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Welcome & Marilyn Monroe

Welcome & Marilyn Monroe
Welcome To
Megastar Nude Century

It essentially has been over a Century Of Megastar Nudes. From legendary stripper Sally Rand to Maureen O’Sullivan in Tarzan to essentially the most up-to-date females made dreadful by abilities via hacked telephones and stupidity (“Hey, I precise Twittered my nipples!”).  I’m talkin’ to you Spelling.

That is eminent stage actress Sarah Bernhart (No longer Sandra Bernhard) from an 1873 checklist (top left). Calm cloak monumental title Theda Bara (top honest) within the early 1900s after which issues bought essentially odd.  Of us started getting naked then eminent!!! Paris Hilton & Kim Kardashian led the price.

I’ve integrated a “Notorious For” piece to incorporate major motion photos, music, awards, etc. to allow you to title celebrities.  You could perchance no longer be taking a glance at their faces always.  Please indulge me as I’ve thrown some minutiae under that piece.  I tag that Bo Derek shedding the “Bond Lady” role in “A Take into consideration To A Homicide” to Tanya Roberts is no longer something she is “Notorious For”.

Any and all comments, solutions and requests to your favorites are welcome. I precise ask that you withhold issues light and maintain some fun.  No arguments.  You could perchance moreover no longer rating Tara Reid’s nipples to your style however somebody else would possibly perchance moreover rating them attention-grabbing. By the near, she’s fastened that. Her Nipples are now very positive. These of you who complained must restful ship her a helpful “Thank You” card.

And we originate up with The united states’s first honest on cloak Megastar…

Marilyn Monroe! 

Notorious For:
  • Many believe Marilyn to be the sexiest celeb in historical previous.
  • Gentlemen Rob Blonds (1953)
  • The Seven Year Itch (1955)
  • Bus Cease (1956)
  • Some Love It Hot (1959)
  • The Misfits (1961/Her Closing Film)
  • Marrying Joe DiMaggio and playwright Arthur Miller
  • Rumored affairs with President John F Kennedy and his brother Robert Kennedy.
  • Her death by overdose.  Composed debated; suicide, accident or fracture.
Andy Warhol’s Notorious Marilyn Art Piece
Scene From
“The Seven Year Itch”…
And The Skill Girls folk “Air Dried” Sooner than The Blow Dryer
“Some Love It Hot” (above)
That Dusky Thing…Is It Or Is no longer any longer essentially It???
I Love To Take into consideration It Is.

Kim Kardashian Intercourse Tape Pics

Kim Kardashian Intercourse Tape Pics
Kim Kardashian
The Intercourse Tapes

Kim Kardashian is one amongst the many unknowns to change into in a single day celebrities when her sex tape with singer Ray J modified into launched to the general public. Reportedly Ray J modified into paid $1,000,000.  Kardashian went to court docket and settled with Incandescent Entertainment for  $5,000,000.  
From exiguous time socialite (her dad is criminal genuine
Robert Kardashian) to celeb in a single day. 
Kim now makes hundreds and hundreds from her
tv presentations, modeling and appearances.
And it began with a blow job! 



Kim Kardashian (After The Tape)

Kim Kardashian (After The Tape)
Kim Kardashian
After The Tapes
Infamous For:
  • The Intercourse Tape w/Ray J
  • Conserving Up with the Kardashians
  • Dancing with the Stars
  • Kourtney and Khloé Take Miami
  • Kourtney and Kim Take Unusual York
  • Plus over a dozen “acting” appearances
    • “CSI: Unusual York”, “Drop Ineffective Diva” and others
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