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In just ten weeks, more than 20,000 litigants have contacted  Sweetie  from around the world. So far, three men in Australia, Belgium and Denmark have been convicted in the case. In 2012, the government passed a law making cybersex punishable in all its forms. But the implementation of the law is very weak. Philippine police, backed by Interpol, say they have arrested 58 alleged members of a cyber-sex extortion syndicate. Users around the world were tempted to expose themselves via webcams and were then blackmailed. (02.05.2014) High school students in Colorado were caught last

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Two gay male fans of the Washington Nationals got engaged at Friday night’s game to a round of applause as the team showed their proposal on their video board.

“The moment Ty Fleming and Tyler Garrison became officially engaged was captured during the Washington Nationals versus Pittsburgh Pirates game,” the Washington Blade reports. “The crowd cheered for the happy couple, who even received a congratulations hug from Screech the mascot.”

Team spokesperson Jennifer Giglio said the team had worked with one of the men,xtube, coordinating the surprise proposal with the team production department and mascot, Screech.

Late last year we saw a similar proposal at an NBA game with the Chicago Bulls.

It’s fantastic to see these professional sports teams taking same-sex engagements seriously and making them moments to remember. It seems like a no-brainer today, but just a few years ago it wasn’t.

Congratulations to the men, and for their sake I hope the Nationals do well in the National League playoffs (sorry, Cubs fans).

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