Adposta Escort Review

Adposta, the number one in the Tripadvisor of prostitution and escorts in Australia that increasingly wins more clients

What one looks like a hotel or restaurant to a prostitute or an escort? The answer is obvious: nothing, except that all three are services provided to different customers. However, they still have something else in common: their search. In the first cases, when we want to locate the best ones, we turn to websites such as Tripadvisor, where customers think and rate. Now, in the second case, Australians can also opt for the best escort in the city they are in and then, value their service, their hygiene, their beauty and even their sympathy with up to five stars.

For this, it is only necessary to register with Adposta, the first review platform and escort profile for sex workers in Australia, and it could well be called a Tripadvisor of Australian prostitution, although with differences: this sexual website is free.

“Hello, my name is Karen Secret, I am a Melbourne escort, who occasionally offers her services to respectful and educated gentlemen whose priority is to have a total quality encounter where spontaneity, complicity, delivery, passion, sensuality, and mutual pleasure prevail. Yes, This is what you are looking for success in our appointment is assured. As you can see in my photos, of course, real and current, I am brunette with hair and skin, I am 40 years old and I lead a healthy lifestyle. Our appointments will be totally passionate, without patterns, or scripts, totally genuine and authentic where naturalness will flow, where acting and theater have no place. “

  • Meeting at my hotel. Discreet and sensual. After several failed attempts we were finally able to arrange a meeting. We stayed at my hotel, I have to say that she arrived on time and as a true lady, discreet but sensual … the meeting took place with an exceptional naturalness, soft kisses, and passion, seeks to create complicity sometimes difficult to find in this world. I will definitely try to contact her when I return to Melbourne. (The comment is also accompanied by ratings on specific aspects of the escort: the physicist, how she works or how she behaves. In all, five stars. Ratings that well remind us of what could be the room of a hotel we want to go from holidays).
  • Thank you! (Karen replies) It was a real pleasure, literally , I’m glad we could finally coordinate our agendas and coincide … very warm kisses from Melbourne.

“Works like a charm”
” Everything in Adposta is positive and works great,” insists this Melbourne, who talks with a cute English accent. For Karen, time is limited and she doesn’t have everything she wants to be able to work in the sex business. And, precisely, what this page provides is to make meetings with clients that are effective. The reason, according to her, in addition to the opinions and evaluations of her work, is that the page has all kinds of advertising. That makes the client trust more and hire a sexual service.

“When I was advertising on other pages, where there was no advertising, I received fifty calls, but I had no clients. Now, if I receive one or two calls, they are always clients who are going to hire a service. I know they have seen me in Adposta because when they come I ask them where they found me, “says this escort .

The TripAdvisor of sex workers just like other online review pages . The escorts are registered, fill in a form with common data and other hotter ones such as the type of breasts, ass, tattoos, pubis or piercing they have; place the photos – which can go faceless or showing the parts of your body -, They introduce the services they offer (girlfriend experience, sexual massage with the body, tantric, sexual report …) if they want to make their rate public and then the team behind the web verifies all these contents, even asking for the document of Identity, for customers do not find fake profiles. Nor do they have unauthorized experiences such as drug use, which some refer to as a “white party.”

In addition to Karen, which was one of the first to be part of Adposta in Melbourne, this page can already see up to 485 profiles of escorts, gigolós and sex masseurs spread across different parts of the national geography. The website is already around half a million visits per month, which represents an almost 100% increase since this project arrived in Australia at the end of 2017.

For a Male Escort, the fact that they value it as well as a restaurant or a hotel is not negative. Nor does it make him feel reified. “I have a great time, the page is one more tool, it is a job like any other. I only do what I like and if I don’t like it I don’t do it, even if they pay me. That’s why I specifically put in my profile I’m looking for, “The Male Escort tells this newspaper.

As for the type of customer he receives, he has never had any problems with any. “Good guys visit me, most of them are usually quite respectful and adequate, and if they don’t comply with what I offer, I don’t.” In their case, they are usually foreign men or who come from other parts of Australia, always married. As for the customer profile in Melbourne, according to the head of Marketing of the portal, they are men from 20 to 70 years, but especially the range of 25 to 44 years – 60% of the market – and 45 to 65 years, which It represents 40% of total customers.

Everything in the company is done freely, according to Marketing Director Chris, and the website is only a tool for escorts to work better and with more security. “The fact that the girl is no longer on the road or in the club, but that she is online guarantees the girl safety. We do not favor trafficking, on the contrary, if we see any suspicion the profile is eliminated. Unfortunately, it happens, but I don’t think they are so dumb as to announce their girls on our page, ” Chris points out. Make sure to check out Melbourne Escorts Here

Adposta Escorts

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How to Make $300 Week Passive Income from Porn Sites

If you are digital marketer or a webmaster, it’s important to understand the economics of porn industry. The estimated worth of porn industry is $100 billion USD. The most reputed adult site PornHub receives more than 23 billion hits a month. According to Alexa, it’s the 26th most popular website. LinkedIn is the 25th most popular website. The average time spent by users on PornHub is 9 minutes. On LinkedIn, they spend less than 6 minutes. In other words, porn is more important to people than work. A few decades ago, porn wasn’t easily accessible. If users wanted to indulge in adult entertainment, they had to purchase a DVD set from a local rental store. And yes, reliance on adult magazines was another option. Today, porn is just a couple of clicks away. More importantly, there’s a lot of free porn. If you are a webmaster and wondering how to make money on xVideos, read on. You will learn how to upload porn and make money.


When porn wasn’t accessible, porn industry used to make money by selling subscriptions. The emergence of free porn begs the question – Do people still pay for porn?

The answer is a chest thumping Yes. Niche oriented and fetish specific videos are almost a rarity. Selling HD niche porn is recommended.

You can sell ethical porn i.e., sell porn that’s devoid of sex trafficking, drugs, violence and abuse. You can hire a few porn performers (maybe amateurs), shoot HD quality niche porn, upload porn videos, sell subscriptions and make money.


Visit an adult tube site like (User discretion is recommended).

There are different types of ads – pre-roll, pop under, banners, etc. It’s obvious that porn tube sites do not make money from Google ads. As a matter of fact, Google despises them. There are big companies that pay tube sites truckloads of money for displaying their advertisements.

Now, what’s the key takeaway?

You can get paid to upload porn. You just need to start an adult tube site, upload at-least one video every week, display niche specific ads on your tube site, and get paid.

Let me emphasize – niche specific ads. Let’s say your tube site niche is Gay. If you display lingerie ads, audiences will refrain from visiting your site.Tie up with ad networks. For every 100 impressions, you will earn a few precious dollars. This depends on the geography of web traffic. The worth of traffic from the first world countries is more than that from the third world countries.

Whenever a user clicks on an ad, you will make money. If a user purchases a product (such as penis enhancer, lubricant, etc.) after clicking on the ad displayed on your adult tube site, you will some commission.


You can earn money by uploading porn malware.

Let me explain.

Just visit popular tube sites like You will see huge pop-ups with messages like the following:

Racheal wants to fuck you. Click here to fuck her.

Your device isbeing slowed down. Click here to clean.

Penny wants to sex chat. Click here to join.

If users click on such pop-ups, they are likely to download malware. Malware pop-ups can hinder user experience. The key to monetization is to use malware pop-ups to your advantage.

Persuade your users to purchase a monthly subscription for malware-free and ad-free porn viewing experience.


You can make money uploading porn teaser videos.Let me explain.

There are many top production studios that run porn affiliate programs. Sign up as an affiliate with them.

Use their marketing assets like banners, links, pictures etc. to your advantage. Upload their teasers on your tube site. Redirect web traffic to their membership sites. Make BIG commissions on every meritorious referral.

Aggregator Engines

Here’s an interesting perspective. A few webmasters consider tube sites as run-of-the-mill and unproductive. They take pride in running aggregator engines.

I suggest you to leverage the power of aggregator sites without discounting the potential of niche specific tube sites.

If you are running an aggregator engine, you can make money by working as an affiliate. You can collaborate with adult ad networks and make money by displaying ads on your aggregator engine.


Webmasters usually ask me this question – How to make money by uploading porn?

Allow me to answer. Download porn videos that are recorded with cam. I generally use sites like, Create accounts in the top porn tube sites. XVideos is the most webmaster-friendly content. There are negligible cases of webmasters being terminated or banned from this site.

Make sure that there are no watermarks. And yes, there should be no trademarks either. You can use video cutters and trimmers to remove intros.

To download videos from multiple websites simultaneously, you can use video grabbers. Convert the downloaded videos into .avi format. Again, there are many tools to convert videos from one format to another.

Register a domain. Buy an adult friendly hosting plan. There are many adult hosting service providers that offer free domain registrations, provided you purchase a hosting plan. Incorporate your domain name watermarks into the downloaded videos.Upload them to different porn tube sites.

Sign up as an affiliate with CrakRevenue. Choose PPL (Pay Per Lead) offers. When you get more visits, set your sights on PPS offers. By using CrakRevenuepromotional tools, create offer links. Direct your domain to CrakRevenue offer links.

If audiences want to see niche specific content on your domain site, they will be directed to PPL offer links. There are many porn upload sites that let you deploy this strategy.

Adult Merchandize

Besides selling website space, it’s suggested to sell adult merchandize – like body safe sex toys, used panties and lingerie of cam models and porn actresses, etc.

You can tie up with cam girls who have a solid fan base. You can make some commission on every sale you make.

If you have expertise in running profitable adult turnkey businesses, you may provide adult consulting services. Build a strong portfolio to attract clients.

In conclusion, it’s recommended to use each of the aforementioned strategies. Research. Experiment. Learn. Upload porn videos. Build sales funnels. Attract quality and high performing traffic from different traffic sources. Tie up with adult networks. Work as an affiliate. Make money. Be consistent. Cheers!

New App enables introverted guys to find London Escorts as Practice Dates

For every introvert, dates can be nerve racking as they naturally have the tendency to feel uncomfortable around other people, especially those they’re meeting for the first time.

However, before you think of going on a scheduled date—or more so before you start harbouring the idea of going on a date—it is best to give yourself some time to ‘practice’. A fantastic way to accomplish this would be to locate escorts in London who are quite sophisticated and can wine and dine with you, helping you practice your communication skills to build up your confidence before you go out on your actual date.

According to Sex Tech Guide, a UK company has developed an app that provides a place for escorts to locate client. Smooci, is an application with the sole purpose to provides a unique way to connect escorts with customers in an extremely safe and secure way.

Introverts can take full advantage of this platform as it has already been operating in several regions like Hong Kong, Berlin and Singapore.However, as of the time of writing this, the company currently lists its London location as “coming soon”.

This might appear slightly strange as Smooci is a British company, but so far it has been unable to launch successfully there.

The difficulties encountered can be attributed to the complex laws governing prostitution in the UK, whereas paying for sex isn’t considered illegal. However, most of the activities associated with it are illegal, building up complications for companies like Smooci and inadvertently endangering the lives of people.

For some, the idea of booking an escort via an app—or the website—might be improper, but for introverts and many others, the main idea behind such innovation is not only to help keep the sex workers and customers safe, but to provide a means for practicing dates and building up self-confidence.

The app provides age verification therefore the customer is aware of everything before furthering engagements. Additionally, females who use to platform to offer services equally have the option of send their location to verify their safety.

The payment model of Smocci doesn’t include obtaining a percentage of the money the client offers the escort, instead there’s a charge to use the platform. Customers are mandated to pay a specified amount of money to access premium features, while escorts are charged for each connection.

However, they can book one for free every three days with the first three days being free of charge. Despite many people find the whole idea distasteful, this does nothing to change the reality of sex work—and ensuring the safety of those involved in the industry should surely be encouraged.

With technology improving the quality of life, this new app surely aids what’s regarded as the ‘world’s oldest profession’, by making it safer and eliminating the ability of sex traffickers to earn money illegally.

Furthermore, for introverts, the app provides them with a platform to try out some basic dating etiquettes that can help ensure that the time spent becomes memorable when going out with their actual dates. Some of the few tips you can try out on an escort to enhance your social skills are:

Don’t try to be pressure yourself to become perfect.

According to Dr. Ellen Hendriksen, author of How to Be Yourself, Quiet Your Inner Critic and Rise Above Social Anxiety, “A date can too often feel like a performance, or worse, an evaluation, which makes us freeze up.”

For introverts who view going on a date as a daunting task, it is best to manage your expectations by expecting some few awkward moments.

“[It’s] much better to expect an awkward silence or two and a couple of jokes that fall flat,” said Dr. Ellen.

Discover what type of date makes you comfortable

Introverts would typically avoid crowded place, however, it is probably best to avoid going to a concert or anywhere with too much people.

“I think anything too noisy and distracting is just going to lead to you shutting down more,” said Dr. Susan Krauss Whitbourne, Professor Emerita of Psychological and Brain Sciences of the University of Massachusetts, Amherst. “Your best foot forward is really capitalizing on your strengths, and it’s being quiet and reflective.”

Also, trial dates are a great way to discover where your strengths lie in terms of conversation topics and for those who may worried about running out of things to talk about, you get the chance to pre-plan your conversations.

“You can find out a little bit about the person ahead of time and have topics that won’t run into dead-ends,” notes Dr. Whitbourne.

Get feedback on every date

Depending on how many escorts you decide to have a handful of dates with, it would extremely useful to have them evaluate your own behaviour during these dates.

“If you’re insecure about your social skills, you could get feedback from close friends and find out how you’re coming across,” said Dr. Whitbourne.

Is It Possible to Meet Real Love Online?

Nowadays, there are more and more sites and applications for dating on the Internet. It will not be a problem for you to find social networks, where men and women get acquainted to build a romantic relationship. Since such platforms are used by people who pursue the goal to find their soulmates, when mutual sympathy arises between them, it ends up with building serious relationships rather than fleeting intimacy. Can I find my other half on a dating site? This question is asked by hundreds of men and women who register on dating sites, fill out profiles, and post their photos. We are ready to answer the question and provide you with useful info on how to behave on a dating platform.

1 – DoNotHurry

Many newcomers who have just registered on dating sites may feel disappointed, which is associated with the fact that you can get contacted by different people online. And many of them may be not serious or pursue a goal different from yours. Of course, on dating sites (here is the best cam sites list), everyone wants different things. Some are seeking virtual sex; others want to talk or are searching for a friend. Among them, there are also those who want to establish a serious relationship. So make sure you recognize them.
How to Recognize Those Who to Avoid?
There are some features that distinguish not serious users:

⦁ The conversation begins with compliments and quickly turns to the sex-related theme;
⦁ You receive a beautiful but typical message that could be sent to any other user;
⦁ The person asks you for money or some financial help;
⦁ A new friend is ready to come to visit you right now to get to know each other better.
You should always think about your security to avoid meeting scammers and be disappointed.

2 – Write the Truth

There is a high probability that you will meet a person in a real life. Therefore, it is better to post your real photos not to disappoint your interlocutor. If you are looking for a serious relationship, it is better to avoid “naked” photos. You should instead post photos where a person can see your interests, hobbies, and personality.

3 – Develop Empathy

Empathy is an important quality that allows you to better understand the feelings and emotions of another person. It helps to distinguish real sympathy from an imaginary emotion, to avoid illusions. Besides, it also allows you not to become an egocentric who believes that the world revolves only around him. On top of that, women value empathy in men.

4 – Follow Easy Rules

⦁ Find topics that are interesting to both of you;
⦁ Be friendly, do not try to show yourself better than you are;
⦁ Do not waste time on those who you do not like;
⦁ Be truthful in your profile.
If you follow all the above rules, it will be easy for you to find real love online and avoid cheaters and unserious users.

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