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Rye’s Cunt.

Rye’s Cunt.

What follows is an email that I sent to Violet the so much of day, earlier than assembly some friends for drinks.

“After we peruse each and each so much of on the bar tonight, I can like about a issues on me.

1. A Sharpie.
2. Arousal balm.

That that you just can perchance rob these from my pocket and for your first day out to the bathroom, you are going to enact three issues.

1. Rub the arousal balm for your clit and each and each nipples.
2. Write, the put you is likely to be ready to around your pussy, “Rye’s cunt” with the Sharpie.
3. Desire a photo of your freshly tagged pussy.

That that you just can perchance retain on to the balm. On return trips to the bathroom, can also peaceable there be any, you are going to reapply the balm to your clit and your nipples. Each day out, you are going to rob an additional photo, of no topic you peruse fit.

After we bag home from drinks, there’ll almost definitely be additional responsibilities looking ahead to you.”

In case the photo wasn’t ample, on the stroll home, Violet flashed me on the boulevard to level to she’d accomplished the job. 
Pointless to insist, she also accomplished the the rest of them as soon as we returned home.

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