokens or credit at the site. We choose his model. We pay to spend in private with her. She collects the money according to the number of tokens she touches. The sites commission is charged at this time. Indeed, tokens cost more to buy by the voyeur, than to cash out by the model. We generally speak of 50% commission for sites, on which it is estimated, for example, that Live Jasmin makes about 15 to 20% margin [for a turnover of 350 million euros / year, note] . To avoid having to pay this commission, some models tend to launch their own website once they are known, in order to avoid intermediaries between it and their fans. This is for example what Cali Cruz , a French camgirl, who offers private shows buyable directly on her site. It doesn’t change anything for the voyeur, but at least it affects all of the money.

Francolive, private show site

Regarding freemium sites with free public shows , the top three are: Chaturbate , Cam4 and MyFreeCams . It was the latter who had the idea in 2004 to allow all visitors to access all shows without paying. The model is therefore broadcast in public and live for free, and spectators can connect to her tchatroom, chat with her in writing and pay her tokens as they wish. Rest assured, the sites still make a profit, since as for private show sites, the tokens are more expensive to buy for the voyeur than at the exit for the model. Example: on Cam4 a batch of 500 tokens will cost you € 84.95 (or approximately $ 95), but a model that will collect 500 tokens will receive approximately € 45 (exactly $ 50, excluding bank charges). Dear will you tell me? When you love, you don’t count!These sites therefore also take 50% commission, which also does not correspond to their real margin, difficult to calculate but certainly close to 15-20% too. So it’s a much more lucrative business than porn today.

The question has no universal answer. The tour de force that freemium sites have succeeded is a case to be studied in all business schools. They simply made viewers pay for something free, and it has been working for over 10 years. There are several reasons for this success. The first is in my opinion the plethora of choices on the screen: every day hundreds, thousands of models (men, women, trans, couples …) are connected, and they are people of all styles, all ages, with various and varied fetishes.

The second reason is undoubtedly the proximity, or the interactivity between the voyeur and the model. We have the possibility to speak with the person who is doing a show, to ask them questions, to ask them to do what excites us, even to excite them, to make them laugh, and even to l ‘upset. In a way, we are invited to enter the intimate universe of the model, in her bedroom, her bed, her sheets. You share a moment of your life, as you would with a lover. It is a form derived from the fantasy of the “girl next door”: it is no longer only sex workers or inaccessible porn actresses who excite us, but our neighbor, our work colleague, the mother of one of our buddies, or this guy crossed in the evening; all are likely to show off online,

Choose your perfect tag.

In 2020, we no longer have to be content with Canal + porn, we no longer have to passively consume what television gives us, but we have the choice to go and find someone who we really like and to personalize his show to infinity, for a few euros. It is undoubtedly there, for me, the key to the success of porn webcams.

Model / host (tutor) / camgirl (boy): the person who does the show in front of his camera
Voyeur / spectator: the person who watches the said show at home
Tips / Tipper: tip / tip
Token / token / credit: tip that you buy on the site to be able to tipper your model, or access private shows paying by the minute
Private / private / pv: private show face to face with (the) model
Spy mode / spy mode or voyeur mode: spy on a show private with a few tokens

So you can see more clearly? Do not hesitate to ask us your questions, and we will try to answer them in the next cam lessons.

hottest webcam girls in webcam article

Nancy Sinatra (Frank’s Girl)

Nancy Sinatra (Frank’s Girl)
Nancy Sinatra
“These Boots Are Made For Walkin'”
Eminent For:
  • Daughter Of Frank Sinatra
  • Thigh Excessive Boots, Scorching Pants & An Accostic Guitar
  • Nickname: Icon Of Cool
  • Became once Finest 5′ 3″
  • First TV Look became with her dad, Frank & Elvis Presley
  • Tune:
    • “These Boots Are Made For Walkin'”  (1965)
    • “How Does That Seize You Darlin'” (1965)
    • “Sugartown” (1966)
    • “Summer Wine” (1966)
    • “Jackson” (1966)
    • Theme From Bond Movie, “You Finest Are living Twice” (1967)
    • “One thing Tiresome” (1967 / Duet With Frank Sinatra)
Hung Out With All The Cool Youth
Starred Reverse Elvis In “Speedway” (1968)

The “It” Women

The “It” Women
Clara Bow
Louise Brooks
The “It” Women

The 1920s noticed The united states booming,  Clara Bow & Louise Brooks represented the technology of the Flapper to millions.  The term “It” Girl started with Clara Bow starring in the movie, “It” in 1927. Even so, both Louise & Clara already had “It” sooner than the identify caught.

Clara Bow

Their lives took very diverse turns.  Louise Brooks made 25 Movies sooner than deciding to pass away the replace to pursue studying, painting and writing books in 1938.  The tip of Nonetheless motion photographs didn’t point to to be the tip of Louise’s profession because it did with many Nonetheless movie stars…together with Clara Bow. 

Clara Bow made over 50 motion photographs but “Talkies” had been an project for her.  Her thick Brooklyn accent didn’t transfer.  Clara had a laborious life as a toddler and all as soon as more after her profession ended.  She suffered through both money and relationship effort.  Her mom became declared legally insane. Mom had attempted to decrease Clara’s throat when Clara suggested her she wished to vary into an actress.  That is what I’d call “lack of enhance.”

Neatly Ain’t She Stylin’???
No Date On This Portray But I Hang To Make a selection It Used to be In The Behind 1920’s Prior To Global Consciousness Of The Nazi’s Attrocities Or, In Most Cases, Even The Consciousness That The Nazi’s Hang been The utilize of The Swastika As Their Symbol At The Time. The Swastika Dates Lend a hand Centuries And Used to be Faded By The Hindu and Budist Religions.  
This Image Has Precipitated A Lot Of Debate Over The Years.
I Would Judge This Image Has Precipitated A Lot Of Debate As Neatly…With Clara’s Family
And This One…
And This One…
This One Not So Powerful…ALTHOUGH,
Her Mom Did Strive To Execute Her For Becoming An Actress.
Let’s Right Make a selection All the issues Precipitated A Debate Lend a hand Then.
Louise Brooks
Both ladies folk hit their expert peak in the time of Flappers, Instruct Easys and flowing money.  The 1st World Battle (“The Gargantuan Battle”) had right this moment ended (1918). The 2d World Battle became 10 to 12 years away and it became time to salvage some enjoyable. Prohibition be damned.  Of us had been drinking, dancing and elevating hell.  Right an assumption but I’d wager just a few of them had been additionally having intercourse…
Especially since ladies folk appear to were running around naked in the 1920s.
Cold Pic…Nothing Fancy A Bare Girl Hula Hooping Except Or now not it’s
A Bare Girl On A Trampoline
Louise Left The united states For Europe At The Cease Of The 1920’s. Her Two Greatest Movies Hang been “Pandora’s Box” and “Diary of a Misplaced Girl,” that were both filmed in Weimar Germany in 1929.  You Would Judge That Would Motive Extra Of An Uproar Than Clara Bow’s Goofy Dresses.  Louise Used to be With out a doubt Filming In Germany!?
In equity, Clara Bow became thought to be THE “It” Girl of the 1920s. But Louise Brooks became the one in all became far earlier than her time.  She became a feminist without truly realizing it.  She believed girl had the same rights as men and of us in long-established must attain what they wished in expose to be utterly pleased.  That seems to be to be like an real “It” Girl to me.

Jane Fonda

Jane Fonda
Jane Fonda
Abet On Earth
Infamous For:
  • One more of those actress’ everyone fell in like with the 1st time they saw her.  Even supposing that would possibly switch with time for some due to her politics.
  • Daughter of Actor Henry Fonda
  • Obtained The Easiest Actress Oscar For Her Position As A Prostitute In “Klute” (1972)

  • Unheard of lady who went by several lives; younger actress, sex kitten, activist (for which she used to be actually hated by many People), foremost other of  Director Roger Vadim (1965-1973), Tom Hayden, political activist and member of the Chicago Seven (1973-1989) and Ted Turner, owner of the Atlanta Braves and Turner Broadcasting Systems (1991-2001) and health guru and within the meanwhile actress/diva.
  • “Cat Ballou” (1965)
  • “Barefoot In The Park”  (1967)
  • “They Shot Horses, Don’t They” (1969)
  • “Klute” (1971)
  • “Julia” (1977)
  • “Coming Home” (1978)
  • “On Golden Pond” (1981)
  • “The Newsroom” (2012-Most fashionable / TV)


Jane Fonda (“Barberella”)

Jane Fonda (“Barberella”)
Jane Fonda  
“Barbarella” (1968)

“Barbarella” is truely a odd, cult classic.  I’m now uncertain fans could perhaps give an explanation for you why.  I do know I will be succesful of not however I indulge in it.  I outdated to deem it modified into as soon as seeing Jane Fonda nude (largely in the attend of the opening credits) however there’s something extra…unexplainable.
Officially; “The Outrageous Machine”
Now Nicknamed “The Orgasmatron”
It’s Aim Became To Extinguish Barbarella.
Barbarella Outlasts & Kills The Machine!
Oh, you figured that out.
The Band “Duran Duran” (“Hungry Admire The Wolf”) got their identify from this film.  One in every of the lead characters modified into as soon as “Durand Durand”
“Barbarella”(1968) is essentially based on a French Comic E book written by Jean-Claude Forest

Laura Prepon & “These 70s Ladies”

Laura Prepon & “These 70s Ladies”
Laura Prepon
“These 70s Lady”
Peep…If You Desire Provocative Ample, Dreams Near Lawful!
Laura Prepon of “That 70s Note” in the end topless from the movie,
“Lay The Licensed” (2012)! 
Smartly-known For:
  • “That 70’s Note” (1998-2006)
  • Having One Network Flop After One other
    • Who Cares.  I’d whisper an evening looking at her recede her dog.  (Issues That Sound Dirty But Are not)
 That is Laura with Taylor Shilling (washing her hair)
in 4 pics above.
Now Or not it’s Your Flip Mila!
 “Dim Swan” (2010) w/Natalie Portman  
“Conclude but I construct not assume I’m purchasing it”
Lisa Robinson Kelly
(Laurie Foreman)
Busted 3 Cases: Spousal abuse of 61 365 days veteran husband (costs dropped), DWI & one other domestic dispute.
Man, that is an amazing distance to fall in this kind of transient time
Tanya Roberts
(Midge Pinciotti)
Let’s Throw In A Couple Photographs Of Donna’s Mom
Peep The Entire “Set of abode” Here:
(Bottom Of Page)

Victoria Precept

Victoria Precept
Victoria Precept

 Well-known For:

  • Seemed In The 1977 pilot episode of “Delusion Island”
  • 1st film; “Select Roy Bean” with Paul Newman
  • Pamela Ewing on “Dallas” (1978-1987)
  • Dated the 4th Bee Gee, Andy Gibbs for rather a whereas breaking apart with him quickly earlier than his death from an overdose.

Halle Berry (Bond Woman)

Halle Berry (Bond Woman)
Halle Berry
Bond Woman

Why does it aloof shock me when these shots reach out?
Are they dull, forgot or doing it for publicity?
No matter it is, thanks!
On the least the costume change into kinda sizzling…within the occasion you chopped off the ears
Illustrious For:

  • 1986 Runner-Up in Whisk away out USA Pagent

  • Spoil By Roll In Spike Lee’s, “Jungle Fever” (1991)

  • Keeps Marrying Guys Who Fool Around On Her.

  • Again,  Admire Seal & Heidi Klum, Dudes, HAD YOU NOT SEEN THIS?  You were shopping for greater???
Illustrious For (Cont):
  • “The Flintstones” (1994)
  • “Govt Choice” (1996)
  • “Introducing Dorthy Dandridge” (1999/TV)
  • “X-Men” (2000)
  • “Monster’s Ball” (2001)
  • “Die One other Day” (2002)
  • “X2” (2003)
  • “Catwoman” (2004)
  • “X-Men: The Final Stand” (2006)
  • “X-Men: Days Of Future Previous” (2014)

Vanna White (Game Show Nudity)

Vanna White (Game Show Nudity)
Vanna White
Letter Turner
Renowned For:

  • Turning Letters On “Wheel Of Fortune”

  • Holds The Guiness E book Portray For “Most Frequent Clapper” (Things that sound dirty nonetheless are not) In conserving with Guiness (The book not the beer), she claps an reasonable of 720 occasions PER SHOW.

  • Other than an occassional visitor appearance on a reward or movie, that’s beautiful grand it.

  • Vanna’s been turning letters and clapping for 30 years now. (1983-Recent)

2 Kats & A Cat (Von D, Dennings, Deeley)

2 Kats & A Cat (Von D, Dennings, Deeley)
Kat Von D
Accepted For:
  • Tattoo Artist, Model & TV Personality
  • “Miami Ink” (2005-2006)
  • Broad name of “LA Ink” (2007-2011)
Kat Dennings
Accepted For:
  • “40 Year Worn Virgin” (2005)
  • “The Home Bunny” (2008)
  • “Prick & Nora’s Endless Playlist (2008)
  • “Thor” (2011)
  • “2 Broke Ladies” (2011-Conceal / TV)
  • “Thor: The Gloomy World” (2013)

Cat Deeley
Accepted For:
British Model at age of 16
“So You Mediate You Can Dance” (2006-Conceal)