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Being the little gym bunny I am, I was in the gym working out my ass – typical. Knowing I’m getting my butt as full and round looking as I can always makes me feel hot. Of course, the men can’t help but stare and wish they could fuck me when they see the tiny spandex shorts I wear hugging my tight curves. I shamelessly squat in their direction, showing off the hard work I put into my body. That day, I warmed up with hip thrusts. I visualized my big and round ass looking exactly how I want them to. I felt the blood moving towards my ass, pumping up my muscles. I was confident that my body was now ready for more. I excitedly put 15 pounds on each side of the Smith machine bar, got on all fours, and focused all my attention on pushing the weight up with my heel by squeezing my ass cheeks as hard as I possibly could. I envisioned my big muscle pushing the weight upwards effortlessly, and felt my glutes being pumped with blood. The strength and endorphins made me feel confident and sexy. Soon after, I caught a glimpse of a man across the other side of the gym. He was wearing gray sweatpants and a bright green tank. His tall and muscular body was immediately impressive to me. He had light skin, dark brown hair, mysterious eyes, and I could tell he’d been lifting weights for years. I felt like he was probably watching me, but I didn’t know for sure. I was excited at the fact that I could potentially turn him on. There was only one other girl in the weight room. She was training shoulders, and although she was good looking, she simply couldn’t compare to me. I had perfected my nutrition and workouts to achieve the hottest little body. Right now, it was being shown off in the cutest pink shorts, and a loose little white muscle tank. Being blonde, petite, and fit, it’s not exactly hard to find a guy who wants you. However, I’m very picky when it comes to men, and this guy instantly had me attracted. I continued my workout anyway, and couldn’t help but imagine getting fucked doggystyle while I was working out on my knees. Every once in a while I’d peek over in his direction, being very careful not to get caught. I knew his large strong body must be amazing in bed. I was sure he’d know just how to put all of that monstrous muscle to good use. I could tell just by looking at him that he probably had a thick and long cock. I caught myself fantasizing about how big his cock might be, and how amazing it would feel in my small little body. It felt like his presence fueled me with more energy for my workout. I was excited to show off the strength my body was capable of. I was confident he was impressed since he’s clearly into fitness himself. After 10 sets of the donkey kicks at the smith machine, I progressed towards heavy barbell squats. Conveniently, the squat rack was right across from the bench he was lifting at. I continued sneakily peeking at him using the gym mirrors, acting like I didn’t notice him. “Stop picturing his throbbing cock” – I told myself, as I adjusted my tiny pink shorts. It was starting to distract my workout for a minute. But I regained my focus. I got under the 155 pound weight and pushed my hip back into the squat position. I continued to talk to myself to help increase my focus: “Chest up, butt back. Good girl.”. At this point, I caught him looking right at my direction. After that set, I made sure to stretch in hopes of getting his attention. I poked my ass out in his direction and enjoyed the warm stretch of my butt muscles. I was far too shy to make any actual eye contact, but I could tell that he was looking at me for sure. He seemed to like what he saw. Six sets of squats later, and I started getting tired. I told myself “One last set; you got this”. I pushed through 16 hard reps! I was ecstatic at my progress. At this point I wanted to celebrate with a steamy sauna session, wearing nothing but the tiny light pink shorts from my gym workout (with a tiny red thong underneath), and a strappy white bikini top. I enjoyed the fact that I had the gym sauna all to myself this time. Next thing I knew, the hottie walked in nothing but a white towel wrapped around his hips. I guessed I could use some company after all… “Ugh, seriously?” I thought, “Why does he have to be so sexy?” I couldn’t believe we were in the gym sauna alone together. I caught a glimpse of his chiseled abs and perfectly sculpted wide back. His arms were big and looked like they could easily pick me up and pin me against a wall. I wanted to make him hard for me. I bent over to stretch, arching my back and sticking my ass out like my body was begging to get fucked. I tried to make it look innocent, but I’m sure he understood what I wanted. I played with my long blonde hair to make it look all messy in the sexiest way. I spread my legs out wide and dropped my ass lower into a deep stretch. I was quietly breathing in and out during my deep stretches and let out a very soft girly moan. He seemed nervous as he cleared his throat. Teasing him was turning me on so much that I felt my panties getting creamy. Then he spoke to me! He said: “Cutie, your muscles look like they must be tight from all of your hard work… I was watching those heavy squats earlier. Let me help you relax”. I said “and how do you want to do that?” he said “come sit your cute ass on my lap”. I was so turned on, his big cock was about to be right under my ass… which he called cute! I gently sat on his lap, and he rubbed his hands over my shoulders and then over my lower back and thighs. He said “I hope you don’t mind that I’m hard right now; you did this to me”. I said “how so?”. “Just looking at you gets me so horny” he answered. He began rubbing my soft round boobs under my bikini top and got my nipples hard for him. My pussy was getting so warm as I felt waves of pleasure. He started rubbing my shorts and eventually pulled them down. Then he had us both stand up, moved my panties to the side and said: “Do you mind?” as he slowly squeezed his cock in my pussy. I quietly gasped in shock and then moaned. That cock gave me feelings I couldn’t even begin to describe. “How could this man so easily turn me on?” I thought. He used his left hand to gently grab my shoulder, as he pushed my body harder onto his cock with his right hand. Thrusting a little bit faster, he said “you love this cock don’t you?” and all I could muster was a long deep moan. I was in ecstasy, easily cumming on his big throbbing cock. He said “god you’re so fucking tiny and tight. You’re a goddess.” I said “Mmm you feel so damn good baby”. Every thrust was hitting all of my hot spots perfectly, as if our bodies were meant for solely one another. He said “Every time I see you here I can’t stop thinking about your perfectly round perky ass for days ”. I told him “well you’re just perfection” and looked behind me to give him a naughty smile. His big hard muscles were glistening with sweat. I couldn’t believe how big yet shredded he was. He couldn’t take it anymore and came a huge sticky load all over my ass. Then he picked me up with his strong arms, gently layed me down on the sauna bench, and spoiled me some more. He rubbed my feet, scratched my back, and massaged my scalp. I was truly in heaven!

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